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  1. **edit** Think it sold outside of ebay.
  2. Noob, a quick 'hi'.

    Yup sure is, it's out of the s14 200sx. Can't wait.
  3. Who's going then? I know hot rods and burnouts and rockabilly is not really what this place is about but it is always an awesome night, with some very very cool amerikana, rods and all sorts of cool stuff turn up from all over the country. If you stay till late you get lungfulls of good ol burnin rubber from wailing V8's on shorty headers Plan on staying late if you come down
  4. Veyron vs Mclaren SLR

    'ckin ell. That is some going, cool video.
  5. Lambeth Council crush classic Bristol

    Urgh, I hate councils and generally any government body/organisation. Any decision cannot usually be traced to anyone and as soon as you try and find something out you get put into a maze of contacts and telephone numbers. Such a shame for a beautiful car like that to be crushed. Bit of me died whilst reading that.
  6. Noob, a quick 'hi'.

    VIP! hey dude, didn't know you were on here. TT will hopefully get a chance for a chin wag at the next un.
  7. [ QUOTE ] Welcome to unknowingly being on Tyresmoke, Tigran. Were you the big guy with the classic cars? [/ QUOTE ] Thass' me mate
  8. Mmmm RS2

    Oh man I want one so bad. IMO the best audi of all time, perhaps only possibly beaten by the UR quattro shorty turbo
  9. Noob, a quick 'hi'.

    [ QUOTE ] Ooohhh, a Saab. I drove a Saab 900 16v turbo - and it was ferocious! Wheelspin in 1st, 2nd & 3rd.........Defo a two hands on the steering wheel car! And as for the Rover, top marks! One of my fav classics. What is going in instead of the 3.0? [/ QUOTE ] subframe from a P5B and to get it mobile the 3500 that came in the P5B donor. But eventually an RPi built 4.6i from a rangey.
  10. Noob, a quick 'hi'.

    [ QUOTE ] Hi. Welcome to TSN Someone nicked a Viva? Fab cars - I had one as my first car (In fact my first 3 cars were Vivas). SR20DET conversion? I presume there is a lot of other work going on as well to keep that lot in check? [/ QUOTE ] Yeah i will worry about keeping it on the road after i get it running on the engine The general idea is to find a 200sx rear axle as, again, i can't be bothered with the hassle of finding a reliable old axle/diff.
  11. Noob, a quick 'hi'.

    Got told to come to a meet of tyresmokers by steve, and glad i did. Cool cars, nice peeps and good food. Will deffo pop along next month. Dunno if an intro is the 'done thing' but thought i'd bosh one up anyway. Anyhoo quick couple o words about myself, i'm currently a stoodent at bournemouth uni, doing law. Which gets in the way of car tinkering somewhat (how dare it). Think i'll be spending most my time in the classic bit of this forum. My heaps: My kinda daily is a volvo 240 estate (yaawn i know). This one has been lowered around 4 and-a-bit inches all round though, needs to come down another inch or two up front. Only got it a couple of weeks ago so not had time to do anything to it. Eventual idea is 740turbo power: Cos you know that's how we roll here in Herts My long term project is my capri 2.0, there is nothing complicated about it, just the usual lowering, hot pinto and nice brakes but for some reason it's taken me since last year. Did use it as a daily for a while though, can we say scary rat ride? It with my old viva before the viva got nicked: This one i just got to flog on, so am currently floggin This is the keeper, that has currently been through a couple of heads, a block or two and endless other work just to keep the bastid going. So i've had enough with the old skool tech, in october it's going to coltech customs in bournemouth for a SR20DET conversion. The saab that i was boring some people with at the meet, currently waiting for it's gearbox to be changed (surpsrise surprise). Mate of mine helping out to get the engine out to get gearbox off and new un in: Finally my P5 that is currently mid-way (aren't they all) through getting a V8 from a donor P5 i have, bolted in. Flew up to kilmarnock to get this un, and drive it back to london...it made it as far as newcastle What's coming out: Oh and the focus:
  12. Seems i've been registered on here but didn't know it. Cool meet and some nice cars! Will deffo pop along to the next one in something or other.