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  1. Wopps 918

    I saw him, and it, at Goodwood. Never met him before, a really nice chap and the car is magnificent.
  2. Venice....any inputs?

    Brum. Urgh. Yes, I've been. Often and everywhere. Urgh.
  3. Audi A3 e-tron first impressions

    Bloody name-dropper. (Great review, by the way)
  4. Some fantastic 'Ferraris'.

    Your new ride, Bangle?
  5. Cheap flights to US East Coast

    Tweaked my dates and have now booked Virgin. £1500 for 4 of us, return. Signed up for their frequent flyer thing which allows you to check in online 72 hours before the flight so should be fine together, and (if not) I recall their service is good so will wing it at the airport if there's a problem. Thanks for the advice, chaps Now... accommodation....
  6. Cheap flights to US East Coast

    About to book this and it's getting more complicated than I hoped for. Me and three kids, want to sit together (or at least two pairs), seat reservation add loads to Norwegian from Gatwick to NYC. Then looking at Virgin from LHR, good (enough) prices but about to confirm booking and they want £30 per person each way for seat reservation. I'd wing it on short haul but don't one kid sat the other end of a Dreamliner puking on a stranger. 8-23 April is my window to travel, thinking 5-7 days, New York direct (saves me driving down from Boston). Any suggestions o keeping the price down gratefully received.
  7. What a tool. Should take his licence from him

    "An eyewitness who saw the collision told The Sun Online: 'The crash had just happened when I walked around the corner" So they didn't actually witness anything, then.
  8. FAO - TDK

    Here's a freaky 3 wheeler you might not have seen, I like this, FWIW; [/IMG]
  9. FAO - TDK

    Christ, that's ugly. I had no idea what it was. Another kit car contraption I guess.
  10. Unusual Accident

    Weird. Hard not to think he was mentally ill somehow. A sad story in any case.
  11. Jenson Button to take a sabbatical in 2017

    Nice bloke, I would have loved to see him present TG in a "stig plus" sort of role.
  12. For the Love of Cars

    Nice show, but Glennister is so clearly not a car guy. I enjoyed it though.
  13. Toyota CH-R review

    "We know what you're like" they said. "You must follow one of two routes, pre-programmed into the satnav" they said and showed me this; "You must not" they said "muck about offroading, or racing, OK?!" ... [/IMG] Yeah. OK.... Review here -
  14. The Grand Tour

    Oh, JC, you're such a maverick.
  15. Cheap flights to US East Coast

    Andy, thanks mate, that's really helpful. I do loads of travelling around Europe but don't know where to dig for deals on the US. Virgin is a no brainer, LHR is nearer to home than Gatwick and Virgin are ace. £377 is a great deal! I'll be booking early in the new year and will check for deals again then. Cheers PS - I'm in Sweden a bit in Dec/Jan but you can **** off if you think I'm smuggling Pork Pies over for you x