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  1. NZ VW Scirocco

    nice one...saw the viper green in the flesh at weekend...awesome... parrallel import so waiting for vw to bring in next month... interesting they've got to nz before singapore...also sold the gti, give it up in 2 weeks with some trepidation
  2. Life after GTI? What next??!

    i'm thinkin Nissan GT-R
  3. Retrofit Highline??

    Cagey, that's a Z4 Coupe right ? how do you find compared to a GTi - looked at a couple
  4. GTI vs Scirocco

    Autocar reckons the Scirocco will make life very hard for the GTI.. A GTI and then some for very little extra... interested to hear if anyone planning on a change. I'm keen to take a look when it arrives
  5. morego 270 or APR Remap

    i can't speak highly enough of the APR switchable package... it operates through the cruise control button... I went for 3 way switchable, stock, 96 and 98 RON... it's nice to switch back to stock for tootling around town, 98 is like a different car, no dead spot, pulls strongly, reminds me of R32 test I had... 96 ron somehow a little tamer but more linear
  6. Pirelli Edition GTI.....

    agree in my humble opinion rims are poor compared to monzas, interior silly... it just needs a few tv screens in the headrests/sun-visor, a dj turntable in the boot and a drinks machine and it's good to go
  7. Making a few changes

    it's nice... is there any satisfactory way to change the BBS plastic centres to VW ones... ???
  8. Is anyone's remapped GTI blow black smoke?

    it happens yes - pulled up behind a presumably remapped GTI which floored it and puffed out smoke like an old hag in a social club
  9. Mk 6 Golf - again!

    me too - i want a porsche
  10. Golf GTI - A ladies car?

    i am a lady you know
  11. White GTi's

    that looks feckin awesome and that aint changin anytime soon the only other colour i sometimes wish i'd bought close the poll
  12. 18" wheels changed?!?

    the shifted the rear GTI over to the left
  13. Folding mirrors. Or not...

    i find the 2 inches of fold a waste of time and leave 'em out
  14. Thinking of this body mod...

    have you considered colour coding the existing front spoiler as per the white one above... ? also I know you've just put 18's on but i reckon BBS CH's are the go with colour coding
  15. Missing Cover ??....

    mine's the same, there's a few such points... the wire linkages to the accerelerator pedal being another such case... bit shoddy really