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  1. CHAVMOBILE Spotting...

    You’re playing fast and loose using the term “car” for that POS
  2. 2016 polo vivo rear speaker settings

    Check in the settings on the radio that the front to back fader is set in the middle, failing that take it in to a dealer as it'll be still under warranty being a 2016 car
  3. Post a pic of your car

    There's a few Evoras in JCT near me The lairy green looks fabulous as does the orange. In red it looks like a Ferrari kit car though, it doesn't suit it at all in my view
  4. Buckled Alloy Compensation?

    Was in McCrombie that took his bosses 250GTO out for a spin one lunchtime?
  5. New 2nd Hand car time, Signum size

    I've had more Passats than you can shake a spanner at. They'll go forever and very rarely fail. It wont excite you in any way whatsoever but I don't think thats what you're wanting anyway If i was buying a car for the same purpose as you are, a Passat would be the first place i'd look. It'll keep the kids safe in an accident too
  6. F30 issues

    I’m rattle free!! (So far) On the test drive to check the recall work, the rattle appeared. They stripped out the glove box and diagnosed it as a faulty damper used on the glove box lid. Replaced and rebuilt. Feels like a new car, I enjoyed the drive home
  7. F30 issues

    It was diagnosed a few months ago as the glovebox so a new one was fitted. 30 seconds after picking it up, the rattle was back. Now it’s back it to be sorted and they can’t locate it so after 3 days I’m getting it back along with the rattle
  8. F30 issues

    Must be my driving bmw rang me yesterday saying they need the car until Saturday to fit an an oxygen sensor that has failed, and they’ve done a software update as a recall. Thsts all well and good, but they can’t find the rattle it went in for that’s driven me insane for 11 months
  9. F30 issues

    While it’s been in they’ve told me there’s a software update and potential egr issue to be resolved too
  10. F30 issues

    The alignment has never been done at the dealer as it’s £100+ there!! It’s always been done at an independent tyre place who have the same set up as BMW, I’ve used them for 25 years and have no worries about their honesty.
  11. F30 issues

    Since getting my 3 series in November, I’ve had issues with the wheel alignment. Im on my 4th set of front tyres as they’re being heavily scrubbed on the outer edge. They need changing with 4/5mm in the middle but the edges being totally bald. Im having 4 wheel tracking done with each tyre change but it’s making no difference. Most of my miles are A road and motorway, so speed bumps and pot holes aren’t any more of an issue than they would be to anyone else My car is in BMW at the minute for the second time for a rattle that’s been there since the day I collected it, but they can’t find. It’s already had a new glove box but the rattle returned within a mile . It’s a constant plastic on plastic noise Had anyone else with a 3 series had tracking problems?
  12. CHAVMOBILE Spotting...

    Yes. The whole rear end looks like it’s been covered in what’s left after you cut biscuit shapes out of a big piece of mixture.
  13. CHAVMOBILE Spotting...

    Not only have they put louvres on the rear window...it’s a sticker and in the wrong colour yellow.
  14. MOTs in older cars

    I also checked my Laguna which i blew the engine in at 2 years old and 95k, this is now doing the rounds up near Middlesborough.