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  1. Upgrade turbo

    Get the car checked, does it go into limp mode at all when it does this? Mines just needed a new turbo (£1200) as it was full of baked on soot as a result of only doing low mileage.
  2. Company car vs. car allowance

    cheers Milo as I said, this isn't unexpected, just happening faster than I thought it was going to. Its more a case of finding out what questions I need to be asking, what info I need to find etc. I had a quick look on the web and it seems to be that low private mileage means an allowance makes more sense, also since I am unlikely to change my car (unless something happens to it), I would benefit there?
  3. Company car vs. car allowance

    cheers booster, I didn't know what questions to ask/answer * I think the business mileage will be 6000-8000 a years tops, possibly less. * company car would likely be a Megane Expression dCi 110 ECO or equivalent, will look at car list tomorrow when I find out more. * nope, 20% tax bracket I will hopefully find out a lot more over the next few days.
  4. I am possibly changing roles at work and part of this will mean a bit of travel. The role comes with a company car so I have a choice to make regarding company car vs car allowance. I own my own car outright, so if I opted for allowance I would continue to pay for servicing, tyres, insurance etc. The thing is I do <6000 miles a year in my own car at the moment, so if that continued and I did an equal amount of business miles (unlikely) My car is a A3 2.0tdi, not sure what company car I would get yet. So my question is, as a low mileage private driver with a fully paid off car, is it likely I will be better off with the allowance? (not sure what it is yet but £3k has been mentioned)
  5. is 2 the result of 1? or another option?
  6. Porsche on the shooting range

    from the video it looks like the shooters need more practice, seems to be way more shots than bullet holes.
  7. Racing, like it used to be

    Indy 500 - Amiga - oops, wrong way Stunt Car Racer - Amiga Grand Prix - PC
  8. Car 0 - 1 Ramp

    shame the footage was sped up and not just the car, everyone walks like they do in old movies
  9. New Challenge for Top Gear?

    I was surprised at how low a speed the cars needed to be going to perform that. I would have expected it to be faster.
  10. that really is very good, very powerful...
  11. well it would relate to the "best sounds" thread because Tipex mentioned it there and I posted the initial link
  12. What`s your favourite sound?

    Sounds like The Beast -
  13. What`s your favourite sound?

    +1 The trainers the RAF use sound quite similar, and equally brilliant edit: Tucanos... also in Quantum of Solace