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  1. Post a pic of your car

    I'm watching the prices of the earlier Evoras, they look like great value to me - £25k for this - New&onesearchad=New&advertising-location=at_cars&postcode=le54eh&sort=price-asc&radius=1500&make=LOTUS&model=EVORA&page=1 Very tempting! (That's not my postcoode on AT BTW!)
  2. Post a pic of your car

    That Evora is bloody lovely. Silver wheels for me, though, please. Sorry to hear your sad news, btw.
  3. Land Rover Evoque recall (Happy christmas, one and all)
  4. New 2nd Hand car time, Signum size

    So; petrol, roomy(ish), £8k, one to keep, right? I'm rubbish at sensible suggestions. Keep the S Max and give it the occasional thrashing to keep the diesel thingies healthy?
  5. The new TVR Griffith

    I had a good look up close at the TVR at the weekend. Has no-one pointed out that one door is a different shade of red to the rest of the rear 3/4 panel? That aside, it looked very very well put together, much better than TVR of old. I was very impressed. I hope they're a great success. Patently is busy elsewhere online, I see.
  6. The Stamford Car Show

    I was there too. Some really cool stuff but some utterly pointless cars too - Citroen Xantia - why?! Pea green elan was pretty.
  7. Golf Gti Remapped to death for fun

    With massive thanks to Shark Performance for being good sports;
  8. Unusual holiday destinations (picture heavy!)

    Balls, thanks anyway Burble
  9. Unusual holiday destinations (picture heavy!)

    Photobucket upgrade error message means I can't see your pics!
  10. Taxi!!!!

    A new car factory, opened in the Midlands?! I salute them!
  11. Hmmmmm

    Is your Impreza alive, Tipex? Agree on classic prices, look at utter dogshit like the mk3 Ford Escort now selling for daft money. Panda 100 looks ace, the Abarth 500 is down to c.£5k now and is massive fun.
  12. Hmmmmm

    Go on. How much? Back to the 924 - They're cracking fun to drive but with soooo many made, even special edition stuff like the Le Mans edition isn't worth much. Sure, they'll appreciate, but so will everything else from that era it seems. Tipex, you poof, drive one (hard) and you'll get the bug.
  13. Holy cr*p, a car thread!

    What a pretty thing! Cti values seem to lag behind Gti, I wonder what they're like to drive? A bit wobbly but great fun, I imagine. More threads like this, please, TyreSmoke!
  14. 720 Wop

    I'm not crazy about supercars, but that does look good and there's no doubting the performance.
  15. Post a pic of your car

    Not quite 100% mine, but sort of. For a bit.