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  1. Trade in Edition 30 or NOT !!

    Yes...............That`s what I thought..........So the M3 is on the back burner,not giving it away for so little..........Have always traded them in,Yes you get a lower price but it`s all conducted under one roof easy!! Because they are traded,and not being sold on by them I`m always going to be offered this low trade price.Still at least the ED30 / GTI dont require trackers and a fuel tank behind................. Cheers
  2. Trade in Edition 30 or NOT !!

    Two Prices offered £13,000 up against a £26,000 M3 Convertible and £14,500 for £24,000 M3 Convertible. Whats annoying is the lack of interest shown in your car,yes I know it`s never really been any different i should know i`ve had plenty of dealings in the past.But I could not have let this one go as easily as I have before,it just looked so bright and new still, against the M3.The car itself is in mint condition,regularly waxed and de tarred,everything better than when was new. In white they look amazing,there is always interest from passers by.Have never known a car so many people glance at.Combinations to colour do make such a difference,but each to thier own.the silver GTI never got a look..................
  3. Not a good time to sell anything, that we all know, in these hard times, or so we are told !! but the dealers are taking the p… with their trade in prices, or lack of them. The sales team struggle to even understand why your angry with such a low price when they haven’t even moved off the chair to even look at your car, or fully understand the differences with the models, yes I know they cant be expected to know other manufactures special additions, but when your given the trade price for a normal GTI model, because the ED30 GTI is not listed, you start asking the question, what is going on ??They use the Glasses Guide and CAP.Basically what ever is cheapest,this is the price you get.To think my lovely Candy White Edition 30 GTI would just find it`s way to a trader was enough of an excuse to leave well alone.There isn`t another one for sale though Vw with all those extras on for so little money............... I had considered the change to a 2005 Bmw M3 smg, but after looking at the general condition of these cars ,and what you have to pay for the privilege, it’s time to go back to the car which ticks so many of the boxes the Edition 30 GTI.A good all rounder…………..
  4. Any news on the MkVI GTI?

    Oh God !!!! this looks horrible,if the new GTI is anything like this then my VW experience ends with the MK5. It looks like I will be looking to a BMW M3 again..........................There is not alot to choose from these days...............
  5. Tyre Pressures ED30 GTI

    Cheers,for the reply as stated in my fuel flap Normal two persons 2.6 Front 2.6 Front Fully laden 2.8 Front 3.2 Rear But yes I will try 2.4 all round................ Thanks
  6. Hi, I have just recently had two new front tyes fitted Dunlops as were fitted as standard to my car,but after this the car seems alot more bumpy over the normal roads I travel.I have re-set the pressures to what it states on the fuel flap 2.6 bar all round.Dunlop recommend the pressures below.But these seem too high? What are you all setting your`s to ,and do you find the car to be bumpy?I know these ED30 `S feel different to the 2005 GTI DSG I previously owned.Any info please 225/40R18 Y 92 XL, TL SP Sport Maxx Dunlop Bolt Torque 110nm Rim Size (front) 7.5 x 18 Rim Size (rear) 7.5 x 18 Normal Load (front) 3.0bar Normal Load (rear) 2.0bar
  7. Ed30 Alloys

    Yes they grow on you after a while,I was going to keep my Monza2`s back from the dealers before trading in,letting have the 17" wheels.But the Monza`s always concerned me when I was to have tyres fitted,or if they became corroded.
  8. Blown Away..

    I too have just changed from a GTi dsg to a manual ED30,I have noticed the ED30 having better power after 4,000 revs but with the dsg the whole package seemed very well sorted.I do find you rev the ED30 more ,so not so relaxed.
  9. Golf GTI or Focus ST-3?

    The ST is a far cheaper car,with prices taking a tumble in recent months and makes a good second hand buy with 06/56 plate cars changing hands for as little as £13200 your not going to get a GTI for that.Have just sold my 05 DSG 5 DOOR GTI to a dealer for £14850.The 2.5 litre 5 cylinder engine turbocharged unit that normally powers Volvos (Ford owns Volvo). It's an excellent choice, as it delivers strong performance from low down the rev range, right through to the red line, when many turbocharged engines need 3000rpm before there's any real thrust. An added bonus of using the five-cylinder engine is the characterful noise it produces. Cruise along in top gear and it is refined and hushed, but the moment you decide to up the ante, it delivers a fruity growl accompanied by a subtle whistling from the turbo. A six-speed gearbox is the only transmission on offer and has clearly been developed to please the sportier driver.The DSG for the vw is great and makes a pleasure to drive. at the end of the day it is your choice but they are both good cars if not different in some ways to own...............
  10. Cost of Service

    £ 164 with one litre of oil.
  11. Yes found it had happened to mine this week whilst cleaning,as you open the handle I could notice a large white ingres on the edge, the same as the wheel caps. The car is booked in for its second service so have arranged replacement under warranty,I too noticed the new design and have asked for this to be fitted.If you were buying this yourself they retail at £70 + VAT . I have also noticed a line on the wheel Monza 11`s and these are cleaned weekly,these are not going to last very good in the future. The ED30 Alloys being painted are a better bet but just look horrible.
  12. r32 or another gti????

    Mojo55, what have you not liked about the Civic Type R ?I know what I have read in motoring reports but I was interested in your views please.
  13. ED30 Fuel Grade

    It states the higher fuel,and shows the larger 98 in your fuel cap,with the 95 in smaller text.I put in both, if i`m going on a longer journey I use the 95,I then put the 98 in every other tank.Dont use supermarket 95 only the 97-99 octane.These engines as proven on `Fifth Gear` do not show a massive increase in performance with the higher octane fuels,I think from memory it was a max of 5bhp,your not going to notice this small increase,on the larger engines BMW M3 and the Evo`s there was a noticable gain.
  14. gti going and thanks

    Enjoy,I too looked at these I guess your going for the GT version?For what you pay compared to the Golf is incredible what put me off is them not having the auto.... What colour have you gone for?
  15. new GTI arrived! Some questions...

    Hi Joe, Great looking colour,had this on my first mk5 Golf. regarding the scratch insist that `Chips away` repair this,owing to the dealers causing it in the first place they oh you this much at least,my experience of these is excellent,very similar job was carried out on my E46 M3,after they had worked thier magic you could not see it.They dont just touch it in,they work with the original paint as well as the repair paint they are adding. Best of luck,keep us informed of your progress.