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  1. NCB from car to bike policy?

    You know i really fancy a Honda CBR600F for my next bike, i have the Honda CBF600N at the moment and after xmas i will have two years no claims and be 45 years old !!! I want to use it to commute but want something sportier than i have but not so extreme it's a pain in the rear (literally). I may well start looking for a late 2006 registered one that has been owned by nuns and smothered in cotton wool on the days when not ridden, ie all days below an ambient temp of 70 degrees centigrade !
  2. NCB from car to bike policy?

    That's why i changed our car policy to my wife as the policy holder and me as the named driver, any accidents i have will be straight onto her so my bike policy is not affected..... you have to think smart with this weighted system.
  3. One question : What is this bike like to ride to work and back on all year round ? It is really a practical commuter for a 5ft 7'' bloke who does a lot of filtering and only wants it to use as daily transport..... i am concerned about the seat height, and the wet weight of the bike for those all important slow speed moves you have to do when your in the ''thick of it'' every morning and evening ? I really like the look of the bike and the combination of built quality, speed and price.
  4. What to do.....?

    Difficult to say as i use my bike all year round to get to work, i would say though , if you do have ''a'' bike in the garage then at least when the mood takes you, you can go for a blast, if it's sold then there is no chance. The depreciation side of things does not matter too much as i see any bike as a mode of transport combined with a bit of fun, not just something to use every now and again ....... like the Hoover ! If you really like riding bikes, then keep it.
  5. I have just read an article in Ride concerning the above bike and had always thought there was nothing to come close to the Honda CBR600F in terms of all round road abilities but the article says otherwise ! Do any of you have experience of this ? What about the seat height on the 2003 bike is it reasonably low ? I know the book says 820mm which is not too low in my opinion (being a short arse). But i know a lot depends on the width....... what do you think.
  6. CBR-600RR7 Vs CBR-600RR8

    Yep, colour only i understand.
  7. 2008 CBR1000RR test ride

    Can you tell me what the seat height is in comparison to the 07 bike ??? I am a short arse and find the 07 model a little bit ''leggy'' !!! Also would it make a better road bike than the 07 bike ???
  8. Good deal?

    Have you really just passed your test ???? A Daytona 675 as a first bike !!
  9. BMW M3 - Flipped the Finger......

    To be fair i guess i could take out references to BMW M3's and add in '' All sports based/chav based cars where the owners feel the need to prove something or have a small man snake''
  10. I am one of those drivers/riders who trundle along very happily and try to be as courteous as possible to my fellow road buddies...... that was until this morning. I commute to work on my bike (Honda CBF600N) all year round. I have only been riding 18 months and enjoy it, i have not really had any incidents in all that time that has caused me to see 'red mist' but today a BMW M3 driver caused me to. I was sat at the lights at early doors next to the said *****, it was at a four way junction with me and him going straight over, it's two lanes that then very quickly narrows to one (which goes into a 30mph zone). The lights opposite go amber so i kick down into first and get ready to go..... off i go, so does he and keeps with me all the way into the single lane where upon i decide not to go onto the oncoming carriage way and slow down. I set off at a decent pace but he obviously thought (being a BMW Penis obssesed Wa@@@@) i should be behind him. Then he carried on down the 30 mph road with an infants school at the bottom and cars either side at approx 50+mph, i gave him a toot (of my feeble horn) and a flash (of my feeble lights) knowing full well i would meet him very soon due to the morning congestion. I admit i was really angry when he did this and thought for a few seconds that his mirror was surplus to his requirements and should really be bouncing along the road..... but then i calmed down. When i caught up with him i simply (and as cool as possible) extended my left hand and gave him the 'bird. (making sure to slow right down as i passed so he did not miss it !). Is the urban myth about BMW drivers true ?
  11. No claims question

    Too right, in our house we have one bike (mine) and one car (the wifes), until recently i had the bike insured myself (of course) and i also was the insurer for the car, this was simply due to historic circumstances. But (i thought) if my wife had a prank then i would suffer on my bike no claims !!!! We have now changed it to be in my wifes name with me as a named driver, just be very careful out there.
  12. My first bike

    I think your along the correct lines with the CBR600F, I also passed a year ago but had to get a bike straight away to travel to and from work. I decided to get a CBF600N. A very good bike and although considered a bit boring by most it is an excellent bike to get you to and from work all year round, my only other option was the CBR. I agree with you in terms of choice, but i would simply not bother with Fleabay and find the correct on on Autotrader and then travel to view and buy it, a bit more trouble granted but at least you will be getting a decent bike, set yourself a distance limit of say 100 miles. This is certainly what i will be doing for my 2nd bike. For sub £3k i would say you are looking at a good 2002 model. A very good choice though for a first bike.
  13. Lidl cheap bike stuff

    Not bad for the scooter boys or those on a budget .... but i prefer my gear to have a tad more design and quality in it. Think i will stick with Rev'it.
  14. Sunny days are dangerous

    Could you comfortably commute on the bike ??? I know you have not got it yet but given the ride you have already had..... what do you think ? I'm 5ft 7'' and had a CBR600RR on my short list as a skinny, light , sportsbike to commute on.
  15. 1st day commuting and knocked off !

    Ditto on all that is said, i have been on an ''off'' and like you i thank god for R & G !!!