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  1. Some of you may remember that I have a cookshop as I've done deals on here in the past. We've got two Global knife pad sets left in stock, one is with 3 knives and the pad and the other is 5 knives with the larger pad. These were part of the previous years Global promotional offer and they are the last two left so the boxes are very slightly tatty but never been opened. There won't be many retailers that have got any of these left on promotion. The 4pc includes: G2 - 21cm cooks knife GS3 - 13cm cook's knife GS38 - 9cm paring knife Global knife pad The RRP on this set was £499 with the promo being £249.99. I can do this for £199 plus £7.99 postage. The 6pc set includes: G2 - 21cm cook's knife G9 - 22cm bread knife GS5 - 14cm vegetable chopper GS11 - 15cm flexible utility knife GS38 - 9cm paring knife Global knife pad The RRP on this set was £849 withe the promo being £449.99. I can do this for £360 plus £7.99 postage. If anyone is interested in either of these then either ring the shop on 01386 853493 and talk to myself (Martin) or Tracey or if you prefer to order through our website www.broadwaycookshop.co.uk where these are I believe cheaper than anyone else online but still more than what I'm offering here then place your order and I'll adjust it and send a confirmation of the reduced price (inc postage cost) before payment is taken unless you choose Paypal, in which case I'd have to refund the difference. We do also have other Global products available like the new chopping boards and if anyone really wants to push the boat out then we've got the very latest Wusthof Epicure 7pc set on an introductory promo which I can offer at £650 plus £7.99 postage instead of £1073.
  2. I've got 6 tall garage floor cabinets and 4 wall cabinets for sale. I bought some for my own garage to keep detailing products in so thought some of you here maybe interested in them.The large tall floor cabinets are 89cm x 54cm x 182cm which are much larger and far stronger than similar looking cabinets on eBay etc. I ordered them through my own business direct from the manufacturer in Italy after looking endlessly for something suitable for my own garage and didn't want to spend thousands on metal garage units but also didn't want the small flimsy units that I've bought previously that I now use in the shed.The wall units are 65cm x 39cm x 56.5cmBoth are made of plastic in black and grey and the tall units have easy adjustable shelves that will carry 25kgs.They are Logico made by Kis in Italy and are far bigger and more robust than their normal stuff you normally see. The Logico is the black and grey version of the sand coloured excellence that is available in the U.K. Look on eBay and you'll see that I'm selling these less than 1/2 the price of the not as aesthetically pleasing excellence cabinets.£85 + £18 postage if required each for the tall cabinets£45 + £10 postage if required each for the wall cabinetsI can post these but would prefer collection from our house in Badsey near Evesham WR11. Saves on postage as the tall units are heavy at around 25kgs so would cost £18 each to post but also you can see the units that I've made up in the garage.Here are photos of how they are boxed.
  3. Garage Storage Cabinets

    Good morning, The only place that I know of in the UK is Amazon but you can only get the non utility cupboard in Logico XL which is here £169.48 or you can get the same XL utility cupboard in the Excellence range which is the same but a sand colour here £163.33 with the wall cabinet in the same matching range here £113.38
  4. Sorry, I sold the Caddy just before taking delivery of the S5 in March. I had forgot I'd put it on here so I've just replied sold in that thread. I loved that Caddy and was in unbelievable condition with not a single mark on it and a joy with all the kit it had on it.
  5. Mini hatchback and 12 month old granddaughter doesn't really work so we've been taking her out in my new S5 which I don't really want, so very regrettable sale. Mini John Cooper Works (new model F56) 2015 15 reg but on cherished plate. On around 41k miles Must be the best spec'd JCW on the market with around £13k of optional extras with a list of over £37k. Black and red with JCW pro exhaust (which is Hilarious) and diffuser etc. Its easier to say what it hasn't got and that's heated front screen and pan roof. I think it's got every other option available which I can try and list if required. £18k
  6. As my new car is due very soon I've just started advertising my Caddy. I've placed an advert on Pistonheads here Caddy for sale which has the full details. The basics are that its a 14 Plate Met Grey 1.6TDI Bluemotion Highline with 27k miles and has virtually every optional extra such as Xenons, Sat Nav, Bluetooth, Cruise, A/C, Sensors etc and is in absolutely mint condition. Looking for around £10,950 + the dreaded VAT
  7. It needs all those horses to keep the car moving under the weight but it is still bloody quick
  8. It has a lot of toys doesn't it this is why it was easier to say what it doesn't have.
  9. Difficult to remember everything so I've just copied from a BMW site using the vin number. As you can see it has every option ticked that could be ticked on a JCW bar the two options I mentioned. On top of that it has the JCW Pro exhaust with carbon fibre surrounds and Bluetooth switch, JCW Pro rear diffuser with PDC, JCW Pro winglets (I think they are called) on the rear wing. The car is just 2 years old and has Mini service history and comes with the TLC service pack. Vehicle information VIN XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX Type code XM92 Type JOHN COOPER WORKS (EUR) E series F56 () Series M Type HB Steering RL Doors 3 Engine B48O Displacement 2.00 Power 170 Drive FRONT Transmission AUT Colour MIDNIGHT BLACK METALLIC (A94) Upholstery DINAMICA-/LEDER CARBON BLACK (GSE1) Vehicle upgrades Smartphone mirroring Read more Additional iDrive features Read more Vehicle options S1CB CO2 package S223 Electronic Damper Control (EDC) S230 Extra package, EU-specific S258 Tire with run-flat functionality S2LY MINI LA wheel JCW Cup Spoke 2-tone S2PA Wheel bolt retainer S2TB Sport automatic transmission S2VB Tire pressure display S302 Alarm system S313 Fold-in outside mirror S322 Comfort access S3A3 Roof caps and mirror housings, red S3AG Reversing camera S3AZ Hood stripes John Cooper Works S420 Sun protection glazing Vehicle options S423 Floor mats, velours S430 Interior/outside mirror with auto dip S431 Interior mirror with automatic-dip S470 Isofix-System S473 Armrest front S493 Storage compartment package S494 Seat heating driver/passenger S4GU MINI Yours Interior Style Fibre All S4NE Blow-by heater S4V9 MINI Excitement Package S508 Park Distance Control (PDC) S521 Rain sensor S534 Automatic air conditioning S550 On-board computer S563 Light package Vehicle options S5A4 LED headlight with expanded content S5AS Driving Assistant S5DP Park Assistent S609 Navigation system Professional S654 DAB tuner S674 Hi-Fi System Harman Kardon S698 Area-Code 2 for DVD S6AC Intelligent emergency SOS call S6AD MINI Head-Up Display S6AE Teleservices S6NE Extended mobile phone prep. w/Bluetooth S6NM MINI Connected S6NT MINI Connected XL P7L5 Wired P7Y2 Chili II Vehicle options L812 National version England / Ireland S877 Delete cross-pattern operation S880 On-board vehicle literature English S8KA Dummy-SALAPA S8S2 Coding alarm signal S8S3 Automatic locking when driving off S8SM Car ident. number visible from outside S8TF Active pedestrian protection S8TG Thiefproofing device S999 Job order management "HEA" S9AA Outer skin protection Vehicle options S249 Multifunction f steering wheel S2VG Performance Control S2XC John Cooper Works leather steering wheel S325 Rear spoiler S450 Height adjustment, passenger seat S4AA Headlining anthracite S4C1 Colour Line Carbon Black S4FN John Cooper Works Sportsitze S4VA MINI Driving Modes S544 Cruise control with brake function S5AA Rear fog light S785 White direction indicator lights S853 Language version English
  10. Thanks It is more fun than the S5 that's for sure and with an unbelievable spec but when we bought it we honestly thought that it would be ok for our 12 month old granddaughter to fit in as we now have her every Monday, but the first time I tried to get her in after buying a new seat base, pushchair etc for the Mini I couldn't get the car seat in through the front to the back seat with the front seat as far forward that it would go. I had no choice but to fit her in through the boot after taking everything out the boot first and then putting it all back in. Once I did all that we got in the car to find that I couldn't drive as the drivers seat had to be moved forward and I wasn't about to sway everything around to swap back seats. It was both funny and infuriating at the time, so I had to take a picture to show her mom and dad how silly granddad is.
  11. I've had this watch for about 5 years and have hardly ever worn it so I'm now selling it, complete with original boxes, paperwork and receipt. The watch is in absolutely pristine condition. I had two links taken out as I've got quite small wrists but these are included. £2450 or very nearest offer
  12. Garage Storage Cabinets

    Ok thanks for letting me know. I first put them on detailing world so maybe something to uploading the pics their and copy and pasting them here. I'll have a look tomorrow when I can upload them from my laptop.
  13. Not been on here for a long time so not sure if it's still as active as it used to be but thought I'd come on as I've ordered an S5 which is due sometime late March early April and really looking forward to it as I've not had a decent motor for some time. Anyone else ordered one or got one yet?
  14. Ordered a new S5 Coupe

    I have neighbours now so may not want to mess about with the exhaust especially as the Mini won't be that quiet with the JCW pro exhaust on it I have watched a few videos and it does sound quite nice in standard form so hoping its not too quiet in reality, although maybe tempted in a remap or however these tuning boxes work as I'd have to be careful as I'm leasing it and I've never leased a car before so not sure what you can and can't do.
  15. Ordered a new S5 Coupe

    I don't see it as a risk, as I've had many Audi's and know not to expect it to be as engaging to drive as a BMW nor as comfortable as a Merc but I know I will love the interior and it will be a generally decent all rounder. We had a convertible A5 2.0T S-Line manual and a facelift A5 BE 2.0 TDI multitronic so know it will be better than either of those. Also had DSG on other Audi's in the past and normal auto on an A8 so actually looking forward to the 8 speed ZF in the S5. I didn't have a chance to test drive anyway as there wasn't any in the country when I ordered and if I had waited I wouldn't have got the deal I have.
  16. Ordered a new S5 Coupe

    The noise was the thing I missed the most from my B6 S4 which I think you had the same stage 3 amd 400bhp in yours didn't you? I loved that car more than the B7 S4 that I had in 2007 which was a really high spec car compared to the B6 but the B7 didn't have the same sense of occasion when driving it. Plus I really liked the silver leather and Moro blue compared to the black and Sprint blue. I also miss the phenomenal sound of the VRX8 with the Wortec exhaust, it was very comical seeing peoples faces when back off the throttle with the pops and bangs that you wouldn't expect from a 4 door saloon.
  17. Ordered a new S5 Coupe

    I've not seen a new A5 or S5 on the road yet, just a couple at the dealers. Not sure the lighter colours do it justice with the chrome bits and huge chrome grill but will do when the black edition is available. Mine should look like this when it comes.
  18. Ordered a new S5 Coupe

    Cheers Paul? if my memory serves correctly Nice to hear that there's someone that's still into Audi's on here
  19. Ordered a new S5 Coupe

    Hiya Last Porsche I had was nearly 13 years ago now, I'd love another one but the prices now with a bit of spec are now unfortunately out of my league. However if you wanted to buy some Mauviel copper pans from me then I might be able to stretch to another Porsche.
  20. Ordered a new S5 Coupe

    Thank you. Good to hear that the S5 is rated as I've not driven one yet so very hopeful. Also looking forward to picking up the Mini on Sunday too.