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  1. Full Lock Issue

    Just been doing some more investigating and there seems to be a high pitched squeal coming from the car when i put the wheel on full lock....i'm starting to worry now....
  2. Red S3's

    Hey Justin, you're completely right. I put some black on the tyres, spent some time on the wheels and already it's looking much better! I'm gonna give it a good wax on Saturday and hopefully i'll be content then, but I am definately growing to like it.
  3. Full Lock Issue

    Ok I think I might have been a bit eager in thinking I got a bargain with my new S3! I have noticed an issue when i turn the wheel into a full lock. It feels like my wheels are rubbing against the arches. It makes a rubbing noise and stops the wheels driving as they should. It is most noticeable when reversing and when i turn the wheel fully clockwise - although it is noticeable going forward and turning anti-clockwise. The car also shakes a little and the turn is not smooth - almost like one of the wheels is buckled. I have checked the wheels and they just don't look like they are rubbing. Plus they are only the standard 17" wheels so i doubt they should really rub the arches? I'm hoping that it may just be the wheels need aligning or something, but as you can probably tell i'm a mechanical idiot. Does anybody know if this might sound like or more serious problem? I'm gonna take it to the garage at the weekend, but would love to hear opinions. Apologies if i sound like a complete car retard (I am). Thanks
  4. Red S3's

    See now after seeing that, i don't think I can live with my orange tint now! That's really nice that Paul, proper red! I've booked it in anyway to the body shop for next weekend. The guy said a respray would be a little drastic and that a good wax would bring out the red but i'm scepticle as I just dont think the guy realises how orange this red is! Ah well, fingers crossed!
  5. Red S3's

    Hey Guys, I think you might be right dokko, I am starting to like it a little more, it looks good in some light but bad in others, it's definately a strange colour! I think the thing that does my head in about it most is that it just looks so lightweight at night especially under the street lighting. I think i'll set a Saturday aside to give it a proper good waxing and make my decision then. Although it's growing on me, I do think that I might like a 'boring' black or silver. Sounds like you did well there Paul! I haven't seen it but if I could get my S3 any colour it would definately be a deep blood red! You got any photos?
  6. Red S3's

    Sounds nice that mate. So ultimately the car is an orangey colour. I don't think I can live with it so a respray I suppose it must be! If you don't mind me asking, out of curiosity how much did your Rosso Corsa Red cost you?
  7. Red S3's

    So I bought my S3 the other day. I am very pleased with everything about it apart from one thing....the colour. It is meant to be red but really does look orange/pink especially at night under the street lighting, but also in daylight. I looked on auto trader website and there seems to be two types of Red S3. My Red and a much nicer deeper red. Is this so? The car is a 51 plate, so I doubt it has faded in a few years. I am tempted to get a respray, but someone suggested it might just need a good waxing at a good body shop. Has anybody else had an S3 this colour or any experience with resprays/bodyshops or anything? Thanks Guys!
  8. Things to check for on second hand car

    Cheers for the tip Tunbridge. Will do that.
  9. Things to check for on second hand car

    Is that a bad thing? I usually have Mayo with everything anyway! Thanks for the tip mate! I will do that! Clutch and cambelt seem to be problematic with audis (I had my cambelt go on one just last year ) are there any tell tale signs that either of these may be on their way out?
  10. Hi, I am picking up a 2002 plate S3 this week. It has above average miles but I seem to have got it for a reasonable price - maybe a little too reasonable! Im not very mechanically minded, could anyone advise me on what kind of things to check for on the S3 before I hand my cash over? Help apreciated!
  11. S3 Miles vs Age?

    cheers! Hopefully my next post wont be any questions, it will be a few photos of my new s3!
  12. S3 Miles vs Age?

    cheers for the advice. i am slightly tempted to go for the 210bhp version as im 24 and insurance is pretty tough anyway, so if it's making that much difference for a 33 year old, im sure i am likely to have a heart attack with the difference as i do everytime i get an insurance quote. So the cambelt change is the biggest job then and that is done at 80k. I'll definately check that out. Thanks again.
  13. S3 Miles vs Age?

    I know this is a bit general but the answer could be specific to an s3. Does anyone have any opinion on wether i should go for a newer higher mileage car, or a older lower mileage car. I know there is no definate answer, but i know that the s3 had a 'facelift' and i am torn between a high mileage 2001 s3 or a 1999 fairly low mileage s3. Any advice?
  14. Buying advice

    I know thats the sensible option but im a right impatient git! I have also noticed some people advertising the S3's as the 'facelift' model. What's the difference? I know there was a power upgrade, but did they change the styling also?
  15. Buying advice

    Right, after a decent insurance quote, I have decided to go ahead and buy an S3. Only trouble is I only have about 10k to spend tops, so im gonna be scraping the barrel a bit. Before i do, i have a few questions.. 1. Just what condition do you think an s3 with 100,000 + on the clock will be in - with a fash. Have many people had much go wrong with them around 100k? Would you hold out and pay the extra couple of k for a low mileage one? 2. Whats the fuel consumption like? 3. What do you think it will be worth in 5 years and 140,000 on the clock? 4. Is it worth getting a high mileage s3, or would you spend the cash on a newer a3? Any advice would be helpful - i absolutely love the s3, but i dont wanna rush out and spend 10k without a little advice. Cheers!