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Found 11 results

  1. Time for the current stead to go..... 2005 '05' - Only 38,500 miles Carbon Black with Imola Red Nappa Leather 6 Speed Manual (the correct choice!) Running In Service - 1232 miles - Wood BMW Oil Service - 8,253 miles - Wood BMW Inspection 1 - 21,022 - Wood BMW Oil Service - 32,091 - Sytner BMW Inspection 2 - 38,199 miles - Sytner BMW (14,500 miles until the next service which is a Oil Service) All previous MOT documents are present and current MOT valid until May 2014. Taxed till March 2014 (As a 2005 car this car benefits from lower road tax but has no spec differences to 06 cars) The Specification (over the standard high spec) 19" Forged M alloys with BMW spec Continental M3 tyres Harman Kardon upgraded Hi Fi I-pod connection 6 CD Multi Changer Bluetooth Preparation Professional Widescreen Satellite Navigation Digital (fully functional) TV Heated and Electric Memory Sports Seats Electric and Heated Folding Mirrors Xenon Headlights (with wash) Parking Sensors Front Armrest Rear Passenger Airbags Auto Lights/Wipers BMW floor mats and much more £14,950 I'll get some pictures up (as soon as Bison sorts the gallery ;-)), however the Autotrader ad has some to view -
  2. Another newbie from the midlands

    Hi guys, Came across this site whilst doing a bit of googling. I'm Chris from Staffordshire, been into my cars and motorsport for a number off years since I was a little kid. Anyway currently drive a BMW E46 convertible individual. Quite heavily into my photography aswell so here's a pic of my car.
  3. 535d touring 05 plate 100k carbon black sat nav (2011 disc) panoramic sunroof ipod heads up display FBMWSH xenons heated seats detachable tow bar (only ever used for bikes) front and rear parking sensors Owned by me for 5yrs (I think). Owned by another forum member off here before that. £9,500 for a quick sale
  4. hi i have just baught a 2001 bmw 3 series 16i, and every so often the car will not start. the remote seems to work fine, it opens and locks all doors as it should but when you put the key in the ignition and turn it nothing happens. i have to sit in the car and lock the doors with the key and open them again and keep trying to start the car, this can take anything up to 5 minutes before finally starting. it only happens now and again and i have only got the one key. can you please tell me what might be the problem. thanks kevin.
  5. Bmw 520i m sport, my brothers red E39 m sport for sale, full details on piston heads. The link is BMW : BMW 520i M Sport - 2002 52 plate - Manual model Thanks
  6. I recently purchased an 07-plate BMW 320d Coupe M Sport, 44,000 miles on the clock. First of all, what an awesome looking car it is and it drives really well. My only disappointment having had it two weeks is the mpg I'm getting. The 'book figures' suggest it should be achieving between 50mpg round town and up to 70mpg on a good run. I'm getting around 40mpg round town and have never got much beyond 50mpg, even on a really good run. Has anyone else experienced this or know what the problem may be? I've taken it into BMW and they say there is nothing wrong with it mechanically. The weather may be a factor - its been sub-zero most of the time I've had it but I'd expect this to account for a few mpg as opposed to the 10 to 20 mpg I seem to be missing out on. Any advice appreciated.
  7. Set of 4 rare 160 original bmw 17inch wheels from a 55plate e90 complete with virtually new bridgestone rfts re050a with <1000 miles driven. Tyres bought on 28/3/09 for £583.. receipt included. Current event tyres price £597 fitted for 4 tyres. RRP - £200 per tyre. Manufactured 02/09, so benefit from latest bridgestone RFT comfort technology with softer sidewalls. All wheel and tyre dimensions the same, 225/45/R17 w. Close up pic shows typical condition of all wheels. Kerbing evident, completely repairable, some slight bubbling on the badges, otherwise in excellent condition with virtually no chips or marks. Exterior of wheels washed and waxed weekly and maintain a glossy finish. Reason for sale: Upgraded to 18" 162 with non runflats. The ride on the 18" non rfts is surprisingly similar to these 17s on the car due to the softer sidewalls on the latest bridgestone RFTs. £475 the lot. Will not split. Collect or delivered North West London area. Sorry cant post em. More pics available on request.
  8. Hi Everybody! I need help. My baby is hurt. For last few weeks my BMW 735i e38 is making an impulse noises from the intake manifold area. It sounds like an air is escaping. 2 mechanics spent 4 weeks to strip engine apart 4 times all together. They can’t find a fault. Only thing that hasn’t been striped is engine block. I look for anyone who have had similar problem and know where to look for a fault. I left a short video on Youtube. YouTube - BMW 735i V8 e38 1996 - Air noise from the manifold area. What is it? HELP!!! Whoever have any ideas please contact me. Tel: 07824365385 Mail: Many Thanks, Tommy
  9. Gear Change problems

    Hey all, My BMW's has troubles changing gears, ill be driving and then it will start revving out and then when it goes to change gears finally it will feel like the car has just been kicked in the A**, Ive checked all automatic transmission fluids, but cant put my finger on it, Any help would be much appreciated! K_J_M, Cheers
  10. Idle problems

    hey, okay so here's the problem my 1986 bmw 325e (automatic) has major idling issues the car idles properly in park/neutral when its cold but once its warmed up it surges! Any ideas on what may be causing this? Thanks,
  11. Hi Can anyone give me some advice on how easy it would be to fit a new mirror to the passenger door of my 2001 BMW 330 Coupe? As some young punk thought it would be funny to kick it off and now I am facing a bill for 300 quid to get it replaced. It looks like I will need to remove the entire inside door panel to get at the bolts holding it on. any ideas?