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  1. Pirelli Edition GTI.....

    Utterly pointless and that interior is fecking awful
  2. ipod armrest and iphone

    I don't think so. The armrest has the pre-moulded slide-in adapters for the old ipods, new gen ipods, nano and new shuffle, but I don't think there is one for the iphone.
  3. Classifieds whats wrong!!!

    Gallery is down also.
  4. Swapping my GTi MkV

    Thanks for the comments. Won't be doing any mods to it as I've got it on a lease-plan. Going from a 3-door to a 5-door and I have to say, I do think the 5-door looks better and the extra rear/side visibility is an added and unexpected bonus.
  5. Swapping my GTi MkV

    Had the old girl for 3 years now, so time to move on and get a new car and decided to get... Another GTi ! Best car I've ever had. Roll on May/June when the new one arrives.
  6. Swapping my GTi MkV

    Picked up my new one this morning. Of course, chuffed to bits with it! Lovely with the leather
  7. Creaking Front Suspension...!!!

    Yep, my 2005 creaks a tiny bit from the passenger side front. Don't think I'll bother doing anything about it as I'm trading it in Tuesday! ;-)
  8. VW Scirocco

    Don't like the front, don't like the side, don't like the back. I think I don't like it.
  9. The GTI and the future VED increases

    One day, and I hope it's soon, the great British public (and that of the Western World) will realise they have been party to the biggest con-job the world has ever seen. They said it was Global Warming. They said we were all going to die. They said it was our fault. They said we had to pay all our governments and retailers lots more of our money to make the world right again and to stop us from having a guilty conscience. They said "trust us, we are scientists and your government and we are never wrong". I say... F*ck off Global Warming. It's a myth. The Earth has been warming up and cooling down since the dawn of time. We have got f*ck all to do with it. Wake up everyone. Until then, I will drive my evil planet killing GTi at full throttle as much as I f*cking well like.
  10. OEM rear LED's for Mk5....

    The lights look great. Really like those plates, where did you get them from? Cheers.
  11. Leather now standard

    Chuffing nora, that new VW website is shockingly crap. I have designed a few websites in my time and that VW effort is very poor for such a big company. It's not even style over substance as the use of Flash is poorly executed, with loading times I wasn't seeing on websites five years ago. My laptop is pretty hi-spec and my processor was working overtime all the time I had the website open and even for a few minutes after it shut. Sort it out VW.
  12. Swapping my GTi MkV

    It's all been said, but to close the loop on this thread, finally got confirmation from my dealer that my GTi will come with leather as standard. Which is nice.
  13. Swapping my GTi MkV

    Dealer rang me back, he remembers something about a memo about Leather and thinks mine will be included, but isn't sure and doesn't know about the centre armrest. He's going to speak to area management to check. The suspense is killing me
  14. Swapping my GTi MkV

    Yep, I just saw that after I posted. I rang my dealer to double check and he wasn't so sure (no surprise there), so is going to ring me back.
  15. Swapping my GTi MkV

    Yep, I bought mine on a leaseplan, so had to change this year and can't afford to go to a ED30 or R32 (just moved house), so this is the best option for me. This time round, I've gone for a 5 door with 18" wheels and the centre-armrest-ipod-thingy. Still Diamond black, budget wouldn't stretch to leather seats.
  16. The MkV GTI Tyre thread

    I used "Event Mobile Tyres" 08702 407 787 and they sourced my 17" F1 Asymetrics. Their stock code is: GO22545Y17F1ASYM Cost per tyre was £72.67 (exclud VAT, £88.08 with VAT) and that included fitting at my place of work. Extra cost on top of the above was £1.76 per valve, £3.78 for balancing per wheel and 64p for tyre disposal. So total cost of a full set, with fitting cost me £371 (including VAT). Service was very good too, only quibble was the chappy didn't clean the grease off my alloys)
  17. The MkV GTI Tyre thread

    From the goodyear website Goodyear F1 AS website
  18. The MkV GTI Tyre thread

    A picture paints a thousand words (apologies for the dirty wheels)
  19. The MkV GTI Tyre thread

    I might as well report back now on the Asymmetric's as it's clear after only a few days of wear, they are superb. Wheel Size 225/45/17 Tyre model Continental Sport Contact 2 Miles Driven 14000 Season Winter / Summer Would you buy again? No Comments: Ignorance was bliss as they have been the only tyres I've had on my MkV Wheel Size 225/45/17 Tyre model Goodyear Eagle F1 Asymmetric Miles Driven 300 (only fitted a few days ago) Season Summer (but it's been a right mixture of dry, wet and soaking conditions) Would you buy again? Yes Comment: Very impressed with the Asymmetric's. Handling is superb, grips and keeps on gripping smoothly. Road noise is slightly less than the Conti's. They also look great.
  20. The MkV GTI Tyre thread

    [ QUOTE ] Goodyear have now launched the F1 Asymmetric, but are they a replacement (as I read on t'internet)? Possibly not, because both are on the Goodyear web site. [/ QUOTE ] I've just ordered some new F1's via Event Mobile Tyres and got a call back saying the Asymmetric is the better way to go as the standard F1's will no longer be available three months from now. So gone for the Asymmetric's, which also work out a little bit cheaper (Shock horror, something new costing less than what it's replacing!) Once I've had the Asymmetric's on for a week or two, I'll report back what they are like (Got Conti-sport Contact 2 at the mo).
  21. Earlier this week my tyre pressure warning lamp came on and I got the obligatory warning bleep. Fair enough, my tyres were a touch on the saggy side, so I pumped them back up to the recommended pressure. But that was 3 days ago and I've still got the low pressure warning coming up. I've doubled checked the tyres and their pressure is exactly the same as per when I pumped them up, so there's no evidence of a slow puncture. Any thoughts please? (before I lose my soul attempting to talk to the dealer about it) Ta.
  22. Tyre Pressure Warning Indicator *Stuck*

    Thanks for that, now sorted
  23. Tyre Pressure Warning Indicator *Stuck*

    Nope, how is that done?
  24. Golf GTI on Fifth gear!

    I would, she probably goes like the clappers ;-)
  25. Golf GTI on Fifth gear!

    VBH, one minute she can look like this: the next she looks like this: