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  1. There are several things that go wrong with the top mounts. The bearing fails/crushed, the rubber 'donut' compresses over time and loses its shape, or the aluminum spacers under the bearing seize on the strut. They dont last long because they are a standard part across the range from a 1.4 with lardy suspension to the R with a heavy V6 and rock hard suspension. So not really up to the job in the later case. Not that VW has got them right in the mk5 either, as mine had them replaced after 30k. I have heard talk of a powerflex replacement mount, but cannot see them listed on their website.
  2. Event Mobile tyres

    I used them a while ago based on some of these reviews and was not that impressed tbh. Asked the guy several times to be careful with the wheels as they were mint. Although a cursory inspection by me before I signed off found nothing, later found some damage were he had levered on the rim to get the tyre off. Also said about not throwing my metal caps away, which to be fair he didnt on the front 2, few days later noticed the rears had plastic caps. Obviously very much down to the individual fitter you get, but I thought the equipment in the van looked a bit tatty. Since then been to STS Tyre Pros in East Grinstead and wow what a difference. New equipment and they used rim protectors etc and really took care. The mobile guy just wanted to get off to his next job I think.
  3. I prefer the 'junk the standard system and get a resonated Miltek' mod ;-) The drone from the standard system is horrible. mk4 R32 is only car I have owned that really benefited from an aftermarket system.
  4. Back into the fold...

    Nice one Oatz. I am one of the former Edition 30 owners you speak of that managed to jump back. Stock mk5 sounds even better than a mk4 imo!
  5. Dent removal

    yes, there are various companies that can come out and by using a series of special pry bars and things down the side of the window etc get most dents out. Dont know where you are, but would recommend Dent Magician in Worthing.
  6. Anyone used 'Junction26M1 Performance' on ebay?

    A bit late for the original op but I have used roadrunnermotorsport (aka Junction26M1 on ebay) for several Milltek systems, and they recently went to great lengths to sort out a warranty issue for me so recommended.
  7. Depressing MKV value

    I have been thinking about going back to an R32 (or be it a mk5), hoping I could swap for little money but it seems GTI prices have taken a hit just as bad. Would not surprise me if a 2 year old GTI/ed30 was as low as 12k trade in at the moment.
  8. Sidlows - Gone!!

    I stopped using them for service many years ago although I bought my last 3 golfs from them as sales wise I found them ok. Was thinking of giving the new Crawley VW on Manor Royal a go for the next service.
  9. ED30 Wheel Paint code

    Welcome Unfortunately a long running thread on another forum with much investigation by many people has drawn a blank so far on the paint code. So I imagine any repair will rely on the refirb company mixing something up.
  10. About to buy 'Edition 30'

    Had mine for 18 months or so now and still very much enjoying it. Nicely balanced on the twistys due to the great suspension and chassis, engine provides plently of turbo punch. I still morn my R32 in the wet as the lack of 4wd is laughable sometimes, but the economy that can be got considering the performance is a bonus. Toured round the Isle of Wight last week and it was great, although the VW satnav isnt too clever as we were trying to find an Indian Restaurant and it took us here.. (or maybe it knows more than it made out)
  11. Washing microfibre

    I have always done mine in the washing machine when they are covered in wax/polish etc, but found the next few batches of clothes done afterwards come out with grease like spots on them. Misses was not too happy! I am guessing the wax etc stays in the machine for while afterwards somehow.
  12. Pogo Drive - Revised Software - Latest News

    Noticed this morning my PogoAlert is now alerting to possible laser sites, so looks like that feature is finally working!
  13. New engine for Mk5 GTI....

    oh noes!

    The standard jacking points are quite thin metal edges which the VW jack is shaped to fit. I feared a trolley jack would distort them so I made a wooden block with a channel cut into it to spread the load better.
  15. Pirelli Edition GTI.....

    'Honest mistake' lol So they mistakenly made 800 more cars than intended, yeah right. Maybe they forgot to switch off the production line before going on holiday or something.