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  1. Mk5 gti advice needed.

    Hi all This is my first post in a few years, been lurking on other forums......... I bought my first mk5 GTI DSG back in 2005 and took delivery a few months before Robin if my memory serves me correctly. I have since owned a manual mk5 GTI and i am now driving a mk6 DSG GTI. Firstly i will say that i wished i had kept my first mk5, it was a 5 door DSG in red with 18 monzas and little else...Its all you really need. Unless you really do no like the look of the 5 door, i would go for that, colour wise it doesnt really matter, although the lazer blue is rare now because it wasnt avaailable for long, even rarer is the solid dark blue, looks crap even if you could find one..... 18 monzas do really suit the car, and i would try and find one with these, be careful though and get to know what the genuine ones look like, there are loads of copies and they are not as good.. check for corrosion as Robin said. A full service history is paramount, i have seen mk5s with with well over 100k on the clock and they look like new, so dont be fobbed off with a car with 60k in average condition. Cloth is the best choice , the leather does not age well. Apart from that any other spec is a bonus, lots had SAT NAV added at a later date, easily confirmed by the lack of armrest CD player, if it isnt there then the NAV was added later, this isnt a major problem but lack of CANBUS coding can drain the battery. take you time bargain hard and enjoy...
  2. Mkv vwgolf gti 2008 (08)

    Price now reduced to £14999.00
  3. Mkv vwgolf gti 2008 (08)

    Vw golf gti 2008 (08) 3 door manual candy white full anthracite leather with heated seats and electric lumber adjustment 18 " monzas centre arm rest with aux input multifunction high line computer 18500 miles with full vw service history 8 months warranty and road tax remaining stunning condition inside and out pics on request £15999.00 ono contact chris on 07798 555883
  4. Mk6 gti

    i did the deal today managed to squeeze the deal to 8%, i was given some story about the computer system changing ( dos to windows ?) and wouldnt be able to order until the end of the month after today due to the change over. i wasnt too worried about any pressure to sign today as the 8% discount off the OTR price is an exceptional deal........... just a 12 to 16 week wait now !
  5. Mk6 gti

    Quick Update, got prices from 8 dealers ( radius of 40 miles from home ) 1. Nothing this year sir 2. You will have to come and see us first ! 3. 3.5 % 4 4.5 % 5 6% ( 2 off ) 6. 6.5 % 7. 7 % all 3 to 4 months wait Trying to squeeze the 7% deal but probably going to place the order today or tomorrow. Red DSG 3 door RCD510 + Camera ( for wifey ! ) Lux pack, monza shadows.
  6. Mk6 gti

    some great pics there snoopy, alas i think i need to see one in the flesh before i can decide. and as you say it is quite a rare colour, suprising really considering there is quite a few mk5s in shadow blue. i am suprised however at the limited choice of wheels, i do like the monza 2s but again fancy a different look.... the wheels on the adidas special look good.
  7. Mk6 gti

    I am looking to order a new GTI later this year, really struggling on colour choice this time around ! i do not really want to go for the white again as nice as it is i really fancy a change. The narrowed down choices are Pearl black, solid black ( what does it really look like in the flesh) and shadow blue. Does anybody on here own any of these colours? would they make the same choice again ? any pics and comments would be appreciated ps what sort of discount have people been getting, i have been offered 4.5%, i was really looking to acheive 6% and order before the end of december to avoid the vat rise?
  8. Audi Reveals A1 S-Line Sport Package

    reminds me of that citroen purial thingy, the coloured roof bars are a mistake, but i dont mind it in a solid colour
  9. Anyone else here own or ordered a mk6 GTI?

    Maybe VW is just trying to shift the 100 or so Demos, before they increase allocation ? The trouble is they are finding this difficult and its not suprising considering how much they are asking ! I thought 15% of the OTR price was VAT so why arent the second hand ones at least 15 % cheaper then new? Daylight robbery me thinks
  10. Servicing Costs - ouch!

    I dont mean to be funny, but the VW manual states cambelt change is at 120,000 miles for a 2.0i FSI. If you want to pay to have it done before this, then fine; but if you dont, and still continue to have the car at serviced at VW, and the cambelt fails before 120k miles, then i would say you had a good case for a full engine rebuild FOC. Simplies
  11. Give her a bit of a clean

    Looks Fantastic, you have still got a job to beat Red or White on the GTI.
  12. Looking For Help

    The master cylinder failing on the mk4 is very common, do you know if has ever been done? do you have any service history? It isnt a massive DIY job but its not for a novice either, if you dont want to do it yourself then speak to people in your area, there must be a recommended independant that will look at it and quote.
  13. Mk6 GTI colours

    My local stealer ( the one who doesnt know his oil from his elbow ) has a carbon grey prepped for 1st sept, it does look very nice indeed, I am also suprised how good the silver looks on the mk6. I was always a great fan of the red and white ( having owned both ) but i do think the dark metalics, if looked after properly age a bit better. If i was to order today i would probably go for the carbon grey. :-)
  14. Correct oil got mk v GTI

    After a heated discussion today with the service manager, the oil has now been changed for the fully synthetic Quantum stuff,( out of a 5 litre bottle), even let me watch the 'techie' do it. Tried to fob me off with a story that the invoice was wrong and i did in fact have the correct oil in my car because they only stocked longlife in bulk, only i was told yesterday that i had asked for a priced match service so i had been given the budget oil and that they had loads of grades of oil for different service levels( what a bunch of tossers ) Now sorted will be going independant next time ~( can of oil in hand !)
  15. Correct oil got mk v GTI

    Guys Too cut a long story short, my car is on interval servicing, and it has just become apparent that the oil used is not the same specification as required in the technical data manual. The oil i have in my car is Quantum 15/40 VW 505.00 The minimum spec is VW 504.00, or VW 502.00 I have complained to my VW dealer and thay are going to investigate the problem tomoroow. Am i right in complaining? it appears to me to 505.00 spec is of a lesser spec and should be used in a GTI. The dealer has already said that if they are in error ( laughs) thay will change the oil ! I think i may watch them do that ! Yours thoughts and knowledge please.