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  1. German Autobahn: What you expect and what you get!

    Like the UK - sort of. Nice to be able to do 70mph occasionally, i.e. late at night or very early morning but generally on my commute never really get much over 35 mph!!
  2. Newby (sort of....)

    To be fair the sat nav has been fine. Not sure the sticker will still stick though!
  3. Newby (sort of....)

    To add regarding this. My Dad still uses his 'Navman' on a regular basis and works a treat! Not been updated since new (which was just before our summer hols the year our eldest was born - and he's 9 next month!!) though so it tends to avoid new modern roads.
  4. Newby (sort of....)

    P.S. Who do i complain to about never receiving my TSN car sticker???
  5. Newby (sort of....)

    Forgotten I had a SEAT logo as my avatar. That went 5 years ago!
  6. Newby (sort of....)

    I recognise a few names - virtual or not!
  7. Newby (sort of....)

    Well my last 'stint' back here lasted a day - 2 and a half years back. Hopefully can double that this time and at least get tonight and tomorrow out of it? Hope you're all well?
  8. CHAVMOBILE Spotting...

    Wow - that Megane is something else. Almost literally! I always wanted a Megane Coupe or Cab of that age when i first passed my test.
  9. expensive numberplates

    I've seen MAC 12C recently for 24k. Not sure what car it would suit!?
  10. Newby (sort of....)

    Anyway, what's worth abuse over? Tell me one part of that that's not true?!
  11. Newby (sort of....)

    Do I know you??
  12. New family motor

    Yeah, i'll ensure a matt grey and black wrap of the finest 'minging-ness' is installed, or a gold roof and door mirrors from day one. Like a boss. (whatever that means!?)
  13. It's just HIDEOUS!

    I had to go to the Bentley factory a couple of years back for work and got chatting to a production manager who gave me a bit of a low-down on this. Nothing secret to report other than their 2nd biggest market after the US in 2012 was China. This was back then fairly fresh news to them as a business. Have you seen some of the crap car designs coming out of China??! In reality though - should Bentley really care? This will end up on the drives of the Bentley die-hards next to their Contis or Flying Spurs as a suitable replacement for their Range Rover to get Ruport and Hugo to school on time. Or else otherwise, it's something a bit different for a footballer, WAG or pop star to be 'papped' in filling their boot with posh looking shopping bags and perhaps demonstrates to the world more recent 'fashionable-ness' than a Rangey or Cayenne. It'll sell like hot cakes i'm sure.
  14. New family motor

    I like that - nice buy! We've been looking at a Merc R-Class recently, for the wife. R320 being the sensible diesel option. When Mrs B asked 'why a diesel?', I replied 'fuel economy'. She said, 'yeah but the petrols are cheaper to buy and I only do 4k a year'. R500 it is then!
  15. Newby (sort of....)

    Thanks for the warm welcome chaps. M8CKN - tell that to the courts.... . Fellow Passat driver here. Is that dodgy fella from Newcastle still around? The one who supports Man Utd? Had a BMW Z4 and never stopped moaning about it. Tinkers with computers. Can't remember his name!?