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Found 4 results

  1. Hi All, I am totally new to this forum, and realise posting something about Kwik-Fit is going to send my street-cred plummeting, thankfully I have none to lose yet, so, here goes... I own a VW Golf GT TDI and quite recently received a warning that I needed to replace my brake pads, a month or so later I took it to Kwik-Fit to get an idea of price and was informed that I actually needed pads AND discs...this was fine by me as I could see a significant ride on the discs anyway. Kwik-Fit were very helpful and took the car then and there with the work done about 3.5 hours later at a cost of £230. All was well. I took the brakes for their "run-in" and the pads soon bit so I had my full braking efficiency back. A week passed by along with approximately 1,000 miles and on Monday I set off on a journey from Norwich to Guildford - 160 miles later I was on the A3 indicating myself onto the slip-road, I started braking at about 70mph and at about 50mph my brakes failed completely; pedal to the floor, nothing. I stopped the car without too much effort with gears, handbrake and a little gravity coming to a near-perfect stop at traffic lights, drove about another half-mile to a bus-stop, pulled over and called for recovery. Naturally, I recovered myself to Kwik-Fit (not the Kiwik-Fit I had previously used). I called in the next morning and explained the situation, the guys looked at the car, replaced a brake hose and bled the brakes twice (spongy the first time apparently). Interestingly they didn't even attempt to charge me for the work, which took them 5 hours, as "the other garage should really have checked the whole braking system when they did the brakes, or may have caused the problem when they changed them"...very interesting! However, I was also informed that when testing them this time round, every time the technician had pressed the brake pedal in a stationary position, the car had given an immediate STOP! error which only disappeared after the pedal was realsed. I was told "we don't really know why it's doing it but the brakes seem to be working. It might just be that the bleed has done something to the ABS. Drive it anyway and see if the error disappears".... So my opening question to the forum really is...are Kwik-Fit always this crap with brakes, or was I just unlucky? Considering the preceeding 160 miles before my brakes totally failed involved the A11, A14, M11 and M25, this could've been quite the catastrophic accident! Any advice or wrist-slapping (for using Kwik-Fit) greatly appreciated!
  2. MK5 R32 question.

    I don't actually own an R32 I have a 2.0TDI GT sport and to be honest the brakes are pretty shite when braking from high speeds, so my question is... Will MK5 R32 calipers and discs fit on my car without extensive modification? Regards GT170
  3. Newbie S8 fault help

    Hi to everyone, I've just bought a '00 S8 in the last week, got a bit excited after the test drive and forgot to check a few bits on the car which has now come back to bite me! It might be easier if I list them: 1) The CD Multichanger is knackered. The Head unit is showing the cd's are still playing even with the multichanger removed from the car. Any ideas to fix it or upgrade it? 2)The rear brake caliper is probably seized which the seller told me was fixed (It passed its MOT before the sale). Is there a caliper upgrade (Brembos?) for the rear that will fit on the standard discs? 3) Finally, the car has what seems to be an aftermarket aerial fitted on the rear which is not doing the radio or me any favours. The audio guy I went to see thinks the kit is either retrofit or there may have been another fault as the original antenna should be built into the rear screen. Is this right and is there anything I can do? Sorry to be a pain on my first post but the car is brilliant and I just want it to be spot on. Any help will be greatly appreciated Cheers
  4. Hi guys, I have just purchased a set of new pads for the front...they have part number 4d0698151S. However, looking back through some emails with Dean Hill he mentioned the part i needed was 4d0698151R.... I was wondering if anyone could tell me if i've bought the wrong ones or whether the 'S' series are still ok? Many thanks, Oli