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  1. Golf

    Got a few games lined up over the summer 9nothing serious), so looking to get some new irons and some practice in to improve my game a bit. I'm not utterly useless, but high handicap and using my Dad's old blades aren't helping, so been looking at these wilsons: http://www.118golf.co.uk/scripts/prodView.asp?idproduct=3477. Heard some good things about them and would love to hear anyone's opinion on them you have one, but mainly I wanted to ask; Is it worth the extra £70 for graphite shafts over the steel? Cheers for any input.
  2. How dare she spend lots of money cutting and colouring her hair. Would be totally fair if someone cut it off while she took a nap on a flight. Right?
  3. Somehow I don't think that hood scoop is real

    You're all so dumb! It's not a hood scoop, it's a bonnet bulge to accommodate the whopping engine that didn't fit under the standard hood. You people
  4. Keep or change?

  5. Keep or change?

    Consider the cost of change vs cost of new warranty or what might go wrong and also the cost of changing this one later vs cost of change later, if you changed now. Could you get a better Sat Nav unit installed? Is it just a double DIN stereo or separate built in unit? I'm all for "Why mess with something that works?". I appreciate some get itchy for a change by the time they need to get a first MOT.
  6. The TSN photography studio

    Get the Planets App. It's got a 3D setting so whichever way you point your phone it'll show you what you're looking at Those are some fantastic shots. Will have to bugger off into the countryside to try some myself.
  7. Football results today

    The high foot thing is a funny one. There have been a few this season already with different ref decisions. Arsenal were lucky Coq wasn't sent off, but Palace were lucky it wasn't 0-3 by half time. Swings and roundabouts.
  8. Anything is possible

    I actually looked that up to check it wasn't a P'Chop #0****sGiven pretty much sums it up.
  9. Football results today

    You obviously enjoyed it, then.
  10. Mk8 GTi - For Riz

    My boy's 15 months old now and the mkV has been awesome. No idea why people get massive trucks to carry their little ones in. Babies are tiny! If we had two, would just get a roof box
  11. Anything is possible

    Best reaction quote I saw online was - "She'd shag a dog if it got her in the news" I'm pretty sure that would get her in the news, but the sentiment I agree with.
  12. Football results today

    Pretty sure there's not a single Arsenal fan who cheers the Pre-season Treble in any other tone than jokingly. I'm amazed that Ian Wright didn't join in the silliness. They're not even "glorified" friendlies. They're friendlies with an advertiser. I'm glad the host of the BBQ I was at yesterday doesn't have Sky. Only 37 more games to go and still only 1 point behind Chelsea, so far.
  13. Football results today

    That's a long fag break. He really should start wearing bigger shinpads and some of those special Andy Murray ankle supports, me thinks.
  14. Lakeside Karting Event - Friday August 28th

    I've "raced" with a few mates at Sittingbourne. I loved it - Lots of sideways-ness, especially once the sun started setting and the temperature dropped. I think I'll be up for this. Will have to book it in the diary and confirm once I've cleared it with the boss
  15. Football results today

    How do you define better? Premier League goals this season? That'll be Giroud Assists? Giroud by more than double
  16. Football results today

    See, denial You'll get battered by Bayern. And then in the second leg they'll batter you again because they'll remember THAT final. ManU vs. Atletico would have been an interesting tie.
  17. Football results today

    Exactly, poor ManU fans are still in denial
  18. It's just HIDEOUS!

    In that sand picture it looks ok... then I scrolled down Hideous doesn't come anywhere near. That design was outsourced to Korea.
  19. Top Gear Series 21

    After saying the second half was much better than the first I have to moan, because it was far from better. When does series 22 start?
  20. Football results today

    Can be either. I wasn't referring to the grain, so went for spelled
  21. Simon Cowell's new car

    Couldn't the photographer wait til SCowl was out of shot?
  22. Football results today

    Sorry, it's really winding me up now. MrMe, it's spelled GLAZER. Call yourself a fan If you manage to prise Klopp from Dortmund I'll be very unhappy. He's always maintained he'll honour his contracts and signed a new four year deal last summer. I'm dreaming Wenger signs a three year extension in order to make that transition nice and easy
  23. Football results today

    Thanks, I couldn't remember who Danny Mills played for. Doesn't mean it's not true though. For all the talk of £150 million spending sprees, it'll take at least another season to get a squad playing properly together. Look at how much Man City have spent in the last few years and they're still just about getting it together. And that's even if Moyes stays as manager. If he's changed, they'll need to get that sorted with plenty of time to make the signings the new guy will want. Then add his acclimatisation to the Premier League and you're looking at two or three seasons before seriously looking at a title challenge. Or, they could all magically click and win by 15 points next season
  24. Football results today

    I was stuck at a family Sunday dinner so the Sister-in-Law could announce her impending second child. So I was silent for a little longer than 88 mins while fuming in a corner. Watching the highlights this morning after knowing the result I allowed myself a little chuckle. I think spurs deserved at least a draw, but then how often do Arsenal get shafted when dominating a game. That seems to be over this season. If there was ever a time Arsene could get a win over Maureen, it could be this weekend. No cheaty git Ramirez and possibly Maureen suspended too. It'll most definitely be a 0-0 or 1-1 instead though. Bl00dy Maoninho.
  25. Football results today

    Ah, see here's the problem I have. I get bored of Banter. I'd rather actually have an intelligent discussion about the football most of the time. /BoringGit