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  1. A4 3.0 TDI Wanted

    bump, looked at a few and none seem to match the spec I want
  2. Roof windows and alarm not working

    It could be a faulty comfort / convenience control unit
  3. A4 3.0 TDI Wanted

    Hi chaps, I've been searching round looking for a car to replace my 2.5tdi, i'm looking for a 2006+ A4 3.0TDI S-Line Avant but not seen many in the spec I want. if any of you guys know of one please let me know, this is the spec I am after: 2006+ AUDI A4 3.0 TDI QUATTRO S LINE AVANT - 233PS MAX MILES: 45K MUST HAVE: 233PS ENGINE 6 SPEED MANUAL GEARBOX MUST HAVE SUNROOF BLACK OR DAYTONA GREY IN COLOUR BLACK TRIM (BLACK DASH ETC NOT CREAM OR PUKE COLOUR) XENON HEADLAMPS FSH PREFERRED OPTIONS: COLOUR DIS CRUISE CONTROL MULTI-FUNCTION STEERING WHEEL SAT NAV / DOUBLE DIN RADIO / BOSE SOUND HEATED SEATS I don't want much really lol! i'm prepared to travel for the right car. Cheers! Mike.
  4. Hi guys, I have had the smelly air con problem for years and tried all sorts of products to fix it, The one product that worked for me was this stuff -----> Deodorising/Sanitizer, A/C AC Air Con Conditioning on eBay, also, Air Conditioning Tools, Garage Equipment Tools, Cars, Parts Vehicles (end time 03-Jun-09 21:54:34 BST) This is how I did it: Buy a tin of airco-breeze and a replacement pollen filter. Start your car and switch the air con / climate on Adjust the fan speed to the lowest setting and open dash vents (this ensures the internal flaps are open and allows air flow) Spray the airco-breeze in each dash vent for 10 seconds. adjust aircon / climate to max cold setting & switch on recirculate, make sure all windows and doors are closed and leave running for 10-15 minuites. After this switch the car off. Then open the bonnet and remove the pollen filter Mine was located under the plastic batter cover on the passenger side of the car (A4-B6) Once you have removed the pollen filter spray some Airco-Breeze into the pollen filter intake for about 10 seconds. The start the car and switch on the aircon, switch off recirculate, this will open a flap below the pollen flter intake. Spray some more Airco-Breeze into the intake for about 10-15 seconds. Leave the car running for 10 mins with the windows open. Then you're done! I hope this helps.
  5. 2.5TDI V6 warm up - takes ages -common?

    I have never heard of an auxilliary heater till now, what makes me think is did it burn out when my radiator started leaking?
  6. 2.5TDI V6 warm up - takes ages -common?

    Sorry to sound stupid but is the electric one located in the heater matrix behind the dash?
  7. Audi-Sport.net registration fault

    When I tried to retreive my password I found that my user name had changed to my real name, I emailed them a couple of times asking if they could fix this but they never replied.
  8. 2.5TDI V6 warm up - takes ages -common?

    I was over exaggerating, it started to leak and gradually got worse, I had it replaced within a week of it starting to leak. Does my car have an aux heater? it is very strange how the heaters take ages to warm up straight after having the rad replaced, its not losing any water now.
  9. Removing plastic headlamp lense - B6 8E

    maersk you are a star!! I did this and it worked, thanks very much pal! Mike
  10. Removing plastic headlamp lense - B6 8E

    The other option would be taking the headlamp motor out of the scratched headlamp and fitting into the headlamp without the motor, I wonder if this is possible?
  11. Removing plastic headlamp lense - B6 8E

    Yes thats what I want to do, I bought a headlamp to replace one that has a deep scratch on my car but it turned out to not be motorised (height adjuster) so I thought that swapping lenses might be an option.
  12. Hi Is it possible to remove the plastic headlamp lense on a B6 A4? Thanks in advance Mike
  13. 2.5TDI V6 warm up - takes ages -common?

    My radiator burst a few months back, I had it replaced and noticed my car takes ages to warm up, the gauge never passes the quarter mark nowadays.
  14. Vag-Com in Manchester - Help Urgently Needed!!

    Result: I got my car back yesterday, the handheld device my mate borrowed worked a treat, it hacked my security code and adapted the new diesel injection pump. The car runs like new again, just glad I got it back, its been a great car up till this happening. Thanks to everyone who has offered thier help!