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  1. r8 or F430

    well I sold my 430 before I bought the R8. You can and I did use it just as much as my R8 (thats about twice a week) The R8 gets just as much if not more attention than the Ferrari did. May be because its new I dont know. Really realy love the R8 but it needs to be quicker for me. In terms of running costs and servicing - about the same Ferrari's of late are not as expensevie to run as you may think. but the R8 is far worse on fuel its mpg is very very much heavier than the 430. I think you can compare the two. why not? apart from price. if the R8 had more power it would be near perfect for me. lots of pros and cons - going to view the F430 2morow so will see!
  2. r8 or F430

    between mine and the one im looking at about 46k I would love to get the Scuderia but 1 alot more money and 2 dont want that much of a race car its total striped out still want heated seats cd etc
  3. r8 or F430

    Yeah I did come from a 430 but I miss it, R8 is amazing but it’s just not 430 quick although it is an amazing car. I think a V10 in the R8 would meet my needs more;going to the Ferrari dealership wed and prob will change. thanks for your comments
  4. r8 or F430

    you say that, but since driving the R8 on public roads it gets the same if not more attention as the Ferrari did. Im sure you get it as well. just fancy another one but only for the fact its that 'bit' quicker. Really love bits on both cars...its tricky.
  5. r8 or F430

    two V8 two very different cars too. which one would you have? thinking of trading in the R8 for another F430??
  6. R8 Manual - cancelled order

    ment to say couldnt - sorry -
  7. R8 Manual - cancelled order

    Ive got one....over list sorry goodnt resist would let it go for a small bit over good luck any ways
  8. sexy bum?

    I loved it and it does handle really really well. But I think the R8 handles better. The 430 is still a much much quicker car
  9. sexy bum?

    no way as much fun as the 430, and not as fast but the R8 is one of the MOST stable sports cars I have ever driven. Looking forward to my V10
  10. sexy bum?

    yeah one of the reasons I had to get rid of the Ferrari! :
  11. sexy bum?

    last week. im in love not as quick as my F430 was but handles so much better! got some mpgs but not sure how to post them
  12. sexy bum?

    my sexy rear end
  13. R8 10k OVERLIST !

    yes I have been offered 15 over for it! I am paying 10 oevr for it, I suppose its what some one is willing to pay for the car/spec; like I said dnt give a poo just want it now. and why would the dealer want to sit on till 08 ???? its going to be a 57 plate and I intend to sell it when the 08 plate comes out (FYI)
  14. Mercedes 380 SL

    got any pictures ?
  15. R8 10k OVERLIST !

    well, just had a date when I can pick up the car Oct 16th. have been offered 15k over list for but I said no going to keep it till feb/march when the new reg comes out may be get 2-3over who knows who cares, i dnt any more; will post pics when I get it: really cant wait now feels likes ages