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  1. ditching runflats...?

    Having spent a disproportionate amount of time weighing up the pros and cons I’ve ended up putting Run Flat Michelin Pilot Sport on my 320d M sport 18’s. Cost for all 4 (225/40ZR18 front and 255/35ZR18 rear) was £647 inc fitting etc. _ including the £40 fuel rebate offer Mich are doing at the moment. And this was from Kwik Fit of all places. Why? I was still concerned about buggering the handling – had a very bad experience of running F1 Asy’s on my Golf. First, set lasted 30,000 mile so I’m not likely to need to buy any more in the life of the car Second, just wanted avoid the “have you informed your insurance company” “do you know it impacts the warranty”, “you know it will impact resale”, “what tyre pressure do you want them to be???” and “you know we don’t recommend you use these tyre” type questions that will be asked all the way down the line. Yes I do have all the answers for these – I’ve trawled loads of sites and understand that most of the issues raised are a smoke screen but here’s a thing: The two reasons for swapping from RF (for me any way) where: 1) Ride - Had Bridgestone before and they where truly awful ride. Double bounce over cats eyes and tram lining + the feeling you where ridding on solid rubber. 2) Cost – RF are massively expensive compared to the risk of a puncture on the benefit if a few extra litres of space. Conclusion. Ride on the Michs is light years better than the Bridgestone’s – a real step change Cost – hey £650 aint that much more is it….
  2. My Bro set of for work on Friday morning to discover that some one had stolen the rear bumper of his 118d M Sport in Black Sapphire. The lads first ever brand new car bought at Christmas just gone. Cut through the wiring loom and robbed the lot. Given that he’s a young driver it’s not worth claiming on insurance because the excess is high and he would lose a precious no claims discount. How petty and mean can you get? Couple of questions: Why did the alarm not go off? and secondly what other security devices or measures would folk recommend?
  3. Grease from a bag of fish and chips leaked out of the bag onto the seat, cleaned up straight away with soap and water but I’m afraid that some of the grease could have goy into the frame of the seat. All bad news, especially when it was in my Bro’s first ever brand new car that’s less than 6 months old! All was OK for a few weeks and we reckoned we had got away with it. However the smell of rotten fish is permeating the car. The car is 118d M Sport with the half cloth half leather(?) sports seats and the grease was in the pull out under thigh seat base. Advice on what to do next would be greatly appreciated and if a professional job is required, who would reckoned in the Birmingham area?
  4. Goodyear Assyms **** in the cold?

    Check out my other threads - I have actually sent my tyres back and am waiting to here from Goodyear - they really are poor.
  5. Goodyear Assyms **** in the cold?

    Sorry mate - for me it was 8 months of wasted motoring... IMHO.....
  6. Goodyear Assyms **** in the cold?

    As I said before - these tyres are RUBBISH!
  7. Blue Tooth fails for 3rd time - BM Blame my Phone!

    K850i Now listed on the approved list - with the latest software. Tryed today and it would appear that all is working OK!
  8. I’ve completely ruined the handling of my GTi.

    Yes to both. Traking checked at VW garage - cann't be done at most. Checked they where all on the correct way. Played around with tyre pressures. Loving have a proper boots on again. The differance is massive.
  9. Pirelli Edition GTI.....

    Pants. They don't do one in red. All I want is Red GTi with the 230bhp engine. S3 sportback it is then - maybe.
  10. I’ve completely ruined the handling of my GTi.

    So it's not that then....
  11. I’ve completely ruined the handling of my GTi.

    OK - done some research here.. It appears that there have been some F1's that came from china and where iffy. These did not have the e in a circle on them. The e defines that they comply with United Nations Regulation No. 30. Each is a different country and the number after it is the specific compliance number for that size tyre. The complete list is below. 1 for Germany, 2 for France, 3 for Italy, 4 for the Netherlands, 5 for Sweden, 6 for Belgium, 7 for Hungary, 8 for the Czech Republic, 9 for Spain, 10 for Serbia, 11 for the United Kingdom, 12 for Austria, 13 for Luxembourg, 14 for Switzerland, 15 (vacant), 16 for Norway, 17 for Finland, 18 for Denmark, 19 for Romania, 20 for Poland, 21 for Portugal, 22 for the Russian Federation, 23 for Greece, 24 for Ireland, 25 for Croatia, 26 for Slovenia, 27 for Slovakia, 28 for Belarus, 29 for Estonia, 30 (vacant), 31 for Bosnia and Herzegovina, 32 for Latvia, 33 (vacant), 34 for Bulgaria, 35 (vacant), 36 for Lithuania, 37 for Turkey, 38 (vacant), 39 for Azerbaijan, 40 for The former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia, 41 (vacant), 42 for the European Community (Approvals are granted by its Member States using their respective ECE symbol), 43 for Japan, 44 (vacant), 45 for Australia, 46 for Ukraine, 47 for South Africa, 48 for New Zealand, 49 for Cyprus, 50 for Malta, 51 for the Republic of Korea, 52 for Malaysia, 53 for Thailand, 54 and 55 (vacant) and 56 for Montenegro. Link Mine have 13 for Luxembourg on. Not sure if this proves anything... Unless of course the duff ones have 13 and the good ones have 11 (for the UK). If some one that raves about there F1's could check the e number that would be terrific!
  12. I’ve completely ruined the handling of my GTi.

    Hi Pencruz - Good hear from you! I'm glad I'm not the only 1!! I've just spoken to MyTyres who will pick them all up next week.
  13. I’ve completely ruined the handling of my GTi.

    Purchased from mytyres - I'll check the e number today...
  14. I’ve completely ruined the handling of my GTi.

    I've got my GTi Back..... Replaced those rubbish F1's with a set Conti's and even in the damp I can feel that they are so much better that the F1 Asymertics I had. I'd got the fronts down to the wear bar (all the spinning) in just 7000 miles - Kwik fit have sale on at the mo and I'm so fed up with the useless handling I went for all 4. Given what others have said I'm shipping one back to Goodyear to have them explain why it was so rubbish. I will let you know what they say.
  15. Blue Tooth fails for 3rd time - BM Blame my Phone!

    2 weeks and its still working.... Do I dare with the SE???