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  1. Garage Storage Cabinets

    Mornin' Glad you managed to sell them all. Do you have a link where I could get some please ? Ta
  2. V6 Macan. What a sound!!!!

    used prices for the 6-cyl cars is holding up very well, in fact the 4-cyl cars are down to similar money...
  3. PS4 Pro?

    I'd say the HDD capacity is the most important thing, 500Gb is just not enough with so much downloadable content. I'd either buy a 2 or 3Tb 2.5" drive and upgrade yourself or buy a 1Tb OEM PS4 as a minimum, with a view if it gets filled up, you can upgrade. The Pro has optical audio output (for an older AV receiver), but most modern AVRs use HDMI audio anyway.... it also has an extra USB port on the back, useful for the VR headset apparently. Think we'll be getting a 1Tb Slim for one of our tribe, doesn't need 4K in his bedroom ! I might NEED a Pro for the 4k though :D
  4. RS3 - Saloon!

    Totally agree..... so Yellow decals then ??? :D
  5. RS3 - Saloon!

    The only people making interesting cars/engines any more are AMG. The M4 looks great, but the engine is uninspiring. The RS4 looked like a 2.0TDi with big wheels... which leaves the C63S..... with 509 bhp..... and a proper V8 soundtrack, even though it's turbocharged.... nom nom nom
  6. Canon G7X

    Very good camera that. GLWS
  7. 160mph on the A47

    So he wimped out if he only got to 160 then !
  8. 160mph on the A47

    I'm not condoning the speeding, but on a superbike 150+mph is SO easy to do, so quickly.
  9. Mercedes-AMG C 63 S Edition 1

    The back does look like a Laguna, same goes for the GLE Coupe
  10. Mercedes-AMG C 63 S Edition 1

    These do look and sound great (for a turbo'd car)
  11. LED lighting options

    Got ya...
  12. LED lighting options

    Rob. You might find that the heat from the halogen lamps has melted or made the terminal blocks on the top of the fittings brittle, depends how old they are (don't look that old tbh). I would snip the white 240v cable close to the transformer and connect directly to the new GU10 lamp holder wires, using WAGO connectors rather that connector block (that's sooooooo last century!) They are awesome, safe and save a LOT of time. 3-way Wago's can be used for pretty much any job: 3-Way WAGO Connectors - Box of 50 Get a pair of these too: Automatic Wire Strippers What GU10 LED lamps are you going for ? If you want to know what ones dim well, have a look here: Rako dimmable LED test results EDIT: The new WAGO lever connectors are a bit smaller and sexier looking New WAGO 3-way connectors
  13. LED lighting options

    Imagine how much you could save if you dimmed them too
  14. Recommend me a dashcam

    I think a lot of chargers claim to be high output, but aren't. Chargers are just a power supply, they don't "inject" the power in, the device will draw whatever it's been designed too, so no matter how big your supply is, it'll only ever charge up at the same rate. Leads can make a big difference, cheap shit thin ones with not much copper in will restrict current flow/draw