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  1. Test Drive Mag.

    Was the GTi in the review a DSG ? I don't believe that the rivals can touch a DSG version. As we all know you can drive like a nutter in Sport or if you want a quiet cruise home you can just shove it in D and go. Can't do that in your Dagenham dustbin.
  2. GTI beats VXR

    So that's 2-1 to the GTi then (Top Gear & Autoexpress vs Autocar). Personally, the Astra is too bling for me, the GTi is subtle to the point of invisibility, which suits me down to the ground. If I'd wanted something visually loud and vv fast for the £26K I blew on the Golf, I'd have bought a Scooby STi.
  3. Golf GTI V re-map

    Not sure I'd want to, despite all the reviews stating that there is no torque steer, I'm sure I've detected it on a few occasions and I've only had the car for a week. Might be different on an A4 with Quattro.
  4. My GTi came with the multi-function steering wheel but not phone prep (I didn't spec it). Does anyone know if it's possible to use those buttons with a third party phone kit ?
  5. Build dates

    17"s. Which is cool, because I prefer the 17"s. Part of the reason I bought the car rather than a Scooby or and Evo is that I wanted something a bit more subtle.
  6. Build dates

    Yes, this was their static showroom demo, but it may have been removed in the last week of May when it went on sale. On VW Used, it looked like it had been registered, but because I got in quick, it was registered to me as first owner.
  7. Build dates

    Hello all, I've just joined Tyresmoke after picking up my GTi yesterday. One way round the waiting list is to keep an eye on the VW used list. I got an unregistered showroom demo Mark V GTi from Parkway VW Derby that had precisely the spec I wanted, Diamond Black, DSG, Multi-function Wheel and Leather. Wait time two weeks !
  8. Welcome to the MkV Gti owners

    Hello, just got mu GTi yesterday and joined today after months of lurking. Last two cars were a Lexus IS200, followed by a Lexus RX300, which I've just passed onto my wife. My excuse was that I needed something smaller and more fuel efficient for business trips. She wins too because she was driving a rattly Renault Scenic. D