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  1. I'm in a similar situation meself matey, But i got the missus wages to back me up if the financial **** hits the fan. The way i see it, if ya dream about it then do it....Live the dream cos ya never know until you try. In the long run it might be worth it.... you might keep the car for years to come. You might never get bored of it and because of the amount of aftermarket parts manufacturers of all other VW golfs out there catering for all these Veedub nuts, as and when you get bored- change something, tune something or even modify something on your beloved VW Golf!!!! beerchug.gif

  2. Hi and thanks for the welcome. My cars have been 2x VW golf 1.3s, Fiesta mk 2 xr2, Peugeot 205 1.6 GTI, Nissan Pulsar GTiR and going for test drive for one of these babies this friday..... Guaranteed to buy, even the missus loves it. The colour we want is the Laser blue!!! We both love our hatchbacks. My only gripe about the car is the choice of alloy wheels. Outside the dealers in chester sat a lovely TDi with VW 17" splitrim type alloys, so i asked if they could fit them instead as and when i purchase the car.Hope they say yes before i sign the dotted line. 3 month waiting list though frown.gif <font color="blue"> </font>