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  1. Speed with Guy Martin: F1 Special

    Mechanics on £50k and away 200 days a year! I thought they would have been on 3 or 4 times that much at least
  2. Wow

    You could find similar clips for any make if car if you looked. Looks like lots of those clips involve alcohol, drugs, old age, distracted drivers which aren't exclusive to and make of car.
  3. 10 years ago we lost a legend

    I've always though it sad that McRae and Richard Burns put their lives on the line every time they drove a rally car, yet were taken from us by another means.
  4. expensive numberplates

    I saw A3 on a Merc
  5. Music streaming

    Radmac on 6 is the best radio show by far. Ive found Spotify in the car by downloading the BMW Connected app on my phone
  6. Music streaming

    I don't think my car has the Spotify integration. is it only on the professional media package?
  7. Catch him Derry

    Being set on fire is funnier than Mrs Browns boys
  8. Music streaming

    Quite simply, which service is best? Apple music, Spotify or other? Looking to get a multiple user package.
  9. Wheelie To Die For....

    What a load of rubbish. Have you never done something that you shouldn't have done but felt good..could have gone wrong but (thankfully) it didn't? He'd probably done it 100 times before but this time it went horribly wrong. Im sure you value your life but like to "live a little"
  10. Young persons' car insurance

    How old is your son Dave, as £1k seems very reasonable?
  11. New pants please

  12. New pants please

    Reminds me of this one...
  13. World Athletics Championship 2017

    I watched Mo last night. Im not particularly an athletics fan, but I was shouting at the tv. Great race and the way he always manages to pull away in the last 100m is astonishing. Top man