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Found 2 results

  1. Hi all, (newbie) I am after some advice on replacing the original factory fitted audio system in my 2001 A4 B6. The last time I changed a radio in a car all you had to do was slip it out, disconnect the power, aerial and speakers – connect them to the new one hey presto. But having spent most of the day dragging around the internet, I don’t think it’s going to be as straight forward as that...... What I have is a AM/FM Radio, Cassette and 6 CD player built into the centre console, the multi-function steering wheel (6 buttons – volume up/down, next/last, seek forward/back) with info about radio station or track number shown on the Driver Information System display (that is when the oil level warning is off). I think the aerial is built into the rear screen (don’t have the shark fin). Basically what I want is a DAB radio with Bluetooth and CD, that will ‘work’ with the steering wheel controls and the Driver Info display, but I’m unsure if this is possible i.e. is the interface specific to Audi or is there a ‘generic’ standard that all manufacturers are supposed to follow. It would really help if someone could mark me card by suggesting a couple of manufactures / models for me to look at so I can try and clarify my options and understand what I should be looking for. And also any pitfalls to watch out for. Mark
  2. I know this is relatively simple, but can someone please explain how to change out the D1S headlamp bulbs on my 2005 A4? Any help would be cool...Thanks! Note: a4 not a5 :confused:-----