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  1. I know of two friends who have done just that. One wanted a Toureg for the winter and the other wanted a polo. Both went to other makes. I would NEVER go through that all again so i don't blaim them.
  2. What i talk about below is what happened to my order and i suspect the same has happened this year. VWuk has to book a certain number of production slots on the factory lines a year in advance. What happens is VWuk and other countries often get it wrong in the amount they need to book. Last year they booked less due to economy and underestimated the scrappage deal draw to customers. This year im guessing they thought the VAT hike and end of scrappage would reduce demand more than it has. So Dealers only get a ceratin amount of cars a month to sell but still sell more if they can which bumps the time up. Other countries and UK also try and beg VW for more slots which often bumps other orders down the line and so on and so on. VW have to get parts from parts suppliers who cut back on staff due to the economy and so cannot produce parts quick enough which holds VW up. VW also cut back on production capability a few years back due to lack of demand and this takes time to get back upto speed. Nearly all VWgroup factorys have hit these problems skodas delays are longer than VWs on certain models. And SEATs have a long delay on certain models too. The fire in one of there factorys that build the scirocco has not helped reduce delays on that and other models made there. The mk6 maybe quicker to build BUT thats no good if you don't have the capacity to build to the demand or the infantry to ship/deliver/store and handly this amount of extra production of cars or the supply chain to supply you with more components to make extra cars. As i said earlier check other websites, other countries are waiting as long as the UK or longer especially if there country get there amount of slots ordered wrong.
  3. I think some of you may find its not just UK supply. If you goto other websites you will find all of europe supply is taking this long.
  4. Your all going to have to get use to LED DRLs though as every make is going to have to use them soon.
  5. Not the official photo of the xenons but its how they are
  6. GOLF All models Optional multi-function display in colour. Price: S, £230, BM/Match/GT/GTI/GTD/R, £180 Alteration of gearshift lever for DSG. See picture 8 below. Electronic climate control rotary dial changed to matt black. See picture 4 below. Mute button added to optical parking system with rear-view camera. See picture 5 below. S/Match/GT Scaling discontinued on climatic dial switch and interior sensor removed from vents and footwells. See picture 1. Match/GT New optional 17-inch Salamanca alloy wheels (see picture 13 below) replace optional 17-inch Seattle alloy wheels. Price: Match £620, GT £260. Existing orders with Seattle alloy wheels will be built unless amended by Retailer before order is confirmed for production. GTI/GTD Optional bi-xenon headlights now come with LED daytime running lights. Cosmetic alteration to GTI/GTD badge on steering wheel. See picture 6 below. And scirocco if interested Scirocco All models Optional multi-function display in colour. Price: Scirocco £230, Scirocco GT or R £180 Optional new RNS 315 satellite navigation system (now DAB and Bluetooth compatible). Price £570. See picture 12 below. Alteration of gearshift lever for DSG. See picture 8 below. Dark Oak (P0P0), see picture 15 below, replaces Sumatra (7C7C). Hands free profile telephone preparation replaces rSAP telephone preparation. Price £240. Doesn’t include multifunction steering wheel. Existing orders will be built as ordered unless amended by Retailer before production is confirmed. Scirocco Scaling discontinued on climatic dial switch and interior sensor removed from vents and footwells. See picture 1 below. Scirocco GT Electronic climate control rotary dial changed to matt black. See picture 4 below. Scirocco R Optional Recaro part-leather sport seats. Price £3,230. Electronic climate control rotary dial changed to matt black. See picture 4 below. Week 38: Rear roof spoiler was replaced with standard Scirocco spoiler from week 38. See picture 14 below. (Thank you to Lee for the information)
  7. Mk VI spec and brochure MY 2011

    If its GTI your looking at Hill hold is now standard on the manual gearbox as well as DSG LED rear lights are now standard. The picture on the steeringwheel buttons on the left and right has changed from an arrow to squares things with arrors. Theres now 2 seperate lights in the instrument display for ESP activated(working) or switched off. (it flashed when working or lit all the time on MY10 cars). The dials have a red light round the edges. IIRC keyless entry is now an option Heres the rest of the changes as listed in the VW bulletin to UK dealers. Golf All trims Manual gearboxes gain hill hold function (week 22) Second ESP lamp in instrument cluster, see picture 2 below, (week 22) GT, GTD, GTI, R Change to the images on multifunction steering wheel buttons, see picture 3 below (week 22). Also affects optional multifunction steering wheel on Golf S and SE trims 1.6 105 PS TDI TDI badge at rear gains red 'I' (week 22) GTD, GTI LED rear lights applied as standard, see picture 8 below (week 22) GTD New optional 18-inch Charleston shadow alloys, see picture 7 below, replace optional 18-inch Vancouver alloys (week 22) GT 1.4 TSI 160 PS Plastic under-body guard (week 27)
  8. Best place to advertise my current MkV

    Im in Newcastle upon tyne and used Pistonheads a few times always sold quickly on there.
  9. MkV DSG - failed!

    Robin spens most his GTI time on the mk5golfGTI forum now.
  10. Mk6 gti

    I know what you meen, They restricted the choice with the mk5 like that too. There are a few options in the VW acc catalogue but thats a dealer fit.
  11. Mk6 gti

    Heres some shadow blue photos i posted a while back. Anyone got Shadow Blue with their Mk 6 GTI? Heres some photos of my shadow blue mk6 GTI. Sorry for the poor quality of the pictures below. A couple of photos of my mk6. Its not a common colour on the mk6 GTI and a total barstuard to try and show what it really looks like in a photo. That american one i posted (first link, 2nd page.) is the best representation of it imo. would they make the same choice again ? Yes white/black/red is so common and the choice everyone else has, i wanted to be slightly different and love the colour.
  12. Im thinking about it but its nearly £500
  13. Sadly not. Theres some wiring adaptors needed and some coding by VAGcom to be done too.
  14. Pirelli or ED30?

    The pirelli has a heritage as its what the mk1 golf GTI campaign was called in europe. You could say it has a bigger heritage than any edition model as there just special editions to help sales. Were as the pirellis were runout last of the line limited run models of the best GTIs. But if your going to piss about with it, chip it, change stuff, and mod it then yes the edition 30 is better as you won't bastardise a very limited run model.
  15. Pirelli or ED30?

    Some Pirelli info i had from when i nearly bought one new. New Golf GTI Pirelli specification The Golf GTI Pirelli has the same high specification as the outgoing Edition 30, including six airbags, 2Zone electronic climate control, darkened rear light clusters and body-coloured front, rear and side spoilers. The Pirelli also has the following features which differ to those on the Edition 30: Exterior • 18” ‘Pirelli II’ alloy wheels and 225/40 R18 Pirelli tyres. • Tinted rear windows • Metallic/pearl effect paint as standard Interior • Sports seats – outer sections in ‘Vienna’ leather; centre of seats in Alcantara with tyre tread pattern • Yellow stitching on steering wheel, gear knob, handbrake, seats and headrests • Pirelli lettering on front head restraints • Front centre armrest with storage compartment Colours The GTI Pirelli will be available in the following colours: • Reflex Silver metallic • Diamond Black pearl • Blue Graphite pearl (Metallic/pearl effect is free of charge) Options Options for the GTI Pirelli will be the same as for the Edition 30, except for tinted glass and front centre armrest (which are now standard) and colours (details above). Pricing Prices for the Golf GTI Pirelli will be the same as those for the Edition 30: Trim Engine and bodystyle Basic RRP VAT Total RRP OTR Pirelli 2.0 230PS 6spd Man 3dr £18,561.70 £3,248.30 £21,810.00 £22,555.00 Pirelli 2.0 230PS 6spd Man 5dr £18,987.23 £3,322.77 £22,310.00 £23,055.00 Pirelli 2.0 230PS 6spd DSG 3dr £19,693.62 £3,446.38 £23,140.00 £23,885.00 Pirelli 2.0 230PS 6spd DSG 5dr £20,119.15 £3,520.85 £23,640.00 £24,385.00 Production Production of the Golf GTI Pirelli will start from week 19 (5 May 2008), and the first vehicles will arrive in the UK in June. Hope thats some help to you. The photos for the info above And theres only 220 of them sold in the UK.