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  1. Possible DSG problem...?

    Been a few owners with the mechatronics module problems, which i think controls the dsg box, but i dont know what symtoms you get with that ?
  2. r32 headlight conversion

    These any good ?? VW R32 XENON HEADLIGHT ADAPTORS on eBay (end time 07-Jan-10 20:30:31 GMT)
  3. New Wheels on order

    They you go snoops just squint a little and its perfick ??
  4. New Wheels on order

    Vwr said to me that they will paint the wheels any colour you want, when i ordered mine they said they should be with you in about a week as they had to go to bodyshop to get painted, all in with the price
  5. New Wheels on order

    did they have a play on your car today then ? cant be a lot left to do to it now
  6. Thats what i thought, why have them in the garage for months and try and get as much as poss for them, sold and collected from Leeds following day, sold them to R32UK off other site
  7. New Wheels on order

    Dont be like that, trying to make Jc feel better he will be missing his Gti by now , Ha Ha Its a bit of a task detailing a Navara !! Sorry jc didnt see you there
  8. Looking at it like that maybe was a bit cheap?, but its only money ha ha dont think anybody would pay 1300-1500 with tyres and couldnt be bothered to split and sell seperately,
  9. New Wheels on order

    You Know you want too, get on that slippery slope !!!
  10. New Wheels on order

    Glad to be of assistance ha ha
  11. New Wheels on order

    they are contoured quite a bit pics are decieving
  12. New Wheels on order

    These are the same wheels without logo have you had a look on ? Look well on the R32 THEY ALSO PAINT THEM ANY COLOUR FOR THE SAME PRICE
  13. New Wheels on order

    Hi TT Ride hasn't changed at all if anything feels more planted and tyres aren't scrubbed up yet, I think ride height looks ok aswell
  14. New Wheels on order

    i spoke to Sam at vwr about these and he said they where the test wheels and they decided to drop the logo off these and go for the plain look ?? They dont do them with the logo on at vwr, that is the one i 1st saw