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  1. Apple Watch launch

    Chinese or Indian?
  2. Apple Watch launch

    Are the people who bought Apple watches still using them? I don't see anyone wearing them anymore.
  3. I bought a Nextbase 312GW last week No need to hardwire it as the long cable gets hidden around the screen and behind the glovebox and plugs in to Boosters secret 12v socket (cheers Booster ) Download the Nextbase app and you can view the current filming or old footage, and the HD camera seems pretty good. Hidden the camera behind the rear view mirror so its all nice and discreet
  4. Cars. France versus Austria

    JFK did for the first half his last ride
  5. Williams

  6. Carwash Spots

    Couldn't agree more. Micro fibre towels are crap.
  7. Dimma 205

    My ex FiL had a 205 Lynx, similar to a Dimma. One of very few sold through JCT
  8. Dimma 205

    Not sure if it's an original Dimma but I haven't seen one of these for years. Perfect condition.
  9. Football results today

    One for NNMM
  10. Post a pic of your car

    It cleans up pretty well considering the welly it gets through the week. It'll be a while before it's this shiny again!
  11. BTCC 2017

    http://www.btcc.net/2017/06/11/medical-update-0830am-sunday-11-june-2017/ Some bad bad injuries from yesterdays qualifying. Speedy recovery to all involved.
  12. Alfa Guilia

    I've only seen 1, in red too (must be the colour of choice) Looks fantastic, would love to have a good look around the interior...may have to pop in to the local dealer
  13. Holy cr*p, a car thread!

    There's an identical minter for sale at the minute for £10995 on the inter web.
  14. Football results today

    Wembley bound Come on City!!!
  15. Corbyn

    Its be good practice for any hospital appointment letter to have a parking permit just for that day enclosed, and every hospital patient have maybe 4 permits they can give to their relatives for the duration of their stay.