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  1. Update: Time to replace the original brake disks. They were getting a little corroded on the outside and inside edges of the contact surface and a few score marks. Though, as the picture shows, after filing off the lips at the edges the thickness is still well above the minimum of 22mm (new, they were 25mm). Guess they could have been skimmed but anyway, I decided that a new pair, with pads, of Brembos would be a good idea. The car has now done 197,000 miles. I don't drive slowly, I anticipate the road ahead unlike most road users nowadays (who are not even looking at the road), and probably most contributory is the fact the car is garaged overnight.
  2. Make it 2! Still here, 160,000 now. turbo still hoots Averaging 58mpg. I town drive less than 0.1% I reckon Rear disks had to be changed recently due to a jammed caliper, front disks are original. The car is garaged overnight which I think helps a LOT. I service it with longlife oil on fixed interval of 13k
  3. Yup, absolutely genuine. If you drive economically you don't convert fuel into brake heat and wear. It's as simple as that. I did, in fact change the pads at 142,000. They still had plenty of material on them but the backplates were starting to corrode and displace the friction material.
  4. Yes, I work shifts so the 'out of hours' motoring means more time for anticipation and less need to be in a mad hurry!
  5. Well, Original poster here, I've still got the car and its coming up to start its tenth year with me, Approaching 140,000 miles, it's still got the original brake discs and pads with no sign of them looking like needing replacement. (car is garaged so I guess that helps) I track my mileage and fuel usage using an app called 'fuel log''s the last few fillups... I'm guessing it's ran-in now
  6. Most likely, I tend to make new cars earn their keep!
  7. Thought I'd rekindle this thread purely for reference/interest. I still have the car, it's now done 128,000 miles. The turbo still makes the same noise and all is working fine. As for the rest of the car, everything is original except for the radiator which sprung a small leak and the front nearside outer CV boot which I both replaced myself this year. When I say everything, I mean everything, even the front disks and pads which are only very slightly worn. Yes, the car's had a pretty easy life as marked by its lifetime average fuel consumption figure of 57MPG Vic
  8. Hi All My 55 A3 2.0 140 TDI has made the Owl hoot/police siren noise from new. Now at 82k miles the noise is about twice as loud and covers a slightly wider (around 200RPM) rev band centred around on 1400rpm. It's fairly inoffensive and I beleive its the freely spinning turbo vanes at what are very low revs, not blowing, causing resonance in the intercooler inlet piping similar to blowing across the top of a bottle. (Squeezing the rubber inlet pipes changes the note). With careful application of the throttle when stationary I can make it wolf whistle! I reckon my turbo is very nicely run in and spinning very freely. When it stops making the noise, I'll worry! Vic
  9. Thinking of selling my A3

    For my A3's 50K birthday I've bought it one of these ST3 and settled for the economy remap due to the stupid price of Diesel. First impressions are "bl00dy amazing!" It's like driving a different car. Vic
  10. Strange noise when steering

    It could just be a dry track rod end or a strut mount that is creaking. Check that the rubber boots aren't split at each end of the rack. Put the front of the car on axle stands and get someone to turn the steering while you try and feel where the noise is coming from.
  11. A3 Cabriolet spotted at the dealers

    Hmmm, is this male or female? The A4 cab is definately Male IMO.
  12. My A3 sounds like a steam roller

    Could it not just be the normal 'turbo whistle'?
  13. My 55 plate Sportback's are fine except for the parts that got splashed with 'wonder wheels' which burnt the silver paint off the disks with a fizz!
  14. Fiat 500!

    On the rust front, we have a 12 year old Fiat Cinquecento Sporting, It's done 57,000 miles. All the switches and electrics still function perfectly and there isn't a spot of rust on it. Seriously looking at the new 500 to replace a polo.
  15. Audi A3 Tyre wear

    Original pair of fronts (P7's)were replaced on my Sportback 2.0TDI 140 with Conti contact 3's last August at 34,000 miles. ..I was a bit peeved as 'lorry slipstreamer' NeilC had managed 45,000 on his. (he has just replaced the rears which went out of shape but with loads of tread left at 645,000!) It's an SE so obviously the tyres aren't too low profile and the suspension is not as firm but it's the longest I've had a set of fronts last on any car.