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  1. price of oil

    Guys as oil and hense petrol is on the rise, do you guys worry about the extra cost now that fuel will cost or is a yaris on the way in the future, youre thoughts on this.
  2. Just wondering has anybody test drove a AstraVXR/OPC in regards to the GTI, shock horror I have a GTI but after a test drive in the OPC and its looks, should I change and whats the view here on the VXR /opel OPC.
  3. Anyone here fitted one, Are they good, are they loud, Have ordered one and are they arkward to fit??? Questions questions....anybody.... Cheers,,
  4. New steering rack

    yip, big deal plus needs software to be done also, unless really bad, don't as I know you will end up with a standard MK5 steering rack
  5. engine cover

    Can someone tell me how you remove engine cover. Also how can you remove airfilter, seems to be also built into engine cove somehow, its just I'm thinking of having it sprayed red, same as car. Thanks
  6. Did you know????

    Did you know the 18'alloys on the GTI are produced by BBS. see link. http://www.bbs.com/index.php?id=274&L=2 Now thats quality!!
  7. Thinking of trading

    Hi barry,, You will loose series money I reckon as the papers are full off em here in Dublin (well at least 8-10). As for the steering, I was in VW in Navan and they have a new candy white DSG one, I started it and guess what, the steering made the same noises steering left stationary. Has anybody got a answer for this, the VW garage said that it maybe to do with the LHD to RHD conversion and a new box aint the solution, I don't want to replace a factory spec box myself so will put up with it but I tell you, I would not go and buy another MK5 GTi unless it had no noise and I bet it will. Answers on a postcard please.!!!Even VW don't know the answer to this do they!!!
  8. Steering grinding when stationary!!

    Anyone who is getting steering replaced, how do they know dealer is not just putting standard mk5 steering into GTI. Bad move if VW know its a problem but I cannot see a whole new steering being the fix, read some of other posts on this.
  9. Steering grinding when stationary!!

    Mine is a 06 spec car,, Indeed seems to be very common and mainly turning to left and at same point (degree). As the car seems fine driving, I will put up with it till its first service...Don't francy getting whole steering rack replaced in a car thats done 1500 miles only!!! Maybe its normal on a electric type steering........any ideas.??
  10. A question,, When say reversing out of my driveway and I stop and turn the steering full to left or right I hear a grinding noise but only when at mega slow or stop speed!!! Steering is fine otherwise. Is this a symtom of the electric power system or maybe having 18' wheels, or something else wrong!! Anyone else have this. <font color="blue"> </font>
  11. Forge dump valve

    Has anybody ordered/fitted the new forge dump valve for the MKV golf GTI. am instrested in getting one and want to know is it A.easy to fit. B.Sound good like any other dump valve c.Any problems associated with it. Cheers for help on this.
  12. Do new golf's come with a tank full of petrol

    Mine came with a full tank to the brim in Ireland, was very suprised as this is not my first new car and usually they only put quartar a tank in. Still you are lucky in the UK that you can get various octanes of fuel...Here we only get 95RON and thats it, be it a evo or GTI or RS you are driving. With the price that its rising, you would want a compelling reason to use 97/98 anyhow. the GTI will run just fine on 95RON with no damage to the engine due to the knock sensor...Only on trackdays I guess would a real life anvantage come from 98RON.............!!!
  13. Had to take your Mark V GTi back to the dealers?

    Had to take it back for the following:: passenger door and front dash rattles. Result= extra 14KM on car by some idiot mechanic and rattles are worse!!! VW build quality my arse!!!
  14. MPG

    Pottering home from work yesterday (yea sunday!!) the 50 mile round trip and with the Sunday traffic at approx 120Km/hour i achieved 6.8L/100KM, thats 41.5MPG...wow!!!Here in boggo Ireland we are in KM/hour now...Have to say even now with a new engine this is good MPG, of course I won't go into town MPG or when I give it a good slap on the back B roads here...G there all like that...Thats why rallying is so popular here I guess.
  15. 99 RON from Tesco

    Ur all lucky with the choice,, here in Ireland GTI's are also selling like hot cakes but the only petrol in the south (where I live) is 95 RON, nothing else whatsoever. The reason I don't have the Focus RS anymore is that it ran very sick on it, The GTI runs fine and at least VW says it will,,,otherwise we would all be screwed,,then again petrol is about 72p/litre.........!!!