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  1. Old member saying Hi!

    Hi All, I’ve been a member of here for years when I had the AUDI and it was superb. Sadly my father passed away recently and I’m trying to make contact with Ben Wardle. We all know who he is. My Dad has left me his Golf MKV and I’m considering doing a few retrofits to it hence needing to contact Ben. Possibly Ben may see this or if anybody could possibly point me in the right direction via a PM I’d best most grateful. Thanks all.
  2. Still researching the S5 cab and I see from the brochure that Sat Nav isn't standard in the S5 but is in the S-Line??? Does anybody know why this is? Thanks
  3. After being away for a number of years I thought I'd come back into the fold! Currently researching an S5 Cab but I'd like the facelift variant brochure from 2012 if I am correct? Any help appreciated. Thanks :-)
  4. Hi Jon Prob a facelift model ie 2013 if I'm correct??? Only just started looking :-) Any help appreciated. Thanks
  5. Well its been a few years and thought I'd pop up and say hi, again! After I sold the B7 I went down the Porsche 911 route, fantastic!. Probably the main reason I haven't been on! Anyway, looking for a nice S5 cabriolet now, 2013! Cheers
  6. Apple iPhone 4S 16Gb Black

    Did you sell this in the end?
  7. Brief details are as follows but do pm me for more info. I'd prefer the car to go to somebody who would love and cherish it just like me ! Akoya Pearlescent Silver 2005. I have owned the car since 2007 6 speed gear box New engine and clutch fitted 30/01/2012. Mileage was 71356. Cost £6000! 81600 miles presently FASH Lots of bills and receipt from warranty work over the past years Xenon plus pack Bose Audi bluetooth Cruise control MFSW DIS Rear Privacy Blind Pack Black Optics Front Grill. Car looks so much better with the black version Rear votex valance cost £250 OEM S4 mirror caps, cost me £300 Shark Performance 'Self Tuning System' You can remove/install this performance chip whenever you want with the supplied handheld device. Lots of other extras fitted e.g. Dension GW100 music interface (iPhone) RS6 alloys in good condition with recently fitted Vredenstein Sessantas A4 B7 2.0T FSI S-LINE Akoya Silver, Xenon plus pack, RS 6's, MFSW, Auto dimming mirror, Light/Rain sensor, Cruise control, Bose, Isofix, Split folding seats, Rear side blinds, Rear window blind, Centre armrest, Auto boot Lid, Cargo parcel net/hooks,Loadliner & Votex Rear Diffuser. Black Optics Front Grille. Car will average 45-50 mpg on the motorway whilst also having cracking performance especially with the performance chip installed. An ideal car for economy and also speed. One thing I will add is that I scuffed the rear bumper a few weeks ago, nothing a smart repair wouldn't take car of. Lots more but what I will say is that this car has been very very well cared for. It is weekly detailed with products from all over the world regardless of costs. Price £5995 ono. Pls pm me for more details. Thanks
  8. Hi Does anybody have an instructions on how to do this? A link would be great. Cheers
  9. Hi Does anybody know the best place to obtain one of these except for the stealer ? Cheers
  10. I purchased the unit in December last year and have finally had to time to install it. What an easy install! The equipment itself is well manufactured/engineered and the service behind it is second to none. You can add various 'zones' where your car is normally stationed and get the system to alert you when the car moves/returns to the 'zone'. Lots of other options are available too. I have researched other makes and found SKYTAG to be the best all rounder IMHO. Very cost effective too. Thought I'd share this information for others out there who are considering installing a tracking unit on their car that is reliable, cost effective and also easy to install. GPS Tracker
  11. Oil pressure warning light has just popped up and the car has started making a loud tapping noise from engine. Car is full of oil too. Any help really appreciated. Cheers
  12. As title really. I've taken the lock out because it wouldn't open. Upon inspection the plastic bar has snapped inside. Does anybody have a spare going that I can buy rather than go to stealers? Cheers
  13. Bump. Price reduced to £8500 onvo. Car has just been detailed also. May p/x Land Rover Discovery 3 HSE.
  14. This time it is the latch on the front of the glovebox. It will not open the compartment. It feels very loose as if something has snapped. Any help appreciated.