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  1. Hi Recently bought a 2007 1.9 diesel match golf. Seems okay but one problem that i've noticed is the cabin heater stays on with ignition off/key out. It can be switched off at the dial/control but if i forgot to do that a couple of times and had a flat battery the next morning. Had the diagnostic thing done but no codes shown. Any suggestions appreciated. cheers. mojo76
  2. 130 tdi turbo prob and fault code

    thanks for the advice - will have a go at cleaning the inlet thing with carb cleaner. oddly enough, this morning, the car was a bit slugglish again - so maybe the maf's not the cure after all. it livened up a little but i'm still not getting the full kick i used to at around 2000 revs - which is where i recall the turbo used to come in big time before, especially in 2nd gear and beyond. will see how things go this week but will probably end up having to buy a new turbo and get the damned thing done with - will then set about tinkering with the old one and might end up having a working/useable spare.
  3. 130 tdi turbo prob and fault code

    update... again. advised by one mech that turbo knackered, while another believes it's something else - boost sensor thing by washer bottle, a holed hose maybe or something else. so changed what i think is the n75 thing - no improvement. borrowed a MAF, just in case - and it seemed to help but not hugely - still not as pokey as it used to be a week ago, before all this started. so put old maf back on and there was a discernible difference. anyway, shoved some more forte and lucas fuel additive in tank for the hell of it. and then, again for the hell of it, put replacement maf on and just like that, things are (for now) back to how they used to be - more or less. weird.
  4. 130 tdi turbo prob and fault code

    had another machine scan the obd and got this code: p1556. i'm going to try eliminating some of the possible suspects (the pressure valves - part numbers ij0 906 627 / a) before trying to source a turbo. however, i keep coming across the n75 actuator (?) which seems to be a common suspect - can anyone tell me where this one's located? also, re: the two pressure valves, i think they're on the bulkhead, but which one's which? i'm told one is the wastegate valve and one's for the egr. they look the same, i recall... are they? cheers. mojo actually, just been reading a real long thread about this sort of problem - am i right in thinking the n75 thing and the pressure valve ijo 906 627 are one and the same thing? if so, it makes a bit more sense.
  5. I posted before and got some help. there's been developments... I have a v low mileage (25k) 51 plate 1.9 tdi 130bhp with the usual turbo limp mode problem: fine around town, on motorway occasionally turbo would cut out at above 80ish but a restart would solve it. over the four years i've had this car, i rarely travel motorway miles so it's never been a huge deal: just chuck in a bottle of forte every now and then hope for the best. i learnt a little bit about the 'vanes' etc getting clogged up but my mech's not had the inclination to bother doing it and because it wasn't a big deal, i never bothered pursuing it much, either. However, after a couple of recent 120 mile stints motorway driving, the car went into limp mode and hasn't quite come out, somehow: the turbo feels lacklustre, to say the least, and seems to just about kick in above 3500 revs, and even then it's not what it used to be. I've had the vag thingy on it and it comes up with an odd message and code: coolant fan control 1: open or short to ground. p1672. I've done searches for the phrase and the code but can't seem to see the connection between this and my turbo problem. any help appreciated. cheers mojo7676
  6. Hi - just got this recent problem on 130 tdi golf. asr/abs lights come on - sometimes stay on for a few days, but i've noticed they also go off during a journey. seems to me the fault comes up when it's been or is still raining - i read on another post (audi 8, same fault and conditions) that this might have something to do with 'drain holes' being blocked? anyone shed any light on this? thanks. mojo7676
  7. lock not working on hatch...

    ah well, not to worry - thanks for the comments and time anyway. out of curiosity, what's with the divinyls lyrics?
  8. lock not working on hatch...

    Checked inside the rubber boot and everything seems fine as does the solenoid. Appears there's no live going to it which i find a bit strange. any particular fuses/relays/?? that might be the cause. Does the thing need a new wiring loom or is there some way of 'taking' or feeding a live to the solenoid? any suggestions...
  9. lock not working on hatch...

    Will check that; i imagine this is all fairly visible (the rubber boot that kind of connects the body to the hatch, electrically speaking). The remote - do you mean the fob/alarm remote or something else?
  10. lock not working on hatch...

    The solenoid''s been checked and is fine, apparently. However, there is no 'live' going to it for some reason. Any suggestions?
  11. lock not working on hatch...

    thanks for the tips - where's the pic, though? not sure what to make of that vag com stuff. leads from ebay for about £20 - am seriously considering it but really don't want to get into all that... life's too short.
  12. lock not working on hatch...

    Thanks for that. Can you tell me if this shows up through VAG COM? Also, where is said solenoid, how easy is it to replace and any idea about costs? cheers. mojo
  13. lock not working on hatch...

    other than vehicle specs, the subject line says it all, really: 2001 gt tdi 130 5 door. all doors open/lock with key and alarm blipper doohickey but not the boot/hatch. for that i have to lock/unlock manually/with key. any ideas? cheers. mojo.
  14. mk 4 golf tdi 130 limp mode VNT mechanism etc

    thanks Rustynuts. will get it on the ramp and get the mech to have another go.
  15. I've read with interest some of the posts about going into 'limp mode' for whatever reasons. In my case, the car is okay around town and inconsistent at motorway speeds. for example, i drove 35 miles on the motorway and the car was fine. on the way back, it went into limp mode 3 times! i did notice that it's more likely to happen if you accelerate hard, however. the car's in pretty good nick all round and has done vry few miles - though is sadly out of warranty! under the bonnet, there's no hole in any hoses. however, the VNT mechanism thingy is stuck pretty fast - hardly moves at all with our without the engine running. the mech (not a VW specialist but knowledgeable enough) spent a good hour trying to free it up but had no real joy. he also noticed the throttle lever doesn't move when you press the accelerator and that the level of vacuum appears to decrease when you put your foot down - he took a thin hose off and felt suction, i guess. of course, everything was done while the car was stationary so maybe thing change when the car is in motion (?). any help, advice, comments, wisecracks and relevant contributions greatly appreciated. tia. mojo.