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Audi '8 Owners Club

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Well guys I'm not sure how many of you will be interested in this, but thought I'd post anyway.

It's official the Audi '8 Owners Club is here!

There's still some work to do, but we're getting there. Merchandise is being organised, with keyrings, t-shirts, and show plates the priority.

At some point in the near future there will be applications for membership. My intention being that I can inform, educate (!?), and share our experiences with all of our members.

A newsletter will be part of the membership, likely to be bi-monthly, which will be delivered by electronic means only. I'm going to do my bit for the planet, whilst still enjoying my throbbin' V8 biggrin.gif

The club will develop. I can guarantee it. Plans for the future include, but are not limited to:

More merchandise, stickers, jackets, caps etc. It'll all be quality too, not naff rubbish that's not worth the outlay.

Regular meets. There's already the annual one (inaugral meet this year), plans are afoot for a Yorkshire tour, and it's likely that we'll get together with at some point thumbsupsmiley.gif Oh, and I've already approached Autometrix for a pitch at ADI this October, right in the middle biggrin.gif

Hopefully we'll see the club develop, into something quite huge. My intention is that this is an international club, not just something for the UK. If we can achieve that, then we've been successful.

So, I'd like to start collecting members names, email addresses and merchandise requirements (there will be a members pack, contents to be confirmed). I'm happy if you only want to put your name here. But for e-mail addy's (only to be used for the newsletter and other A8OC announcements), merchandise requirements, and a little about your car, please click on the link at the bottom of this post (instructions below). thumbsupsmiley.gif

Click on the e-mail link below and send me the following information:

1. Full name

2. Preferred e-mail address

3. Car info

a. Model

b. Year

c. Colour

d. Modifications

4. Merchandise requests. For clothing state size and colour preference (black, grey, or white)

a. T-shirt

b. Sweatshirt

c. Cap

d. Key ring

e. Showplate

5. Preferred nickname (for showplate)

Please note that membership fees will be introduced, but will definitely include a free (single front) showplate with your nickname on it.

You can check out the available merchandise here and the first annual meet here . But note that the location has changed to here

Let me also introduce to you the first volunteer for a position within the club. Our Events Secretary - Mike (aka Figure_11). His contribution is greatly appreciated and I'm sure he'll be putting up a list of planned events soon. (Already at 4/5)

I look forward to seeing you all within the club soon.




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Hi guys,

I've had a couple of interested R8 owners send throught there details, so thought I'd best give you an update.

The website has now officially been launched over at with a plethora of information about the club.

So pop on over, and get yourselves along to the Annual meet too +++

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The website has been updated recently with even more member benefits on offer.

More are being negotiated all the time, so keep checking the website for more info +++

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