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Golf MKV LED Indicator not working... Please Help!

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Hi guys

Firstly thanks for a great forum.

Ok... here's the thing. Purchased a Golf MkV 2ltr TDI 4 months ago (04 reg 100k miles) and noticed that the led indicator on the nearside wing mirror worked but did not flash consistantly with the other indicators (as in looked like it had a loose connection somewhere)

A couple of months on and it has now packed up all together. I've had the door card off and there are no obvious breaks in wires etc. Have tried to use a voltmeter to see if there is power to it but as the circuit flashes not sure if the voltmeter is quick enough to register the small amount of power that will suplly the leds.

I have priced up the indicator from the dealers and they sell at £20 inc. VAT so I may well get one and hope that it is the leds that have gone over time.

So... firstly anyone have any ideas what coulf be the problem if it isnt the leds? I have checked all fuses and none are blown. Is there a wiring schematic that I can lay my hands on somewhere?

Secondly... does anyone know how to change the indicator itself? Do you pop the mirror glass out itself or it it a case of putting a screwdriver in a gap and popping clips off?

If it isn't the led's then im really going to be at a loss as this will fail MOT which is due soon.

Any help would be greatly appreciated.

P.S while I remember the unit is completly dead (as in does not work when hazards are put on either)

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