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  1. M25 camera speed changes ?

    Cheers. Did try a search but this didn't come out of it. Mods please close.
  2. M25 camera speed changes ?

    Just received this via e-mail. Wondering if there's any truth to it or not? [ QUOTE ] "As from 15th Feb 2008 the speed cameras between junctions 10 (Wisley/A3) and 15 (Heathrow) WILL be active. At present they are set intermittently to activate with any vehicle travelling over 93 MPH. As from the 15th they will be permanently set to activate at 80 MPH. I am informed that everyone travelling over this speed WILL get a ticket." [/ QUOTE ] It's normally impossible to do more than about 40 round this section for the majority of the day anyway.
  3. Pending MKVI GTI

    Is it just me or does that video looked staged? That's an incredibly lucky cameraman to have the MkVI drive by so many times past a static camera.
  4. The MkV GTI Tyre thread

    Thanks JamesH. I did look at mytyres but the nearest fitter is 20 miles away. I trust my local fitter with my 18"s so I'll stick with what's booked in and maybe go for the asymmetrics next time round. Cheers.
  5. The MkV GTI Tyre thread

    According to my local tyre dealer, Goodyear Aysemmtrics in 18" (possibly 17" too), are still not available to them yet. So I'm getting a couple of GSD3s instead at the weekend.
  6. Goodwood Festival of Speed

    Friday tickets up for grabs...
  7. Driving experience recommendation?

    Cheers for the replies. I was thinking more about a driving day than tuition. Rally day is something I reckon he would really enjoy. If you could find out some more info that would be great
  8. It's my brother's 40th in June. I think he'd really enjoy a driving day but looking for some recommendations. Budget around £200, ideally in the South of England. Italian sportscars are probably his sort of thing. Any ideas? Cheers.
  9. Mine did it last week during the stormy weather. There was so much debris on the roads, it seemed quite plausible that I could have run over something. Checked the pressures and everything seemed normal. The last time it activated I did have a slow puncture caused by a nail. So I can know I can trust it, at least sometimes.
  10. Brazilian Grand Prix Thread

    As much as I've disliked Schumacher over the years. Particularly for some of the things he's done, I do hope he goes out without controversy. No doubt he's a great driver. But, still can't help feeling that if a Red Bull or Bridgestone shod car takes Alonso off, there will be a major consipracy theory. Let's hope for a great race. First corner at Interlagos can normally shake things up a bit.
  11. Help Please....

    Peronally if I hadn't read about it on TSN I would not have known about the issue. In my experience I only have the issue when the outside temp is cold, ie. last winter. In the south east we've still rarely gone below double figures for 6 months, so perhaps that explains why so few, recently?
  12. 05 GTI wouldn't start........

    Hopefully the dealer have sorted out your issue. I had similar issues with mine. Had first service a couple of weeks back and reported to dealer. On return, was told that an ECU update had been applied to correct the issue. So far so good here after a few weeks. I'm fairly sure others have had the same prob on TSN and had it fixed in the same way.
  13. Top Gear Battlefield2 parody

    Cracking, cheers
  14. Top Gear Battlefield2 parody

    Excellent. i barely remember the Top Gear episode, but they did a great job to marry that with BF2 - one of my faves.
  15. Running GTI on 99/100 RON...

    I think i'll drive down later on and double check, I think it's my mistake rather than the pumps. Wish they'd put the Optimax/V-power prices on display outside with diesel and normal unleaded. Have to drive up to the pump to check how much the stuff costs.