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  1. Should i continue of pumping RON98/99?

    And nor are you likey too at 160 mph !!!!. Mine deffo runs better on the "Good stuff" for the record
  2. The next generation .:R....

    You are right Mook. Having just read an article in Autocar then the .:R version is on its way in MK6 form but will drop the V6 (booooooooo hisssssssssssssss wont buy one !!!) and it will put out 265bhp from the S3 engine. No V6 just isnt cricket i dont think !!!
  3. Dog in the R

    Dont have a dog but when the cats have to be taken anywhere two go in the boot and the pensioner gets strapped in on the front seat (she love car rides which is odd for a cat !!) The black and white one pukes every time but never when i take her in the wifes JCW. Anyone explain that then ?
  4. New Colour Available

    [ QUOTE ] ....That's no surprise - by the time the web site has actually loaded on your compuater, the Mk5 Golf will have been replaced with the Mk7 and you'll have the option of it being fuelled by hydrogen or uncooked baked beans, but only organic ones or the warranty will be invalidated... [/ QUOTE ]
  5. Another R32 Gone

    [ QUOTE ] Well, if it's got to be done, then it's got to be done. Im not going to get another new car for a while, i'd rather wait for RS4 prices to come down to the £35k mark and then go for the real deal, until then, my .:R is the best car i can think of keeping until then. No other car has made me love just going out for a drive, to shop, to work, for the hell of it. None. [/ QUOTE ] Cant agree more, i get the same smile every day when the right foot goes down
  6. Another R32 Gone

    [ QUOTE ] ....Sorry, but I just don't get this "I'm going to buy a new car to replace my 1 or 2 year old R32/whatever high tax/thirsty car so the new one costs less to run", unless your car has come to the end of it's natural life with you. Think of the money you're pissing away [/ QUOTE ] This was the point i was trying to get at. It would cost me the best part of 10k to get an Edition 30 to replace my R32
  7. Another R32 Gone

    [ QUOTE ] I'm on my way out as well boys. But sticking with VW and going for the Edition 30. The R32 is a superb car and i would buy the new R32 if it wasn't for this government!!!! [/ QUOTE ] Without doing "A Google" on this, how much dosh does buying an Edition 30 save you in comparison to an R32
  8. More VW bashing: New Polo advert

    It will be some sort of camera trickery to get the dog to do that or just used one that acted like that normally. VW are not stupid enough to abuse animals for its adverts. They're after sales might be but id cant believe they intentionally hurt animals. The banned one on the same page is quite funny though!! Banned video.....
  9. Swiss ban GPS warning devices

    [ QUOTE ] Hmmmm - hopefully in the UK we would be able to campaign against it a bit more. Love to see them justify banning them. Er we are banning a safety device honest!! [/ QUOTE ] Well they might not ban them here but im damn sure Darling and his cronies could come up with a tax bracket for them
  10. loan car fun...

    [ QUOTE ] Because that's how Mini estates in the old days opened up. They're trying to tap in to the retro thang, a hatchback just wouldn't have cut it. (As mentioned before though, they've got the name wrong. "Clubman" referred to the more upmarket flat fronted Mini, the Estates were usually called Travellers. There was a Clubman Estate, but the "Clubman" moniker referred to the "poshing up", not the fact that it was an estate). [/ QUOTE ] I must be mad, drink too much, or something but i just like the Clubman !. Not saying im just off out to get one but i just like the whole retro thing.....Ill get my coat
  11. loan car fun...

    [ QUOTE ] [ QUOTE ] Clubman Hot Chocolate, coming through an estate agents window with a biddie behind the wheel in a town near you soon! [/ QUOTE ] No RedRobin's got a GTI... [/ QUOTE ]
  12. loan car fun...

    [ QUOTE ] .....I'll stick with the Berlingo thanks. [/ QUOTE ] Ah good old "Bertie", my mate had one and it was one fugly mota but you couldnt half get some gear in it !
  13. loan car fun...

    [ QUOTE ] Id have told them to feck off if they gave me that silly car [/ QUOTE ] Quite !
  14. FK Silverline X on MK5 R32 + pics

    Looks great but id not fancy some of the speed bumps where i have to drive daily !!
  15. Road tax...."The Reality".........

    [ QUOTE ] Thing is, it's 230 quid for me that I won't be spemding on things I want to spend it on. I'm giving it to Darling to spend on who he thinks needs it. [/ QUOTE ] I dont think you will be giving away your Scooby any time soon Simon..do you !!