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Door Lock Malfunction - Luggage door on Passat

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PAssat SE 1.8....

My estate luggage door 'door lock' is not locking when door is in closed position .......the catch stays open. Discussed with VW dealer, they recommended first, changing the lock unit, assuming it was the electric bit not signalling the mechanical device which has a mechanical spring , but alas, no result.

The other part that operates with this is called the 'positioning device' which I understood opens the lock when operated from inside the drivers door.

Does anyone have any tips to assist me on this please ??

This process of elimination is getting costly already, so tips ideas would help please.

I fear the worst if the ECU unit under passenger carpet has been affected by water leakages that were occuring recently....yes, still trying to find out where that leak came from (door sill or pollen flter housing)?? Although we has some heavy rain last two days, carpets in rear footwell, are dry???

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Luggage door lock problem ...resolved ???

At last, have now identified the least it appears not to be associated with a damp CCU (ECU) under the n/s passenger carpet...not this time....l. So, lucky this time;

Tracked this problem back to the 'positioning motor (PM)' located nearby to the mechanical lock unit inside the luggage door. ...The PM is approx. 6cm square by 2cms deep, plastic shell. It incorporates a type piston/cylinder (plastic) that is about 5cm long x 1cm dia, operated I think, by a small internal rack/cog, engaging with the cyclinderl. The PM is effectively a electro switch that is operated by receiving a signal from the door latch on either the luggage door or drivers door internal.

The PM, when operated, promotes slack to the mechanical wire cable attached to the cyclinder; the wire cable is connected to the mechanical spring of the lock assembly. The lock assy has a micro switch too, that sends signal to dash board (driver) to message that the luggage door is open, only.

These PMs, eventually malfunction over time, usually due to corrosion of the solder connections of the micro PCBoard; my car is 6 years old now.

Info elsewhere (internet links), indicate this is actually a common problem, and can affect any of the four or five doors on a passat (or other VW?) as they use the similar PMs. Problem with all of this is physical access to the PMs , where cowling, covers have to be removed with care and patience.

Sorry for the long story, however, this exercise has saved me booking car into VW service centre, where a diagnostic search for half hour or more may have cost £70 upwards. I ended with my time and a replacement cost for a PM of £21.

I look forward to hearing of any similar stories out there.

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hi Shanks Pony,

I have a passat salon where had a problem with the boot not locking.

Went through difficult time getting the lid lining and the bracket that holds the electrics dismantled. eventually did and freed a jammed plunger motor.

All seems well now with boot locking/opening and message on dash disappearing. locks from fob and drivers door. My trouble now is that on the bracket that holds the electrics there are two two cylinderic connectors clipped on to the bracket. The right hand one has a cable coming out and connected to a micro switch. This is just hanging free and not connected to anything. It has 3 wires on the switch (assume c,n/open,n/closed)

It is all back together except for the lining. Angone got any idea of where it goes?

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