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  1. Parrot ck3100

    Hi all, Does anyone know if I can play the music on my phone on my car stereo via the parrott bluetooth kit? I have an 06 S-line A3 with the concert stereo. the kit picks up my phone and making calls etc works fine but it would be handy to play music aswell. let me know thanks
  2. Doors leak

    It hasnt had any work done since I got the car but its possible it did have before i got it. Ill get it checked out. Thanks
  3. Doors leak

    Both doors on my A3 have a leak when it rains. The leak seems to be coming from the door seal at the top of the door.. Do i need to replace the seal? Is this a common problem ?
  4. Interior Seat Transplant

    I have got hold of the leather trim from an A3 (front and rear seats) and want to put them in my A3. Is there any wiring (airbags) ets that I need to keep an eye out for or is it quite a straight forward swap... ill be taking out the old seats and putting the new ones in
  5. A3 Concert stereo removal

    How can I take out my concert stereo from my A3 with out using the removal keys? I do have the keys but nothing happens when I put them in the stereo and try to remove it. I think the clips are either stuck or broken. Before anyone comments,, no im not trying to steal a stereo from an A3
  6. A3 taking ages to warm up

    i have a 1.6 engine. Its when i turn the heaters on
  7. A3 taking ages to warm up

    My 1998 A3 takes up to 5 mins to warm up when i turn the heating on... should it be taking this long?
  8. PS3 Games from Abroad

    Hi All, Does anyone know if PS3 games bought from abroad will work on a UK PS3? I have heard rumours that blu ray dvd movies are region coded but the games are not. Can anyone confirm this?
  9. Bluetooth headset on Ps3

    Hi all, I picked up a Sony ericsson HBH PV703 bluetooth headset to use with my ps3. i have been able to pair it with the ps3 without any trouble but i cant seem to use it when playing online. anyone know if there is something i need to do in the game or any other setting i have to enable to use the headset when playing online?
  10. Dipped headlight not working

    i am using the stardard bulbs, so im assuming they are halogen
  11. Dipped headlight not working

    I have an 1998 A3 and the left dipped headlight has stopped working. I have checked the fuse and bulb, both are ok. All other bulbs in the left unit are working fine. Any ideas?
  12. A3 Timing belt change

    morning all, My a3 needs its timing belt and all the bits changed as its 10 years old and done 70000 miles. Can any one recommend a good garage in west london that wont rip me off? Average price I have found so far is £480. Thanks in advance
  13. A3 Vag-Com Mods

    Hi All, Does anyone know where I can find out all the Vag-Com mods available on my 1998 A3?
  14. Stereo replacement

    Morning all, I have an 1998 A3 with the full bose setup. I would like to change the current concert tape deck stereo as its a bit dated. I am thinking of putting in a Pioneer stereo, I have the fascia adapters,, do i need anything else?
  15. 1998 A3 concert Stereo

    afternoon all, I have an Audi concert stereo tape deck with the bose speakers. I would like to put in an MP3 stereo. does anyone know of a mp3 stereo that will be easy to install or is recommended by Audi?