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  1. Stupid exhausts!

    That is deeply, deeply cool. All it needs are some nice, tasteful MDF sideskirts and Burberry stripes (applied from rattle tins); you'd be onto a winner. Something along these lines:
  2. Councils want potholes unfilled

    Spot on. I have the joy of driving over some very rutted roads on my cycle to work. Without worrying about how fast cars are going I suspect that if I'm not lying in the road because I've fallen off traversing a crater I'm less likely to get run over. This kind of rubbish is a head-line grabbing excuse for saving money. If this is the sort of theory that works then lets fit large spikes into the centre of steering wheels! Sod them, if it carries on I'm trading my car/bikes in for a Hummer and Bowler Wildcat - that'll learn 'em.
  3. £184,000 spent on this car!

    I suspect that those wheels will weight a fair bit more than the stock items. Given that the rims are wider than the tyres it looks like a case of bling over performance. For £183,000 you could have bought a Ruf...
  4. Top Gear 23rd

    Exactly. I always liken it to the conversations you have down the pub. Plenty of mickey taking and 'facts'. Reviews likewise. We have enough entertainment programmes about sports and music so why not cars?
  5. I recommend Celtic Tuning. Did an excellent job on my JTD and are apparently used by a number of dealers. Celtic Tuning - Performance Remap Specialists
  6. Each to their own...

    By the standards of properly rich Euro-trash that's not too bad. Over-the-top styling abounds - Spyker SUV thing anyone?
  7. Would make me wonder if I had a MacMerc on order. Not sure about the spoiler though.
  8. Cars you love, but wouldn't buy...

    Delta Integrale - brilliant but too close to a firework Escort Cosworth - far too much money for what it is Toyota Supra - excellent engine but just too chest wig BMW M3 - theoretically ideal but leaves me cold MX5 - lovely idea but in dire need of more oomph or a v6 Any Lotus - everyone who I know who's ever owned one has said one thing... Jag XJ/S v12 - can be had for a song and knackered old Jags are very cool in an Arthur Daly way but....
  9. Yellow - is there something wrong with me?

    Bright colours onlyreally make sense on sports cars. Having a Lambo or Elise in Kermit green or metallic orange can work. For saloons and the like I'd prefer something a little more subtle.
  10. When Car Modding goes bad!

    [ QUOTE ] [ QUOTE ] Russians may now have loads of wealth but they are still distinctly peaseantry when it come to tatse or stlye..... [/ QUOTE ] The are so many expensive in Moscow you can meet them practically on every corner of downtown Moscow. But money can't buy taste. [/ QUOTE ] If that's not a photoshopped creation then it's very impressive. Looks like a previous generation SL to me. From the picture the work looks impressive. Now if only the person who do it could be turned to the powers of good...
  11. Not quite in the spirit of it but after a fill up and drive home (some 25 miles NOT on motorways) I managed to get an average MPG of 85 with 921 miles of range left. Given that that included climbing over Box Hill I was quite impressed. Of course I peed it up the wall come the next trip to work.
  12. Trackday Helmet

    [ QUOTE ] All the non-CF ones seem alot heavier though? Lot cheaper too, but really think it worth it due to whip lash etc... [/ QUOTE ] I don't think that Arai make any in CF. I can't see that a CF shell would be any lighter really. CF is only strong in certain directions when lain properly. If it's too thick then it stops being light. Probably just a marketing gimmick. Have a gander. I suggest you try and couple and see which fit your head shape. I used to think that the fuss about Arais was all hot air until I tried one on and realised that all the other helmets I've worn/owned haven't fit me properly. Many of the Arais are compatible with the HANS system if you're so inclined.
  13. Trackday Helmet

    [ QUOTE ] Will just go for the open face. If I ever did get a track car though would invest in another helmet. Ill try a few on when im there, but that carbon fibre one is supposed to be the strongest and just weighs 1.25kg so less change of ripping me head off if I was in a crash... [/ QUOTE ] 1.25kg is about right for a helmet. My Arai (full-face) is about 100g more. I wouldn't worry about it being made of CF either. As a side point a full face helmet should protect you better than an open face helmet. Personally I'd look for an Arai but horses for courses and all that.
  14. Fill the car with helium party balloons! Obviously leave enough space to see out. Also wash the car but don't polish it.
  15. Saw an R8 yesterday..

    [ QUOTE ] he was in front of me at a round about junction. I quickly got my mobile and took a picture - as it has a flash it must have alerted the driver that the man in the car behind, was quite 'ahem' excited at seeing his car (that would be a 1st with an Audi, i'll tell ya! ) As he still waited for the cars to come around at the round about he revved the poo out of it - and it seriously sounds good - I gave him a quick flash and he pulled away as if his front bumper was tied to a flamin' jumbo jet at 200mph! [/ QUOTE ] Saw one in central London when the Tour de France was in town. Wasn't moving mind. Can't say I'm too keen on the LED lights either