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VAG COM in Northampton?

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I have just updated the MMI software on my 2006 A8 to the latest 5570 version. All went very well, except that i have now lost some of the MMI features in the car->setup menus.

I no longer have the battery meter display and i no longer have access to the instrument cluster menu, in which you can set the max speed alarm and access the trip computers etc.

Craigyb on the A8 forum said this is normal after the software update and i need VAG COM to fix this. I know a local garage who say they have the right kit to connect to the car, but i'm not sure if this is VAG COM or not. Does anybody around the Northampton area have access to VAG COM, and more importantly know how to re-enable these MMI features?

Is it just a case of re-enabling them via a tickbox or something? I can't say i've ever had any experience with VAG COM before...

Any help appreciated.

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