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Insurance for your GTi

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As many of you already know, and for those that don’t my user name is a bit of a hint, I run an Insurance Brokers. More specifically . Although our core business is commercial insurance, we actually started as a motor and home insurance broker many years ago, so we do have some great relationships with Insurers in this area. This is the main reason for this long winded post.

For a while my inherent love of performance cars, and active membership of Tyresmoke, has lead to conflict in my occupation. I’ve had to advise people of where to go, rather than saying “we can offer you a better deal than that!”.

Well, after a lot of negotiation with Insurers, disappointment, more negotiation, and eventually finding an Insurer who’d listen I’m pleased to announce that from 1/6/2008 myself and the team at will offer two exciting (as exciting as insurance can be admittedly) new motor policies. The first one is for performance and prestige vehicles up to £120,000 in value, and the second one is for Japanese Imports up to £35,000 in value.

Both these policies are underwritten by Groupama so they are backed by a quality Insurer, and they are happy to accept most modifications, and will add trackdays (subject to referral, additional premium and terms), although I haven’t managed to convince them that the ‘Ring isn’t that big a risk, so it’s Uk trackdays only.

Also both these policies come with the added bonus that they give full green card cover for 365 days a year! This is a bonus for those that make jaunts into Europe.

These products aren’t available to quote online, as they are so complex they need the human touch, so you will have to give myself or my team on 01924 895568, or email them through . Remember to mention Tyresmoke (my team are used to this), and if I’m not available ask for Pam or Martin, both are used to dealing with members from this site.

Now here’s the downside, the underwriters have set some acceptance criteria, but these aren’t set in stone so if you almost meet them give us a try anyway and we’ll try to twist their arms for you.

Acceptance Criteria and blurb from Groupama follows, but please remember that we have other policies available if you don’t quite fit this one:

“Prestige and Performance encompasses UK cars, with a value of up to £120,000. Ferrari, Maserati, Aston Martin and Porsche are all acceptable, along with many other prestige manufacturers. A minimum driver age of 28 applies, along with a minimum of two years no claims discount, (either earned or mirrored from a second car). At least one year's driving experience on similar vehicles is essential. Additionally, prestige cars with a value up to £150,000 can be accommodated on referral to Groupama on a bespoke basis.

The grey import policy covers all Japanese-imported vehicles, from a Nissan March (Micra) to a Nissan Skyline or Mitsubishi Lancer Evo, with a maximum value of £35,000. Again, a minimum driver age of 28 applies, with a minimum requirement for 2 years no claims discount and relevant driving experience for the more highly rated cars.

Discounts are available for length of ownership, garaging, additional security and limited mileage, and benefits are as follows:

Comprehensive and third party fire and theft policies include as standard:

 Guaranteed repairs with a partnership repairer.

 New car replacement if the car is under 12 months old, and the policyholder is the first or second registered keeper (where the first owner is a main dealer of the car manufacturer).

 Third party property damage cover up to £20m.

 Up to £250 payable to replace child car seats even if they do not appear to be damaged following an event covered by the policy.

 Loss of car keys and replacement of locks up to £400.

 365 days of policy cover whilst travelling within the European Union.

 Policyholder's no claim discount will be maintained and no excess will apply in the event of an accident with an identified driver who is not insured, where the accident was completely the fault of the uninsured driver.

Comprehensive policies include as standard:

 Up to £100 towards overnight accommodation or travel expenses if the policyholder and passengers cannot continue their journey following an accident.

 Up to £5,000 personal accident cover for both the policyholder and their partner if accidentally injured in the European Union.

 Up to £200 (any one event) for loss of or damage to personal belongings.

 Up to £100 medical expenses cover for each injured person in the policyholder's car.

 Up to 28 days temporary replacement car whilst the car is being repaired by a Groupama partnership repairer (a replacement car may not be available if your vehicle is a grey import).

 Unlimited broken glass cover for the cars windscreen, back windscreen, sunroof and side windows if approved repairers are used.”

If you haven’t fallen asleep reading all that then I can only presume your still interested in getting your car insurance off a fellow Tyresmoker, if that’s the case I hope to speak to you soon.

Jon Newall

AKA Insurance Jon

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I've stickied this as when I was looking around it was getting harder to get modded quotes that werent daft.

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