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  1. Suffolk meet, interest?

    Count me in!
  2. Hightline?

    I can't see the black bar which is on the standard model, so i would say it had the highline!
  3. My new GTI

    i love the white. just got to keep it clean now! Have you got any pics of the inside? Happy motoring. You won't stop
  4. Oh dear, there are now 3 GTI's in my street!!

    Hi Stevie I was suprised as well. One parked on angel hill 06 plate. One in town centre car park 55 plate(outside woolworths), two in the buttermarket car park and one past me by sainsburys (05 plate). Before that i had only seen two black models. Not bothered, but did suprise me at how common they are becoming in bury.
  5. changes on MY 07 model

    Looking in the vw chat section. This year's changes include green tinted screen instead of blue and more chrome on the radio dials. Anyone know of any other changes. Many thanks
  6. Charlotte Church Topless

    I would!
  7. Oh dear, there are now 3 GTI's in my street!!

    I saw 5 black gti's in bury st edmunds on wednesday. There becoming common and I've lost my exclusivity.
  8. Absolutely gutted - keyed in bath...!

    So sorry to see this. Just mindless wasters who will never get a car like this and are jealous. I was paranoid before about my car, this just makes it ten times worse. I'm sure a good damage repairer will be able to sort it out. Really feel for you.
  9. Dealer wrecked my engine

    mine makes the whoosh sound as well. I like it!
  10. It's here within the hour!!!

    It will be all on your way home! welcome to the club.
  11. What tyres on your new GTI

    i've got bridgestone on my 55 reg. what's wrong with them?
  12. Steering grinding when stationary!!

    had the streering rake replaced last week. It seems to be fine now.
  13. Steering grinding when stationary!!

    had the steering rake replaced last week. It seems to be fine now.
  14. Age of GTI owners

  15. Factory Sucker marks on windscreen?

    I noticed these as well. Still there even after using autoglym glass cleaner.