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  1. What's your favourite car currently in production?

    I love all of the above. I know it's a little flawed, but this QP GTS (Twin turbo V8) was bloody brilliant and exactly my kind of car; I really, really liked this too (but in BRG, please);
  2. Crash & Burn - Tommy Byrne

    Watched on iPlayer - what a brilliant little documentary from the BBC. I would love to know what he got up to, particularly with women, booze and drugs but suspect they didn't cover that out of respect to him and his family. He must have been a right party animal to have not been given a drive at McLaren considering his test drive times! I'd rather have a night on the lash with Tommy than James Hunt
  3. Wheeler Dealers on Discovery

    Fuzz - he's brilliant. Remember that mad house music outfit called Bentley's Rhythm Ace? He was their drummer.
  4. UK to USA £69 one-way, or £129 Return!

    Connecticut is quite nice, from what I remember (20 years ago...)
  5. Football results today

    That's fantastic, Andy! Does he live round your way? What a gent! Rob Kelly (remember him?) lived near me when he briefly managed Leicester. I might have mentioned I saw Vardeh [sic] in Melton not too long ago, I mistook him for a burglar, he was off for a jog in the park but looked so shadey outside the nice houses on Burton Road that I nearly called the rozzers!
  6. Wopps 918

    I saw him, and it, at Goodwood. Never met him before, a really nice chap and the car is magnificent.
  7. Venice....any inputs?

    Brum. Urgh. Yes, I've been. Often and everywhere. Urgh.
  8. Audi A3 e-tron first impressions

    Bloody name-dropper. (Great review, by the way)
  9. Some fantastic 'Ferraris'.

    Your new ride, Bangle?
  10. Cheap flights to US East Coast

    Tweaked my dates and have now booked Virgin. £1500 for 4 of us, return. Signed up for their frequent flyer thing which allows you to check in online 72 hours before the flight so should be fine together, and (if not) I recall their service is good so will wing it at the airport if there's a problem. Thanks for the advice, chaps Now... accommodation....
  11. Cheap flights to US East Coast

    About to book this and it's getting more complicated than I hoped for. Me and three kids, want to sit together (or at least two pairs), seat reservation add loads to Norwegian from Gatwick to NYC. Then looking at Virgin from LHR, good (enough) prices but about to confirm booking and they want £30 per person each way for seat reservation. I'd wing it on short haul but don't one kid sat the other end of a Dreamliner puking on a stranger. 8-23 April is my window to travel, thinking 5-7 days, New York direct (saves me driving down from Boston). Any suggestions o keeping the price down gratefully received.
  12. What a tool. Should take his licence from him

    "An eyewitness who saw the collision told The Sun Online: 'The crash had just happened when I walked around the corner" So they didn't actually witness anything, then.
  13. FAO - TDK

    Here's a freaky 3 wheeler you might not have seen, I like this, FWIW; [/IMG]
  14. FAO - TDK

    Christ, that's ugly. I had no idea what it was. Another kit car contraption I guess.
  15. Unusual Accident

    Weird. Hard not to think he was mentally ill somehow. A sad story in any case.