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Front end removal

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Hi, i'm currently removing the full front end of my Audi A8 but have come across some problems at the final hurdle.

I've been following Paul Waterloo's tech article on how to do it - found here:

audipages Front End Removal

I have everything off ready for the front end to drop off, i've just left it sitting on the front bumper shock absorber bolts.

My problem is that I want to remove the front end completely but I'm left with the air con rad connections, abs fluid cooler connections and what i think is some sort of other coolant connections.

What is the best way to remove these? Can I remove the air con connections? Wont that just depressure my system and then i'll have to get the air con system overhauled?

I take it Paul just left his connected and dropped it to the deck as shown in his first pic on his article?

I've looked at doing this with mine but I think the car is too far off the ground for the air con hoses to reach that and I really need it right out of the way so that I can get a 15 tonne crane i'm going to be using right in!

I have some pics that i'll upload just now



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2 hoses going in to the left of my basin are abs fluid so i think i'll just disconnect them at the two clamps shows and try get new clamps for refitting?

The real problem:


these pipes going in here? Are they airconditioning ones? What can I do with them?


air con on the right...... Coolant ones on the left??

And from below:


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I am also taking the front end off. Swapping out the engine. Just undo all the connectors in your photos. I had my aircon drained and will be refilled by a mobile guy. I'm blogging the event on another forum.

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