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  1. 2007 Starting problems

    Got a 2007 passat and over the last few weeks I am getting trouble starting the car first time, Sometimes i push fob in and it starts first time. Other times i get ignition on and nothing else. Then have to remove key a few times and try again. Today car started but then said something like 'engine fault call garage' and then cut out. Then started up fine after. Seems to be happening more and more now. Not got any other faults or symbols on the dash. Also am i starting the car properly? I assume push fob straight in and it should start? I have tried pushing it in half way so ignition comes on but that does not always work. I hope its not related to the steering rack issue? If so any ideas on cost of getting it fixed? Thanks
  2. Heater not working correctly!

    Thanks guys. Drpellypo would you know where the sensor or vent is located?
  3. Heater not working correctly!

    I believe it is semi-auto climate control (have to turn dial manually to set temp rather than digitally). To be fair seems to have got a little better since another drive today. Strange but still not perfect but if i set temp to 22 (in middle) then seems to work fine and maintain at that temp. Any other ideas? If not got it booked in for Tuesday so will see what they local indi says! Thanks
  4. Heater not working correctly!

    Hi guys Got a 2007 Passat and only done 59k mileage. Car had been parked up for a week or so and when i took it out for a spin i noticed the AC was not working. Although AC was not working is was actually blowing hot air on the coldest setting! This morning i drove the car on the motorway and after about 15 mins the car started to blow cold air finally. I then put the AC on and the air was cold as it should be. However once i changed the setting to anything other than the coldest setting it starts blowing hot air again? Any ideas? Is it sensor related or any pipes I can check? I noticed the temperature gauge on the car was moving between 4-5c and still had the frost/ice sign on which i thought was strange? Thanks guys
  5. Hi all, I have insurance on my vehicle but need to get it taxed and MOT'd ASAP. Just wondering if I get the car MOT done, how quickly will it update on DVLA on-line so I can purchase the tax? If its real time, then in theory can I tax it straight after its passed the MOT? Anyone know/experienced the time delay before it updates online.. Cheers Harry
  6. Turbo, Boot and Aircon issues- Urgent help needed

    Hi mate Regarding your aircon I had a similiar problem when I regassed mine. In the engine bay there are 3 fuses above your battery...I think one of them works the compressor! I took mine out and they were flithy and so had no contact point. Might be worth checking there first as it solved my problem! Just cant remember which one of three it was though!
  7. No MOT, No Tax & question

    I asked the same question and its not when you pick the car up but when you place the order! So as long as you have placed the order with current MOT and tax then the scrappage scheme can be used. I even asked Ford to check with HQ and they confirmed the same. A couple of other dealers confirmed the same. A couple of dealers even said you have 14 days from date of expiry to 'place the order' in order to use the scrappage scheme. However I think when you 'place the order' they must have a chasis number which they can allocate to the new owner to confirm the order! Looks like trade plates are out of the question, so trailer seems the only other option...
  8. No MOT, No Tax & question

    Already asked but the cheeky fcukers want £200 and still want me to travel to Newcaste to sign the paperwork!
  9. No MOT, No Tax & question

    Hey guys, I am due to buy a new car for the misses and are due to scrap our fiesta in return... Only problem is the fiesta ran out of MOT, Tax and his now declared SORN. Now I need to get the fiesta from Midlands to Newcastle so approx 350 miles... Any ideas how I could do this? I was thinking of using a trailer but that cost approx £100 for 24 hours.. Also thinking of using my friends trade plates, but does that cover a car with no MOT and Tax? Also if i get stopped using trade plates (without my friend) then where would that leave me with the Police? Any other legal ways of getting the car there without costing a packet? Also the car has already failed its MOT so its not exactly road worthy! Appreciate your ideas..
  10. 09 plate

    Seen a 09 grey Elise being red lined off the lights... So much for opening it up slowly.. ;o)
  11. Help !! Smokey on startup

    Had the same problem in my 330d and it was very annoying.. When I did the diagnostic check mine came back with 6 faulty glow plugs! Was told this was due to a dodgy control unit and hence caused an error logged on all 6.. Car was written off before I had a chance to change it.. People do say cleaning the EGR valve does help as stated by Tipex.. It might be worth posting on BMW Land - A Drivers Chat Talk Discussion Forum Board for UK BMW cars and owners 3 5 6 7 series Questions & Answers, they have a lot of knowledge of the 3.0 diesel..
  12. Insurance might send a private investigator out!

    Cheers guys, suppose just have to sit and wait now and let them do there job.. Hopefully witnesses will co-operate.. AJ84, nice one for the offer...look forward to your PM!
  13. Insurance might send a private investigator out!

    Had a look for CCTV camera's and could not find any pointing in the direction of the accident! Hopefully the witnesses statements will be enough.. Just a thought, what if the witnesses do want to waste their time with the investigator? Will that work against me? At the end of the day they have signed witness statements... I dont mind the interview as I've got nothing to hide but its just the time taking to settle the claim... First they got an independent assessor to assess the vehicle damage, only for the car to be written off, and now this!
  14. Insurance might send a private investigator out!

    Sorry its actually my insurance company that is sending out the private investigator which makes it even more strange.. The only thing I can think of is that the van driver is saying there are no witnesses....which makes sense as he was not around at the time when they came forward....but they have got signed witnesses statements so not sure what is going on...?
  15. Ok was parked stationary behind a van that was turning right into a car park.. Next minute the van driver sticks it in reverse and flies back. I didnt get a chance to hit the horn and so smashed into my front end! So I get out and ask the guy what the hell he was doing! His response was he checked his drivers side mirror and not passenger side and so did not see my car! It makes sense as my car was parked behind him more to the left side (he totalled the front right of my car). So we both moved the cars to the side of the road and I took all his details. It was a company van and he gave me his home address, work number, insurance number, etc. All I gave was my name and car reg. Anyhow he speed off after and I started looking at the damage, then I wondered if the shop nearby had any camera's that caught the accident. As I was having a look, a guy from the car parks comes over and said he seen the accident and I can call him to be a witness. So I thought great....although the van driver seemed honest enough! Anyhow as I walk back to car a few minutes later, I was trying to work out if it was driveable and a car pulls up. Another bloke said he seen the accident initially but hadnt stopped first. He was on his way back from the shop and so said I can take his number. He said it was the van drivers fault and was not sure what he was trying to do... Anyhow a few weeks go by and now the van driver is saying I drove into the back of him... However he did not know I had two witness statements!! Both witnesses replied to the insurance company and I thought all should be ok... Now insurance company are sending out a private investigator to probably interview me, wife and witnesses... So just wondering where do I stand in the case? Will this likley go court (I dont want to drop it) but what happens if the witnesses dont want to talk to the investigator or go to court? Also what the point of the investigator and what they will ask/do? They cant be blaiming me now.. Apreciate your help..... Cheers Harry