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  1. Need some laptop tips...

    Righty - sorted now and ended up buying an i7 lenovo. You guys are right... give it a week and it will be cheaper or better or more features will be on the market... So decision made and I couldnt bring myself to go to mac. I tried one for about 45 mins in a store and reckon its a nice piece of kit, but right now, probably not the best choice. Cheers for all the advice guys!
  2. Need some laptop tips...

    Ok... I have a couple of people at work suggesting I wait for Skylake processors instead? What do you reckon? How long before those things head to market?
  3. Need some laptop tips...

    Hmmm.... there is a bit of video editing thrown in there too if that makes a difference. I like the idea of a mac as I hear the usability and reliability are so much better, but I worry it will be an expensive exercise and all the knowledge I have of windows may go down the drain - and I am a bit of t he tech go-to guy at work (avoiding the service desks) and for family. Got me thinking now. So as a side note, is there an easy way to know how much better the performance will be based on the specs / processor?
  4. Need some laptop tips...

    Cool... might give that a go on the other lappy in the house. The missus is not a fan either. I had another thought... and it scares me a lot! Should I be considering the fruity laptop? Or do I immediately become some sort of ****y tit?
  5. Hey Guys, I am hoping some of you more techy bods might have a few tips on a replacement laptop. I currently have a Lenovo T410 and apart from a wifi issue, its bee rock solid and taken a heap of abuse. Current spec is: i7 620M 2.66GHz 4GB ram 500GB 5400rpm hard drive (400gb full but could drop to 250 easily due to some rips on there) I mainly use it for a mix of work, remote desktop, access development, ripping films to the NAS, Skype etc. Unfortunately though its time for a change... So, I am looking at the new T450s but had a couple of queries for those that know better: Are these 5th gen i7 chips much better than my current processor? Are there any other brands worth a look? Anyone know if I can drop a M.2 SSD into the lenovo laptops and use as bootable for windows? Is there any way to avoid win 8... As for why Lenovo... well we get a decent discount via work on Dell, HP or Lenovo. Cheers! C
  6. Hey guys, Yeah its a weird situation as there is even more to add to the complexity which the solicitor for the estate is sorting out. They cant do this bit though as there is then a conflict of interests between the estate, me as an executor and sister. So basically we are just taking some time to figure a bunch of stuff out that doesn't cause headaches for people or any undue grief for people. At the end of the day family is family. They are your primary support and that goes both ways. When you lose one of your parents in a way such as this (PD over 12 years) then it does bring home the value of being as one rather than all out for themselves. Money is not the issue, doing right by people and the principles is what matters. Hence the desire to not just be equitable, but also ensuring that some of this complexity we are working through doesn't compromise my mum's lifestyle/future is all important. Anyway guys, cheers for the help (and MrMe's comments). Very much appreciated!
  7. Damnit! Not looking forward to that invoice.
  8. I agree, but accountants get grumpy when they have to do 8 am meetings via phone to the other side of this rock we all live on. I am in nz now so logistics is a pain. Plus can't use our usual guy due to conflict of interest. Plus as patently very rightly pointed out, I should be able to work it outo, especially as I am a part qualified accountant! Admittedly it was a long time ago. Awesome, cheers patently! That was what I was trying to work out. Now I worked it back it all makes sense! Legend!
  9. Fair question and I guess part of the problem. To be honest it sounded fair to me too. Its more queries from another executor of the estate (not that they actually have a say as this is outside dad's estate) that has got me questioning it. They queried that if they just did Amt/(12months * 25 years) then due to inflation the money returned to mum would be worth significantly less. Also, they stated that the present value of the mortgage/loan is financially inbalanced to the cash equivalent given now. So mum and sister asked me to work it through, but its been a fair while since I ever dabbled with annuities, present values and all that guff so I am not sure I can work out any number of any use and get the logic right at the same time. Thoughts?
  10. Hey Guys, I have a bit of a problem that I am trying to solve but for the life of me I cant remember all that A-Level annuity / present value stuff so I was hoping someone could partially educate me and secondly test some thinking. Before I start with the scenario - yes, I know what I am asking should probably be answered by an IFA / solicitor or someone with some qualifications but logistics currently preclude me doing that. I appreciate any tips are just that and certainly don't constitute any formal advice (even if you are a specialist in this). So the scenario is this: Post my dad passing away, we are trying to deal with an odd scenario with a property. I will not bore you with the detail, but the krux of the issue is this: My mum is currently trying to help out my sister by providing her with a loan (mortgage) so she can afford to live in a property that is frankly beyond her means (nearly 2x what she can realistically afford). However as its family, she wants to make sure that whatever she gives to one sibling she does for the other, so she wants to give me a cash lump sum equivalent to the loan amount. She is suggesting the loan is interest free, but includes a written agreement (outside of my question) and charge on the house. Note that she now realises she might need to account for inflation in the payment amounts too. The challenge: what is the equitable amount to be providing as cash lump sum to keep thing even financially between siblings... and how would you calculate this (educate me!)? I don't know if this is right, but my thinking is that an interest free loan over 25 years constitutes a significant financial benefit provided to my sibling so you cannot just work it out on a total amount lent = total given to other sibling in cash. For example's sake, lets assume the mortgage was for 100k over 25 years with monthly repayments. Any help working the logic though is very much appreciated!
  11. Laggy DSG - getting worried

    It's not had a service with me yet, but has been main dealer serviced all its life. Would hope everything has been done by the book!
  12. Laggy DSG - getting worried

    We dont really get cold here... No, havent heard any bangs other than when the o/h reversed the tow-bar into a wall. Although thinking about it, sometimes it seems to get a bit confused if it tries changing up just as I put the toe down firmly and I guess does a skipped gear change.
  13. Laggy DSG - getting worried

    Hey Guys, not been around much over the last couple of years after heading to NZ and not having a fun car to play with for a while. Now a sprog is around I have a sensible car that I am loving, but suspect it might have an issue. Bought a 2010 Passat estate 2.0Tdi 4 Motion Estate. Nice car, tows well and has heaps of space for all the gear I seem to be lugging around at the moment. The issue is that there seems to be a bit of lag in the DSG box on initial take-off. I drove a 2013 Tiguan R the other day with DSG and off the line it seemed like it pulled really well. Also other DSG's I have driven I didnt notice the same lag. Its like you boot it, it slowly engages the clutch then finally starts to pick up. Off the line at roundabouts I have had a couple of nervous moments. Any thoughts, known issues or things I should check? Its done 50,000km for the record and had full service history and no warranty work at all. Cheers guys!
  14. I want a car that depreciates hard!!

    Hey Mook, we never caught up since I arrived over here! Sorry about that! On the Rangey front - who can i tap up for some info on specs etc? Thinking the Sport rather than the daddy, and one of the diesels. Are there any known issues between the 2.7 and 3L? Also I am presuming the spec goes S, SE, HSE? Finally, how do I find out the VAT component of vehicles as I think I can get a rebate on it.
  15. I want a car that depreciates hard!!

    Hmmm... I am liking some of these options at the moment. Time to do a bit of auto trader work.