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Found 4 results

  1. vw touran rpm in 6th gear

    Just purchased vw touran 1.9tdi se 0overplate, iv noticed the rpm in 6th gear at 70-75mph is over 3000rpm, although it has enough pulling power. This can not be right, i think this is also effecting fuel consumption, im only getting 32mpg. Can this be anything to do with the clutch, as iv been told its on its way out. Any information would be appreciated or is this how it should be.
  2. S3 revo clutch upgrade

    First post and sorry if covered elsewhere but I have not uncovered anything when searching the forum: Anybody with experience of running revo stage 2+ on the S3 with advice on clutch upgrade? (mine a 2009 car) I've run stage 2 for about 8k miles and starting to get mild clutch slip so looking ahead to replace (car now on 26k miles). Want to move to stage 2+ so need to make sure the clutch is up to it. Have had different advice re the need for replacing flywheel etc and how this will effect the 'feel' of the clutch vs life of clutch. Any views/ advice would be appreciated. Thanks J
  3. Hello out there, can anyone help! My cruise control has suddenly stopped working. Sadly I don't have ready access to VAGCOM of the like. I have read thread after thread on this great forum (and vwaf) and it seems the most common fault is a duff clutch or brake switch. The brake lights work as they should, so I would like to check out the clutch switch (once I can expose it that is..) However, I have read in one of the threads that I shouldn't mess with the switch, or else it might affect one of the codes. As it's a simple push-to make operation, I was just hoping to bypass the switch with a wire between the two terminals and try the cruise again. Can anyone out there (perhaps Shark_90, who seems to be an Authority on these matters, if you're around ) advise whether my plan is ok and going to work, or not? Any help from any quarters would be appreciated though; Thanks.
  4. Possible DSG problem...?

    Had a good run to Torquay and back for the FA Cup yesterday but noticed a possible problem. When the engine was under load (climbing hills or pulling away from roundabouts) with 4 people on board I noticed the engine revs dipping and surging by a couple of hundred RPM. This was mainly from 50mph up to motorway speeds and when climbing hills with a steady throttle. Pressing the throttle harder causing the gearbox to change down stopped the problem. It felt like the clutch was engaging and disengaging slightly, hence riding the clutch slightly and causing the revs to rise. The dips and surges only lasted a second or so but were noticable to all on board and we all agreed it felt like the clutch. It was best described as a hesitancy as if the DSG was thinking of changing down and then not. Also when pulling away harder from slow speeds there was a slight judder or shake noticable midway through each gear. Today when driving with just me on board I have noticed the revs are still dipping and surging slightly when climbing hills but it is much less noticable. Any ideas? Anyone else had a similar issue? I have just reached 36600 miles and the car has been serviced annually (last time was september).