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Found 7 results

  1. i have a 1999 vw polo 1.4 apq engine evriting its ok its starts ok go od but from time to titianme vhen the ingine run he loose power like somthing truing to turn of the engine and and continue to work normaly the same thing hapends when im driving the car engin works normalu and somthing turns of of te engine for a part of the second and he engine starts to jump loose power and after second works normaly .... please help me my technician dont know wath is the problem ???
  2. Hello, I have an 1999 Audi A4 1.8Ts and has some issues with the lights in the dashboard that says temperature or gallons per mile ect... When I bought the car the light in the dashboard was weak and got weaker as I drove the car, now there's no light at all. All other lights works, such as light to the speedometer, tachometer, clock, etc. Highly appreciate if anyone knows what might be the problem. (I'm so sorry for my bad English)
  3. Hi, this site has helped me with a few issues in the past, i hope someone can help me. I have a audi a3 2.0 FSI - in the past few weeks, my coolant/water warning light has been coming on whilst driving.. When i pop the bonnet the water level looks very low, however the second i open the cap to put coolant in the tank fills up again??? why is this happening??? is this normal?? so the level is low, and as soon as i open the cap and the tank de-pressurises the tank fills up again.... its as if the water is making its way into the engine and not coming back out until i open the water cap... any help will be appreciated... Thanks in advanced Pan
  4. Gearbox woes :(

    Hello all, I have a 2001 A8 4.2 with 88k miles of which I have done 13k since I bought it 2 years ago - pretty much every one of them has been a pleasure....until last Saturday Last week the car needed its MOT which I already knew was going to cost a bit as I needed new discs/pads on the front. In the end it needed calipers as well as the old ones were seized leaving me a £540 bill which was a pain but not the end of the world. At the same time I renewed the tax for another 12 months (Up £30 from last year!) so in the week I spent best part of £800 on it. Having got it back on Friday the 1st time I used it was Saturday when I went to several retail parks, each time I reversed into a space and drove out again. When I got home I started to reverse onto the driveway but had what seemed like clutch slip and little backward motion. Just clear of the road and pavement all movement stopped and that was it - no more reverse movement. Selecting forward gears gives a drop in revs and the takeup of the transmission so I'm confident I have forward gears. My mechanic checked it using his diagnostic computer and no fault codes are showing - the computer identifies which gear is selected including reverse. I had no visual indication of a problem, no funny sounds, no funny smells, no funny driving characteristics. No indication at all of the problem until the point I lost reverse gear - time between the 'clutch slip' and losing reverse was less than a minute during which I probably moved 5 yards backwards. On the basis of a phone call a local auto specialist has suggested that a gearbox brake (?) may have gone but added "If we are stripping it anyway we would advise that we recon it at the same time otherwise something else may go". They then suggested that this would cost a minimum of £2200+VAT. To repair the broken part is going to be at least £1100+VAT but before spending that sort of cash I thought I would post here to see if anybody has any other suggestions - the thought of spending best part of £3k on a car that's probably not worth much more than £4k when working isn't a good one! According to the documentation the gearbox is given as EUS FBE if that means anything at all?
  5. Hi Yesterday I noticed the engine in my 06 GTI DSG vibrates at idle RPM. The RPM is steady, but the whole care shakes when standing still ... Performance doesn't seem to be affected, car now has 35k miles. Also noticed the air intake at the right side of the engine is lose ( happened before ). Have an appointment at stealer thursday, but thought I might ask here what the problem could be. TIA Oliver Belgium
  6. Gear Change problems

    Hey all, My BMW's has troubles changing gears, ill be driving and then it will start revving out and then when it goes to change gears finally it will feel like the car has just been kicked in the A**, Ive checked all automatic transmission fluids, but cant put my finger on it, Any help would be much appreciated! K_J_M, Cheers
  7. Idle problems

    hey, okay so here's the problem my 1986 bmw 325e (automatic) has major idling issues the car idles properly in park/neutral when its cold but once its warmed up it surges! Any ideas on what may be causing this? Thanks,