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  1. I'm generous you all have nice cars anyway so i will get you all a Clio RS and a weekend at Brands Hatch for us all to have a race or two or three depending on how long we can all stay on the track for.
  2. Dealer BS, or DVLA problem?

    We are currently telling customers with reg transfers that it is up to a 6 week turn around for them. Our local office has shut though and things have become an absolute nightmare. With the new registrations coming as well it is not going to be a very happy time for a lot of dealers. I agree with CarMad and Booster if i had the choice. Take delivery then sort the registration. It would be easier until DVLA have their act together.
  3. Top Gear: Season 20

    The have spent the last 2 days filming in Stratford-upon-avon and Bidford. Not sure what was being filmed as i was at work.
  4. JD Power for 2013

    Just a quick point. Vag dealers are not governed by the same rules. I work for a VW dealership and our customer service and satisfaction scores are based differently to the Audi and Skoda ones. We have to have our showroom set out it a different way and our ethos and idea of service that is instilled into us by the brand is different having spoken to the guys at our Audi and Skoda dealerships. Just thought you might like to know that.
  5. I've, err, bent it. Again. A bit.

    Bad luck Patently. Not too much damage one hopes. Glad you are ok though and live to fight another day. Your first race was again entertaining shame i could not get over there this time looks like it would have been perfect for some interesting before and after pictures if i was in the right place. Like you said bit more work on what you know are your slight faults and the possibility of a better set up and you will be running much better. Top footage again.
  6. Caterham Roadsports Races 2013

    This could be worth a trip up. Love the anglesey track. It's great fun in a VX220 so seeing a Caterham going around it would be epic.
  7. Caterham Roadsports Races 2013

    Love watching your vids patently. Must admit i am always very impressed by your car control even if you do have the odd grassy moment. It is still far above my ability. Good on ya and keep it up. When and where is the next race?
  8. New Lamborghini Veneno

    Sounds like it's growling!
  9. Smart Phone of the Moment??

    I have the S2 so miles out of date but from what i have seen and used the S3 is a great phone as well. It does everything you need it to. I am not a fan of apple i never have been since i tried the macs and Ipods. Never been able to get on with them at all but thats down to me not the tech. I am a massive fan of adroid but if something better comes along that i find easier to use then i will switch. As for the HTC though it is a very good phone i know 2 people that have them that do not mess about with anything other than downloading new apps and they love it. I used it for a week before getting my new S2 yes i got a new S2 instead of the S3 as i found it much easier to use. It's not as quick but i have computers and laptops to do do my surfing on so i don't need it to be fantastic. In the end it comes down to one thing. Which one you like the best as at the end of all the chat and reaserch they all do pretty much the same thing so why worry about it :D
  10. Your examples of car salesman's bullsh*t.

    My point completely Milo. I would never pay that sort of money for anything like that from a dealer. Our guys are good but they are not professional deatailers.
  11. Your examples of car salesman's bullsh*t.

    Ours are actually rather good. They actually take their time over the cars. Still it is always better to do it yourself. But the point still stands. Why pay £399 pounds for something you can buy and put on yourself for well under £100. Some people have no idea just how badly dealers will rip you off. For instance not passing on the dealer discount to the customers instead keeping it as extra profit. Cheating feckers. I soon put a stop to that though.
  12. Your examples of car salesman's bullsh*t.

    The best one i hear every day is. "yes sir diamondbrite is well worth the £399 for the interior and exterior protection it gives" knowing full well it costs us £25 for the pack that does two cars and it only costs us £10 to apply from our valeting team. Not much of a markup me thinks. Might make you want to argue the cost of it next time if you ever buy it. Same goes for some of the similar products supplied by dealers.
  13. Horrible Memories

    My brother had an Ital and actually thought it was not that bad. Yes it was fugly but he never had a single problem with it. He even managed to drive it through our brick wall in our front garden and it barely had a scratch on it. I do remember him getting hit by a Renault with me in the back and when we got out the renault (think it was a 19) was looking very dodgy indeed. The back of the ital was a little dented but still all good to drive. It was basically a tank that he never had any issues with. The only thing i did not like about it was the valour interior
  14. 2013 Formula 1 Petronas Malaysia Grand Prix

    Don't agree that NR is now going to be treated as the number 2 driver. They were allowed to race up until the last few laps when there was no way of catching the Red Bulls. There are team orders in every team and just because NR was told to hold station does not mean that he will be treated like the number two. The only reason judging by what was shown on the tv that he was even catching LH was because of the fuel issue. Before that they were running very similar times so who is to say that NR would have been able to catch and pass LH in time. At the end of the race Lewis looked fed up as he would rather have been able to race to the end rather than be told he has to fuel save and then finds out that NR is made to stay behind him. If you ask me for an elite racing class it needs to be made more about driver ability and not about how good your car is. Give everyone the same package and just allow tuning of it and see who comes out on top. Bet there would be a lot of surprises in the races then.
  15. Anyone interested in this

    One of my friends found this on Autotrader and sent me the link. I thought i would post it up and see what people thought. It's nice but does not do it for me in white. Looks a nice car though. Mazda RX7 TURBO 2DR 1.3 1992
  16. Anyone interested in this

    Thats a long lasting engine then
  17. MK Meet - Weds 3rd April

    I am traveling across to Norfolk on the Friday night so unfortunatly i will have to save my fuel for that run instead of coming to see you happy people.
  18. Feeling a bit of car envy

    Pah new come!r! I have had mine for years
  19. Feeling a bit of car envy

    What no civic. It's not a top quality car park without a soot chucking civic
  20. I see what you did there Biscuits. I go for the plain and straight forward do it do it do it do it DO IT DO IT!
  21. CAT C write off?

    Ok simple question. What everyones opinions on purchasing a CAT C car. I have driven it and can't notice anything untoward but as i do not know what was fixed i thought i would see what you all thought. The garage selling it has no information on it but is looking into it for me. All replys greatly appreciated.
  22. CAT C write off?

    Nothing wrong with CAT B air bags!
  23. CAT C write off?

    Not the same one. I spun on a wet road coming off a roundabout pushing it too hard. Yes being a twonk. NO damage to that one though The CAT C that i drove did not feel any different but now the areas of damage it has put me off anyway. If it had been one end i may have risked it but not with all around damage. I would be worrying all the time no matter how good the repairs were. As for the love life TDK i can safely say there are signs of front airbags and there has been a test drive or two Still single though but more confident about talking to the right people. Apparently i am not a hidious troll but more of a novelty item that most people don't understand.
  24. CAT C write off?

    Was interested in it yes. Still love the sound of them and even after the test drive and spin it is still there. The garage has come back to me telling me it was front and rear and drivers side damage that had been repaired. Apparently it was involved in a multi car pile up. I have seen a few nice MX5s and S2000's in budget but have not been quick enough. I was offered a mazdaspeed MX5 by a friend but it just looked vulgar with all the kit on it. So what is the difference between a CAT D and a CAT C then. I must admit i thought it was the other way around in terms of serverity. C being lower than D.
  25. North West Meet - Sunday 24 Feb

    If i had had the funds for fuel i would have popped up. Only just over an hour and a half drive. Well worth it. It's only like going to Milton Keynes when i can. and remember