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  1. Hi guys, long time since i was last on here, but i come in need of some assistance... I am currently in Spain, having driven here on my hols, and the yellow "fault in the exhaust system" light has come up on the dashboard. It is solid yellow (not flashing). No other message is being displayed. I have checked other posts, and someone mentioned that this is something that could happen if switching fuel from 95 to 98 or vice versa. Well basically i put 98 in, for the first time in about 2 years, on the way down through France, so i'm wondering whether this is what is causing the light to come on. I really don't want to have to go to a Spanish VW dealer, as a) i don't speak Spanish, and b) they are likely to rip me off as a result. Can anyone here recommend what i should do, as i have a lengthy journey back and don't want to damage the car by doing the wrong thing. cheers, Richard
  2. Select Automotive experiences

    I can vouch for Select. I wrote a mammoth post about them ages ago (December?). I found them very helpful and informative, and it happened that they got back to me quicker than Euroimports (who were my other option). The advantage with Select is that you get an invoice direct from VW Germany, detailing exactly all the costs and where the money is going. With Euroimports, you do save on the extra paperwork, but there may be hidden costs that you don't know about (plus cruise control is cheaper as a retrofit!) just my tuppence. Either way I think you're in safe hands.
  3. yeah I'm with Bell (underwritten by Admiral)- they are dirt cheap, but I'm prepared to bet they'll refuse outright about a track day!
  4. VeeDub GTI & R32 Meet....

    definitely can't do a weekday unfortunately.
  5. The GTI family feeling...

    i've been waved at by a guy in Cobham area. any of you guys? (ironically my GF was driving at the time, for the first time, and it was icy so I didn't manage a wave back until it was too late)
  6. Launch Control

    interesting quote here about the DSG and 'fart' noise that Leman brought up a while ago... [ QUOTE ] It also cuts the power at every change and then when it re-engages it burns off the excess fuel so you hear a whoosh at the exhaust when this happens, very interesting sound [/ QUOTE ] does that dispell our theory about the fart being the dump valve, or is it just not true?!
  7. Goodyear GSD3 F1's tomorrow!

    yes but you could argue the same for Milltek exhausts and new suspension though. It's the same as any mod - the manufacturer part is not always the best. Their decision to use a part is embroiled in a much bigger picture of large scale production, and it wouldn't surprise me that the tyre choice is one area they try and save some money. Especially as between us we have various different factory-fitted tyres on our wheels.
  8. but am i right in thinking that if it's bought in the EU, you have legal rights etc, and can reject the car...?
  9. for what it's worth - I used select's recommended currency broker - halofinancial - who gave me a very competetive exchange rate, and were incredibly helpful. I think they'll always better rates than your bank. I basically rang them and said I didn't know anything, and he made things very easy. Just set the account up, transfer them the money when you need to, and it's done. They handle transferring to the German bank accounts. if you do decide to do that - I would recommend you don't buy the currency in advance. Perhaps I'm a risktaker, but basically when I fixed my currency it then went really high (in a good way for me), and then came back down again, during my 12 weeks. I could have done a spot purchase at the high rate and saved a few hundred pounds. all very well with hindsight of course, but if you fancy a risk or two, it can be quite interesting to see how the currency goes up and down. what rate are you seeing at the moment?
  10. Koni FSD + Eibach = Improved Handling...

    looks quality. not sure about the pink ariel tho...
  11. Countdown...

    that will surely make the wait worse.
  12. Insurance...

    or that a 2litre turbo DSG car is very sensible to learn in!
  13. Insurance...

    putting my girlfriend on it reduced mine by £300, and I don't even live with her. My insurance is £1200 and I'm 26, parking on the street, NO NCB, and I live in Brixton! that's through Bell direct...
  14. Denison ICE Link step-by-step fitting

    yes, it does take a bit longer than that. I found the first panel took about 20 minutes to get off, because of sheer nerves! the rest are a little easier.
  15. Morego GTI

    just pulling your leg mate.