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Help me fix my PC!

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My main PC is reasonably new and fast:

Dell Dimension 9200

Core 2 6600 @ 2.4Ghz


Windows XP etc, etc

It runs fine most of the time, but if I leave it on for a few hours and come back it runs really slow, every program takes an age to load, in particular IE7.

Normally I restart and all is well again.

Strangely if I work at home on it all day it is usually fine it just seems to be when it is left idling.

Today I got so p*ssed off with that when I came back I stopped all software running (AVG, Webcam etc) one at a time and nothing improved.

When it goes like this task Manager says 0% CPU usage and I have loads of memory free, so it's not like something is hogging the processor.

I know it is difficult without seeing it but does anyone have any ideas?



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