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  1. Holy cr*p, a car thread!

    There's an identical minter for sale at the minute for £10995 on the inter web.
  2. Football results today

    Wembley bound Come on City!!!
  3. Corbyn

    Its be good practice for any hospital appointment letter to have a parking permit just for that day enclosed, and every hospital patient have maybe 4 permits they can give to their relatives for the duration of their stay.
  4. Football results today

    90 mins from the Championship
  5. Football results today

    90 minutes from Wembley COME ON CITY!!!!
  6. New company car time

    Just had a 6hr drive up from Brighton with 1 "comfort break" and got out of the car with no aches or pains. Same as the drive down last night. Its a very comfortable car.
  7. New company car time

    Daft as this sounds, the only thing I'd change about my car is....the model! I should have got a 4 series GC in the same mineral grey with coral interior as I have now. The more of them I see the more I realise I made the wrong choice, still, from the inside it's still spot on
  8. New company car time

    Having had VWs for years, I'd never understood the huge BMW following..until now. I have a 320d Msport auto and it's fantastic. Very comfirtable, quick enough for me, all the toys I need and the auto box is a thing of beauty. I've done 23k since November and many long journeys and I never get out feeling like its been a hard drive. I couldn't recommend it enough.
  9. CHAVMOBILE Spotting...

    Mother of pearl Cayenne with dodgy number plate anyone??
  10. BTCC 2017

    Terrible news from Sunday's meeting http://www.btcc.net/2017/04/19/statement-update-on-the-condition-of-billy-monger/
  11. New pants please

    Never forget to apply your handbrake...especially on a wagon.
  12. Haynes motor museum

  13. Haynes motor museum

  14. BTCC 2017

    Grid times for today.