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  1. Why do my wheels do this?

    Just that wheel has the dot. Tyre is fine too....what I've shown in these pictures is that my car needs a wash!!
  2. Why do my wheels do this?

    I've never had any refurbished so can't be that.
  3. Why do my wheels do this?

    There isn't any noticeable mark when they're (rarely) clean, but it's a good possibility.
  4. Why do my wheels do this?

    On many cars I've had I've noticed when they get heavily covered in brake dust you get a perfectly clean spot. Why is this? Not a particularly interesting post, but it's bugged me for ages!
  5. If any one post on TSN shows our average age...that's it! Kiki Dee, ask your parents kids
  6. Football results today

    Excellent. This will teach him to love the game for what it really is, not just supporting a team because it's fashionable.
  7. 2 perfect Escorts

    I knew I'd made it as a dad when my 10 year old son yelled "STOP!!!!! I need to see those Escorts" Possibly a different meaning to when he says that when he's over 18!
  8. 2 perfect Escorts

    Spotted on Whitby sea front . Absolutely flawless....better than new RS2000 and a Mexico.
  9. 17 Plate

    Saw a chap picking up a lovely 140i when I was at the dealer yesterday.
  10. New pants please

    This definitely goes under the "viewer discretion advised" category Not graphic, just tragic. 120mph in to a stationary car
  11. New pants please

    Keep watching the white BMW coming on the left
  12. expensive numberplates

    Spending the inheritance?
  13. BTCC 2017

    Me and my boys are going to try and get to a Croft and Donnington.