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  1. A 3 series coupe originally, however most recently (during the wait for my GTI) i've been driving a F reg Volvo with 180000 miles on the clock, yellowing saggy leather seats an empty stereo fitment and no knob on the gear stick! Beat that for the worst car!
  2. Running in

    I just rang the stealers and they said my car will be delivered to them tomorrow - I'm so excited. Hopefully I will driving it by late next week. My reason for this post is to ask what would be the top speeds to safely run in this car? I am going on a 400 mile round trip soon after getting the car and will involve alot of motorway driving. I know there is an argument to say that the car doesn't need running in but I want to play safe as I am keeping this car for quite a while. Any thought?
  3. Cleaning confusion!!

    I am soon to be the owner of a new MKV Golf GTI (Metallic Diamond Black). I have been reading the posts here and i am getting more confused with what protection/ cleaning products I need to use. So in laymans terms can anyone answer these questions? What are the best products to use on my paintwork? What types of cloths/towels and other accessories do I need? In what order and how best do I apply these? Thanks
  4. Cleaning confusion!!

    thanks dogard
  5. What to do...............

    Yeah...I fed up with this shutdown thing. Its a great way of stealers stalling for time imo.
  6. car at stealers again today

    I managed to get a discount from my stealer by quoting an internet price I had seen at I have just had a look at this site again cos I'm thinking of going for the sat nav (and quoting the cost for this option to my stealer)and they state in there options list for the cd AND dvd versions of the sat nav (about £200 quid diff).
  7. Personalised Plates

    I thought about having the "vw55 mkv" plate as well but I thought is it really worth it at £800! I decided it wasn't and am going to spend the money on something that is of more use to me - the tom tom. Each to there own though.
  8. Which dealer

    I ordered end of may and still have not got a confirmed build week. I'm told that it is currently build week 37 which means I'm unlikely to see my car until mid October!!!! I made sure I didn't spec it to high as I heard all the stories of people getting delays due to have 18" alloys, DSG, leather etc etc. This doesn't seem to have made a blind bit of difference!! I've gone from being a little put out to frustrated and now down right bloody fed up. It may be a good car (and hopefully one day I may find out just how good) but the customer service leaves a lot to be desired.
  9. GTI MY2006 Car spec changed?

    I heard somewhere but can't remember where (and this may be false) but isn't there more changes to the GTI spec from September! Does anyone know if this is the case?
  10. TomTom Go

    My mind is almost made up in getting thr ttg 300 but I've just seen the new garmin street pilot i3. Does anyone have any experience of this item or if garmin in general is any good?
  11. Extra Dealer Services

    I'm with esure and they do cover for total loss protection for the first 12 months of a new car - as long as you are the first registered owner!
  12. confused (as usual) by the stealer

    As my build week has slipped from week 33 to 37 (as mentioned here previously) I am not sure I totally believe what my stealer is telling me. The stealer did say my build week, although being put back, could also come forward as this is not a confirmed build week. How can I be sure its being built or for that matter on order?
  13. TomTom Go

    great...that's decided it. thanks sam.
  14. TomTom Go

    What is the difference between the 300 and 500. I can't decide. All I want is the uk map with poi and speed camera detection. Do I need the 300 or 500? I believe the 300 doesn't have an ac adapter to charge outside the car - is it possible to purchase one? Does the 500 have more necessary gizmo's than the 300? advise welcomed...
  15. confused (as usual) by the stealer

    Maybe I didn't explain myself properly. What I was trying to convey was that they could catch up on the weeks that they have had the shutdown in and still say it was built in week 33,34, 35 etc.. and blame the delays on shipping or something which is hard to check on. Just a thought.
  16. Test Drive

    I got 6% off going through a broker but that broker is now not able to get a penny off and the wait has gone up from 3 months to 5. That how popular this car is now.
  17. confused (as usual) by the stealer

    Sam. This is hypothetical but what if the system says that BUT the workers will actually come back after the shutdown and continue as if it was week 34 to them!?
  18. confused (as usual) by the stealer

    Sam. My dealer (lindvale chelmsford) never informed me of a shutdown. Its only when I asked why has my build week slipped from week 33 to 37 that i got the response that the factory has a summer shutdown. I assume (guessing) that effects week 33,34,35. Si
  19. confused (as usual) by the stealer

    My stealer specifically told me that the VW factory is close for the next 2 weeks! I have heard this from others as well, so I'm not quite sure who's telling the truth here. Stealers don't seem to know much or they know too much and are not letting on!
  20. confused (as usual) by the stealer

    Sam Dalton wrote - "My stealer claims that mine is production confirmed for next week." This is getting quite confusing and frustrating as my stealer says the factory is now closed until the end of August (hence build week slipped from 33 to 37) so how can your stealer being saying one thing and mine the opposite! This is annoying to put it mildly. I will be without a car come end of September and was always told that I would get my new car by 2nd/3rd week of September so would have been perfect timing. This will not happen now even though I had assurances from the stealer that everything was on track. It makes me want to scream!!!
  21. confused (as usual) by the stealer

    I was told by my stealer that I would get my car third week of September. Stealer told me that the build week was 33, but now I've been told build week 37 as the factory is shut this month! Looks like I'll get my car 2nd week in October hopefully! I was also told that VW wait for a similar number of specced cars to build then they build as a batch and this may be why mine is taking longer!!!! I am not sure I believe this and I'm now a little confused. The stealer also said that the build week can jump around until VW confirm. This has left me unsure of when I will actually get my car. Anyone else been told similar?
  22. Dealers order number

    I need some advise? I've ordered a GTI through a broker who put me in direct contact with a dealer and did the deal with them with a discount of 5.8%. This was back in May. It took a month for them to actually order it. The order was eventually placed on 16th June. I have had no contact with the dealer from this point. My questions are: 1. Is this normal or should I have heard something about progress? 2. Should I contact the dealer or should they have contacted me? 3. They have said it will be delivered in September - should I believe this? The waiting is killing me at least this site is keeping me going!!!
  23. Dealers order number

    Thanks for advice RedRobin. Think I will be ringing the dealer tomorrow! And yes I have had the test drive. That sold it to me hook, line and sinker. Before that point wasn't really into the GTI. Now I can't think of anything I want more in a car, especially for less than 20k.
  24. BBC Top Gear

    Thanks RedRobin
  25. BBC Top Gear

    Redrobin wrote: Re cleaning: I'm having something called "A-Glaze Plus" which is a paint sealant system resulting in water-off-a-duck's-back droplets and major protection. I'm interested in getting this applied to mine when it comes (hopefully September). I have just looked on their site but can't see how much this would cost (maybe I missed where it said the cost!). Do you know how much this would cost?