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Found 3 results

  1. Hi, I've recently bought a vauxhall corsa '04 and have replaced the speakers in the front doors with FLI speakers with and parcel shelf with Alpine's. Also i have connected a JVC head unit, replaceing a previsous rubbish headunit that came with the car. After some hours of trying to fitt the speakers and radio, they were all wired up. Everything was working perfectly and in order. However, after recently disconnecting the parcel shelf speakers to put something in the boot and then reconnecting them, the rear left speaker is not working I have checked the speaker its self, to see if that's the problem using the wire from the other side and it still plays fine, the problem seems to be that, the wiring coming through to the speaker is now bringing no power. I dont know what seems to be the problem and was wondering if anyone knew how I could fix it. Thanks
  2. Help with Polo speakers

    Quick question - I've recently brought a 56 plate Polo S and have just realised it doesn't have rear speakers!! How easy is it to install some? Is the wiring normally present for the rear speakers or will it require a whole new wiring loom? Many thanks.
  3. Upgrade 3 series sound system

    Does anyone now if it is possible to upgrade the sound system in my 2005 series 3 convertible? The factory fitted system lacks bass compared to my friends 2008 version..... if it is possible, where do i go for such a service? Thanks