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A3 2.0 TDI 140 Opinions

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I currently have a 51 plate BMW 320d SE Saloon. Been looking at a 54 plate Audi A3 2.0 TDI Sport, with extras of cruise control and heated seats.

Just wondered what peoples opionions were of the A3, and whether I was making the right choice

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I have one and love it - had the engine remapped to 185ish and that made it even better. I have lots of extras on mine and it is great for both short and long journeys. IMO a good looking car to:



If i was buying a new one I would certainly look for an S-Line though...

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Can I ask what you are looking at paying for that car please?

Just out of interest, possibly looking to sell my 54 plate 2.0 TdI Sport Sportback.

Cheers 169144-ok.gif

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I have an A3 sportback TDI and i really like it overall. I went from an S4 to the a3 so it was quite a leap but i really was so impressed with the a3 that i was prepared to take the 'downgrade'. nearly everyone i know loves it, the looks with the sline kit are nice and mean and to be honest you have to struggle to differentiate the s-line from an S3 in the looks dept. Would i buy another? yeah, but i think i'd go for a tdi 170 for the extra oommph - or maybe a petrol for a quieter journey.

Good points

- good economy, i regularly get 45+ on journeys

- Nice interior, especially on s-line

- Pleny of power and torque though more would be welcome!

- DSG is great with nice smooth, swift changes. tiptronic is a toy more than anything else though.

Bad points:

- Engine noise can be intrusive at times

- S-line suspension is too harsh

- Split rim (calista??) alloys corrode too easily

Options i like:

- auto-dipping rear and door mirrors are brilliant

- auto lights - you'd be suprised what a bind it is having to go back to a car with manual lights!

- DSG. as above, its a great toy and a joy in traffic

- BOSE, there's LOTS of bass on this one, unlike the earlier a3's.

- the car kit cos the bluetooth works great.

Options i wish i'd had:

- full leather rather than half leather as the material stains easily with kids drinks etc.

- multi funtion steering wheel for the phone integration

I suppose the best measurement is that i went to the audi dealer a few nights back, just to see if there was anything that excited you do! and i really couldn't see anything that i'd consider chopping in the A3 for. Also, i've kept the A3 for nearly 18 months now and thats good going for me!

Hope this helps!

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